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27-04-2009, 18:53
i just seen on on the webisite and they 25 for 10 plastic models how the hell do they expext to sell them wen you can get 10 metal ones 4 a pound cheaper. gravegaurd r 15 pounds 4 10 but 25 bloody quid for plastic

27-04-2009, 18:58
They expect to sell them because the metal ones won't be for sale anymore. The same way the plastic steam tank is $60. Seriously what the hell? HEY GUYS EMPIRE ALL IN PLASTIC YAAAAY (but they will be more expensive than metal tee hee)

I'm hoping that it's just a placeholder price or something but with the rumored price increases I don't know...

27-04-2009, 18:59
yeah they have finally gone off the deep end, seriously I'm not gonna pay $50 for 10 PLASTIC greatswords (No matter how good they look), GW has got to get its head out of its a$$ and review their business and pricing practices. Not that they will I'm sure, they are all legends in their own minds as they drive away customers.


27-04-2009, 19:02
I was gonna get a plastic stank to match my metal one but for $60!!!! The Steg is only $45 and is a far more intricate model IMO, course this just gives them the impetus to move the steg price up to $60


27-04-2009, 19:05
Remember they have to charge this much because of um.. oil and er.. recessions.

27-04-2009, 19:06
Agreed. Thoroughly ridiculous.

The great thing about Greatswords is you need at least 20 to field an effective unit. That's $100 for a unit of troops that can be more or less replaced with a big block of state troops or Flagellants.

All GW has done is effectively discourage players who don't already have Greatswords from fielding them.

27-04-2009, 19:09
We already have discussions on this in fantasy N&R and 'other GW discussion' so to avoid duplicate discussion this one is now closed.

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