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27-04-2009, 19:22
This weekend is the first weekend! I will be accepting results up to May 18th!

Website is http://warhammer.chrisnye.net

29-04-2009, 10:10
So you would like us to report our battles here?
Alright then, I'll start with the summary:

Karl the outrider followed the scouting party that was ordered to take out the watchtower occupied by the chaos scum. After leisurely aiming at some chaos warriors surrounding the tower he was very unsatisfied with the advancement of the troops – they did not seem to be able to hack their way through the thick armor of the guardians in time. Karl decided to take aim very carefully and shoot the single guy on top of the tower. He could only see the head of the fearless warrior taking a glance at the would-be invaders but that was enough. After three quick shots the head exploded and the watchtower was unoccupied. All the other warriors were tied in combat and no alarm could ever reach Lubrecht in time. Completely satisfied the outrider took off to reach the main battle line. The battle for Lubrecht could begin.

The army of the empire had the initiative and could approach the surprised defenders of Lubrecht, but their task would not be easy. Already the heavily armored chaos troops stormed out of the village to engage the attackers. Clouds of flies surrounded knights and warriors alike which made shooting very difficult for the otherwise excellently trained ranged troops. Countless warhounds had been killed in the first rounds and the brave pistoliers single handedly defeated the enemy fast cavalry, the fearsome chaos knights on the other hand managed to wipe out an infantry regiment and its detachments, causing panic in some of the ranged troops. Not much later the knights vanished due to a destructive spell by the empire wizard and the remaining troops on the right flank were very happy to have him. His chaos counterpart was no fool either and managed to scare a large regiment of empire knights to such an extend that they completely fled the battlefield. This caused much dismay to the empire general who was now alone with his swordsmen to push the attack. Both his detachments had been held off by the disgusting chaos spawns and he decided to force the issue and attack the chaos general approaching with a regiment of unwashed barbarians.
The much anticipated flank attack by the empire vanguard failed completely, as the infantry was hacked apart by chaos warriors and the knights were stalled by yet another spawn. The remaining chaos warriors on the right flank had finally reached the ranged troops and despite most light chaos troops being destroyed, something had to happen soon to save the day for the empire. All eyes were set on the duel between the two generals, who both fought bravely in the first round, but in the second one the empire general was slain due to his inability to pass any armor saves. Seeing the fate of their general the pistoliers saw one final chance to turn the tide of battle: They stormed into the flank of the barbarians that were still fighting the swordsmen, killed a couple of them and managed to win the combat. Losing the most decisive close combat in the game Dul-Ghun the chaos general had to fear that his barbarians would flee and he would get trampled together with them by the empire fast cavalry. It turned out that the barbarians probably feared the wrath of their general more than the enemy, or that the chaos gods smiled on them this day (because they managed to roll exactly the lowly 5 they needed to pass the test). As the battle continued the swordsmen and pistoliers were both quickly torn to pieces and together with them the realistic chance of an empire victory. Not even an attack by the knights on the remaining chaos warriors or the fact that the empire controlled large parts of Lubrecht could turn this battle around. Karl the outrider was very unsatisfied with this situation and after a few curses followed his colleagues off the battlefield. However, this was certainly not his last battle and he would return to torment the chaos scum. At least he had killed more of the brainless tin men than his mates, so for him it was not such a bad day after all.


Legion IX of Burg Krähenwacht (Empire) vs Dul-Ghun's Skullcrackers (Chaos)

Solid Victory for Chaos (by 907 Victory Points)

Experienced units gained:

- 18 Chaos Warriors (HW+S)
Masterwork Weapons (Re-Roll wounds or hits)
- 20 Barbarians (HW+S)
Heavy Armor
- Dul-Ghun, Chaos General (HW+S)
+1 Attack when fighting in a challange

- Outriders
+1 BS

29-04-2009, 13:02
Need the score too!

Ultimate Life Form
29-04-2009, 13:11
Hm, yeah, but on your site, it says we are supposed to mail the stuff to you? Will you put it there as well? I´m writing some serious fluff for this, it´s almost a novel, post it here or send it to you?

29-04-2009, 14:49
You can post your score here or mail it to me. There are people in the campaign that aren't on warseer.

