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Smiling Banshee
27-04-2009, 16:55
Ive been playin 40K for over 10 years now. Never really wanted to go down the Fantasy route until recently. A mate has offered me some High Elves which seem appealing, I like the models at least.

This is what he has.

4 Bolt throwers
2 boxes of dragon princes
1 box of silver helms
Mage box
Lord Box
Dragon All are from the current range and are sealed in their boxes.

I must emphasise that I know very little about fantasy battle as far as rules go. I have got a copy of the current rule book and the high elves codex but havn't even glanced at them. My question is really what items of from the above list should i give priority to. Am i likely to use all of it if I buy all of it. Can you use 4 bolt throwers in one army. I realise Im gonna need some basic troops as well. Best get reading I suppose but any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

27-04-2009, 16:59
Everything that he's got can be used to build a very successful list. All you'd need is a box of archers and a box of warriors and you could build a pretty effective 2000-2500pt list from that. Buying the lot would allow you take alot of options, the only thing I would then go on to buy would be some Phoenix Guard or some Sword Masters.

I'd definitely reccommend taking up Fantasy, it's much more fun than 40k and is more tactically rewarding. I find how movement works, magic and psychology to make it that more satisfying.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
27-04-2009, 17:02
Looks like you have the makings of a fast, hard hitting, army. Dragon Princes are excellent cavalry, as the Bolt Throwers are pretty heinous and versatile war machines. Unfortunately, none of those are Core selections. However, you will only need 2 to play legally at 2000 points. Two boxes of spearmen as either spearmen or Lothern Sea Guard (spearmen with bows) should suffice. You will likely use all of it, except possibly the Silver Helms. Some people say they're overpriced, but they can fill a niche (usually thematic, since dragon princes hail from a specific Kingdom).

27-04-2009, 17:38
All the stuff there is good; it's true the Silver Helms aren't so popular today, it's not because they're useless but because the Dragon Princes are simply better. But they are 2/3 the cost, and still can perform many useful functions for a lower price than the Draogn Princes. If you wanted, I suppose you could also try converting them into Ellyrian Reavers (a light cavalry unit.) Everybody is correct in advising you take a box or two of spearmen or archers. (One of each wouldn't hurt;archers could support your bolt-thrower fire,

The only downside is that the stuff he's offering (maxed out bolt-throwers, two units of dragon princes, a dragon) is pretty min-max. However, Dragon Lord + cavalry fast-attack lists backed up horde of bolt-throwers are generally thought of as the most powerful and popular way to play High Elves, so it depends on your tastes there.

Erie Ed
27-04-2009, 22:13
I say go for it...all you really need to get is more core and special choices to fill out a 1k to 3k list and you will be good to go. Fantasy imo is a much better game than 40k.

Smiling Banshee
30-04-2009, 08:12
Took all your advice and got the lot last night. Gave 100 for all of it which I didn't think was too bad considering its all still sealed. Still havn't had a chance to have a look at the fantasy rule book or the armies book yet but I will do tonight. A mate was saying that he thought I might be able to use my silver helms as core choices, he said he wasn't totally sure though. Is this possible? Got a small game lined up next week to help me get to know the rules. Gotta say looking at the models last night and I was really impressed with them. I think im gonna like fantasy.

30-04-2009, 08:25
Silver Helms are no longer core :(

You're going to need a 2 boxes of Archers to fill that.

30-04-2009, 10:50
If your starting out i'm sure that he'll let you use them, as core If not proxy them as something else.Good luck and i hope you enjoy your game!!

Duke Georgal
30-04-2009, 17:05
Everything on that list is important to a solid High Elf army. I am not a big fan of four bolt throwers, but they do make good solid choices to have.

The Silver Helms are iffy. Dragon Princes are much better, but very pricey. Since you have two boxes of Dragon Princes, that makes one good unit. Get the sSilver Helms too, for the lower $$$ cost they make an excellent support group.

All you need are some archers and spearmen for core.

Go for it!