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25-04-2009, 13:29
Hello everyone, I have a big favour from each of you to ask, I really need help settling on a new army for 40k.

A brief history of me may help. I used to play from around 98-04ish and I pretty much stopped when 4th ed came out, the discovery of girls and alcohol marred my GW endeavours. I collected alot of armies but never really finished painting many of them, I'll list them below.

Lizardmen, Skaven for Warhammer and flirted with the idea of Savage Orcs, Tzeentch and Steam Punk Empire.

Dark Eldar, Space Marines (Crimson Fists, Howling Griffons, Space Wolves, Black Dragons), Alaitoc Eldar, Sisters of Battle, Tau, Word Bearers, Tyranids, Guard and Blood Axes. I collected most of these armies but never fully painted any except for my Black Dragons.

I should also note I am a very good painter and converter and I really love themed armies with a rich history, something a bit different that looks amazing.

So, I need help deciding, these are my current ideas.

Exodites, I am leaning towards these the most as I have already bought and started a few but I have lost my enthusiasm for them.

Genestealer Cult, Another idea, would look good but no drive again.

Rogue Trader Army, My Favourite thing about 40k is the Rogue Traders, I envision a small army made of characterful units.

Alien Race based on Dryads. As soon as I saw the Dryad models I saw aliens, perhaps mixed with kroot but what army list to base them on?

Something Else, suggestions please :)

I need something that will be a challenge to make, will look good, play good, something to immerse myself in. Please please, I need your help.

25-04-2009, 13:35
first vote by me for the rogue trader type force, theres already a thread in the background section titled mercenaries showing how thic can be done

Bingo the Fun Monkey
25-04-2009, 13:43
I second the RTs. You should Google images of modern day contractors like AEGIS and Blackwater. It shouldn't be hard to convert those from all the kits available these days. I can totally see Blackwater, erm, Xenon operatives pouring out of a ship on some unsuspecting alien planet and killing all their women and children to spread the Emperor's Grace. Maybe name your Trader Eriko Prynce.

25-04-2009, 18:28
Based on what list? I saw the Mercenaries thread but it wasn't really what I was looking for.

25-04-2009, 18:44
Genestealer Cult. I just love them.

25-04-2009, 20:49
Adeptus arbites has a nice mini-dex by Bell of Lost Souls (I am sure there are some others), they can easily dpuble for IG units most of the time. It might come handy...

25-04-2009, 20:54
Also I have forgotten to mention that if you build a mechanicus army, you can tie it with Battlefleet Gothic.

Lord Damocles
25-04-2009, 21:00
A Q'orl Swarmbrood based on the Tau Empire codex.

...it's so out there that you need the Hubble telescope to find it.

25-04-2009, 22:00
I canŽt really make up my mind. Both Exodites and a Dryad based army sound very cool. Deamons may make a good counts as list, but really it depends on what youŽd want their playstyle to be (I could see them as Eldar as well - heck, I could see Dryad based Wraithguard in an Exodite list).

You may want to consider Varyngr as well...

25-04-2009, 22:04
Rogue Trader Army, My Favourite thing about 40k is the Rogue Traders, I envision a small army made of characterful units.

I like this idea, however before I vote I was wondering what models you'd use for them?

self biased
25-04-2009, 22:15
i voted for the dryads. i thought the same thing as you did. maybe roll them into the exodite army and drop them as storm guardians?