For your fiction, etc... if you can self publish it on a website and send me a link that would be best. If you cannot do this then I will try to work with you on putting it up on my webspace, but that takes a bit longer as my updates are not immediate.

29-04-2009, 14:52
- Outriders
+1 BS

Oh my god :eek:... that's going to really hurt in future games...

29-04-2009, 19:54
So far chaos is up 3-0 (3 battle points for the solid victory) in this turn. I will have a game or two myself this weekend =)

30-04-2009, 04:26
I have the site updated on my dev machine. Will be pushing results after this weekend.

30-04-2009, 14:27
Well my battle is today, so expect the empire to take another hit ;)

30-04-2009, 15:45
You never know... we've only just started and empire could really turn it around.

With the experience system things balance out as the winner has less and less models as they becomes more expensive while the empire warmachines and shooting will kill just as many as it did before.

Plus who knows, the future scenarios might be more in the empire's favour. (Although I give them the advantage for the first one already.)

30-04-2009, 15:54
I would ask that we refrain from "this side is screwdz0r" comments. There will be no storm of chaos ending.

I am playing empire. I play a good game. I can guarantee you that I will be contributing some VPs for the order side of things. A couple of mybuddies are also order and are also very good.

We're here to tell a tale. Win or lose. Fight your best and have some fun.

I've got an entire gaming club here participating with about 25 people. That doesn't count the people over the internet sending in results.

01-05-2009, 16:03
Morko's tale:

As the Empire army approached the town a scouting party was sent out to take out a watch tower. At the top was a night goblin and if they didn't move quickly and take him out the weedy goblin could ring the alarm bell and take away the element of surprise.

A group of swordsmen rushed towards the gate while some knights charged towards from wolf riders around the back. Fortunately for the knight the wolf riders got ahead of themselves and rushed forward before they realized what they were up against (6 on animosity meant they were march blocked) and had no other choice but to continue their hopeless charge.

Thew swords men began beating down the door to the tower while a few other night goblins moved around the tower to stop them, and as the door was crashed down there was little they could do but desperately charge the expert swordsmen. As one would expect they were cut mercilessly down, and the watch tower was taken.

An army was about to attack Morko and he didn't even know it was coming...

To be continued...

(Damn hockey playoffs... my empire buddy only had time for this mini-game and we'll do the big one next week.)

04-05-2009, 02:37
Couple games reported to me over the weekend:

Empire force wiped out orc force in a massacre (+4 vp)
Bretonnian force minor victory over Nurgle Chaos Warriors (+2 vp)

Current Scenario Score: Order 6 Destruction 3

07-05-2009, 14:16
Ok... FINALLY got mine done :)

As dawn broke alarms began ringing throughout the city. Hoping onto his boar and riding out to get a better view the warboss could see knights charging towards the city while warmachines were being set up to fire.

"Wez unda' attakk!!! Battl' stationz!!!!"

Morko's hordes formed as best as they could but the village forced them to spread out, and before they could move up and reform in front of the city the first blasts from the warmachines rosked their lines. All around them orcs were sent flying and their orc warmachines were being targetted in the building windows.

The horde moved forward to meet the incoming knights and met them with a crash. Big Rokk challenged an empire warrior priest and best him in battle (much to the cheers of the orcs around him.) Slowly the knights were overcome and ran down and now it was time to move on the empire's main line.

This would prove difficult as Arch Mage DeMaora, master of heavenly magic, was sending lightning bolts their way and they were still being blasted by their rocket batteries and cannons.

As the horde closed in and mopped up some of the smaller forces DeMaere called for a retreat, but Big Rokk wasn't going to let them go without a fight. Charging ahead on his boar he aimed to smash the rocket batteries, and with two swings killed two of the crew in as many heart beats, but then something unexpected happened... the third crew had grabbed a rocket and in one swinging motion rammed it up to boar's backside... the boar exploded in a cloud of blood and Big Rokk was sent flying into the air.

Everyone, both orc and human, laughed.

Result: Orc (evil) minor victory (Orcs-1636/Empire-1159)

One unit of shield orcs (with musician) now have heavy armor.

07-05-2009, 16:22
Thanks for the report I will have a web update shortly.

We also had a bretonnian army massacre an ogre army, making the current score 10-5 in favor of Order. It looks good for the count of Ostland so far!

