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26-04-2009, 05:27
I've got an itching to start a Corsair/Merc army for WoTR/LoTR. I have quite a few Gondor Warriors now but nothing painted.

Here are some questions:
-How often do you usually see Corsair-heavy lists?
-How effective do Corsair Warriors/Aberlestors do compaired to parallel units (Gondor Warriors or Ork Crossbowmen)?
-How would converted Gondor look mixed with Corsair units? I was thinking of adding cloaks and hoods for the Gondor and making their armor look very dirty and worn.
-Would using converted Gondor Knights as Serpent Riders or Easterling Knight/Coherts be acceptable (I don't know how much "count-as" is involved with WoTR).

26-04-2009, 06:00
Converted Gondor like that might be better used for Black Numenoreans or Morgul Knights (thanks for the idea btw, that'll make Black Numenoreans a possible regiment for me...) but the 'count as' rules for War of the Ring are, far as I know, not really anything official. Talk to your group, myself, I wouldn't have a problem with traitor Gondorians...just don't ask me to let you use a fallen Aragorn or anything.

26-04-2009, 06:05
-Not often as the regular corsairs are one of the poorer choices for infantry that Fallen realms has.
-Warriors of minas tirith are superior to corsairs. However Corsair arbelasters are amazing. Cheap and deadly and hard as nails.
- It could look great, but it depends on how you convert them.
-I wouldn't like them as counts as, however if they were properly converted (which would be pretty hard), that would be cool

26-04-2009, 08:03
- Not often. They are often used along with Easterlings or Harad as they give a bosst to a high fight value but they are rather poorly amoured.
- Gondor warriors are some of the best troops in the game wuithout going into the "Elite" section. Corsirs would do better in numbers with a higher fight value but with most Gondor soilders having dobble the defence of the Corsiers they going to die quickly. the Arbeslesters are brill tho. However there high defence disappers if they are in combat. (Personally tho i love them i would rather have Uruk-hai crossbowmen as they can fight back well in combat)
- If done well it can be good. Remember that you have a Orc captain modal with a Gondor cheat plate. Gondor armour and shileds are very versitle.
- It would be allowed in non-tornoment games but you would have to amke it clear to your opponent. However in Tornney (Tornoment(Yes i know i can't spell)) games i would think not.