View Full Version : Red Scorpions - What allies might they use?

24-04-2009, 18:55
I'm working on a RS army and was wondering....those of you familiar with Red Scorpions and their fluff....

1. What if any allies could you see a RS Army working with?

2. I know RS are not too fond of the IG especially Ogryns etc... but what about Sisters of Battle/Witch Hunters and their guard Storm Troopers.

3. RS themselves are not into stealth/camo infiltrating etc.... but do you think they would have an issue with Allying with people who do use stealth/camo and or infiltrate?

I've got IA 4, 5 and 6 and I've done some reading but I'm at the end of the semester at school and I'm slammed with exams and papers etc. I've got RS Questions gnawing at me and not a lot of time to research it for another week or so. Though I did search around the forums here and didn't see a lot of Allies talk regarding RS.

ok, back to researching a paper.

Thank you in advance to anyone who feels like contributing to my thread here!

24-04-2009, 19:32
Looking over what you say (I don't own IA)I'd say Space Wolves

Col. Dash
24-04-2009, 20:47
RS are into camo, there are old pictures of them in 2 different schemes. I believe its the current commander who doesnt like camo. They look down upon any less than pure geneseed so any of the varient chapters of marines would be not considered allies. They have a hard time working with any other space marines as evidenced by their5 actions in the Badab war. Rumor has it they were designed by the Inq themselves to be perfectly pure so in my opinion as long as the inq doesnt include any radicals, it would be ok.