View Full Version : LOTR/WOTR DualGondor Tactica

24-04-2009, 18:09
Right then, everyone get some input.

I have just returned from conflict scotland with 1st trophy with my gondor and i have to say rangers w/ spears behind WoMT w/shields is a cheap and effective way to hold a line. A fully tooled king on armoured horse supported by knights of MT w shields is a good cheap alternative to imrahil and dol amroth.

I need war of the ring tactica for gondor for a 1000 pts. tourney tomorrow, anything

24-04-2009, 23:31
I assume you were playing LOTR:SBG and not WOTR in conflict? Congrats on first place.

With Gondor, take a large unit of Minas Tirith Knights with shields and a captain, and a small, 2 company sized unit with shields for flanking purposes. You'll run over anything.

Also, take the Grey Company with Aragorn. They are nails.