07-05-2009, 16:41
We're just drawing them into our trap ;)

07-05-2009, 21:51
The first week is finished but we have a couple remaining for turn 1 if you haven't gotten your game in yet!

So far the campaign score sits at Ostland and their allies with 10 points and Chaos and Destruction at 5.

Very close, a couple battles could change the tide.

I have updated the website with the battles and write ups I have received so far. The website again is http://warhammer.chrisnye.net

I will be tweaking the look when I get time but you can see the battles that were done and their results.

I ask when you report scores to me the following be sent:

Total score (your score vs your opponent)
Your name, your opponent's name
Your army, your opponent's army name
Your commander, your oppoennt's commander name
Any xp you gain if you wish to track this

Also any write ups you want to do feel free. I would prefer you send me a link to something you already did but will work with you. I plan on putting youtube battle reports up for mine.

Week 2 of the first cycle begins tomorrow and the scenario stays the same. Will be accepting scores up until May 18 so get them in!


Ultimate Life Form
11-05-2009, 08:54
I got completely massacred by my foe.:cries:

It´s another decisive blow against Destruction. Looks like the outcome is far from preset. I feel disgraced.:cries:

Details and epic storytelling soon to follow.;)

Mercules, are you participating now or did you drop the idea?

15-05-2009, 17:28
Last weekend for scores!

Ultimate Life Form
15-05-2009, 17:41
That is correct. I´m almost done, but I haven´t received the pics yet.

Mind if I tell you the results and send you the fluff/batrep some time in the future?

15-05-2009, 19:02
WOrks for me =)

Ultimate Life Form
17-05-2009, 11:34
Okay, here goes...

Subject: Campaign Battle Report for Turn 1; Army of Itza (destruction, me) vs Wood Elf Defenders (order, Bloody Mary) at 500 pts

Lizardmen score 121 - Wood Elf score 716

Battle Result: Massacre

18-05-2009, 16:38
Ok I have to do some final wrap up but it would appear that the forces of Ostland and their allies successfully claimed the village and will be having a council of war to march to the second objective!

Well fought! New scenarios to follow in a week or so.

20-05-2009, 17:30
In a week!... :(

I was hoping to get the next one in sooner... *sniff*

20-05-2009, 19:50
I couldn't find anyone willing to play the Scenario before the main battle so no go. I suppose that means I am excluded from the next part of the Campaign?

20-05-2009, 19:56
I wouldn't think so.

The more numbers the better and this doesn't seem to be that strict of a campaign.

Why didn't they want to play the scenario though?

20-05-2009, 20:28
Online players had limited time so just wanted a "game" and with my friends Up-North they didn't know skirmish rules and I only had time for a Warband game in any case. It boiled down to lack of time, or lack of understanding/interest in the Skirmish Scenario leading into the game. They just wanted to play a "normal" game.

As I said before... I need to find someone interested in the Campaign to play with. I haven't yet.

20-05-2009, 21:56
That's too bad they can't think outside of the box and try something new...

I guess you could have gone straight to the larger game and skipped the skirmish part.

25-05-2009, 17:27
Yeah the skirmish is not required so just find a way to get a game in and you'll be good.

25-05-2009, 17:34
Final Score for Round One is 14-5 in favor of Order. The village was taken and the forces of Destruction have lost troops in the final battle.

Round two begins in June and will involve capturing a key manor point. Gather your forces commanders.

25-05-2009, 20:07
Yeah the skirmish is not required so just find a way to get a game in and you'll be good.

Hmmmm.. it sure sounded like the Skirmish was required. Oh well...

since it seems that Order is having a good old time right now, I suppose I might bring out that WoC Nurgle themed army I am playing and try and find battles for the next part then.

25-05-2009, 20:20
Hmmm looks like we have to beat up on the empire more...

Would suck if Morko and his orcs won every game and then get to the final one and have a huge handicap... :(

Ultimate Life Form
25-05-2009, 20:37
Don't worry. The Army of Itza stands. This one was merely a warm-up. As the campaign progresses, our point values increase, and we will be able to field some serious tuff stuff. We will raze the cities of the New Ones and won't stop until our sacred mission is accomplished. Meet my determined leader:

26-05-2009, 16:29
Next round we shall see ;) I've got a few new players in the hobby now so I'm looking forward to it.