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27-04-2009, 19:27

With the release of WotR, I'm tempted to jump the bandwagon and get a nice force going. However, I can't quite decide on a faction and since I don't have access to the rulebook yet, I don't know what's in each army. Would you kind fellows be nice enough to give a rough outline of the different armies?

I've narrowed it down somewhat, in that I definitely do not want to play Fallen Realms, Mordor, Dwarves or Elves. I am most interested in Isengard, Moria and Rohan, and potentially Angmar. I also want to pack in loads of Warg Riders and as much wolfy goodness as I can, potentially a completely Warg army.

What I would really like to know:
- What sort of gameplay do the above armies focus on?
- Which races are 'EZmode' and which are more tactical?
- Which factions offer the best opportunity for conversion? (In your opinion)

Thanks for any help in this.

27-04-2009, 19:58
Isengard is out if you want to do a complete Warg army- Warg Riders are Rare formations, not Common. If you focus on Wargs, look into Moria (no warg riders, but the regular wargs are there) or Mordor, where Riders are Common.

Isengard relies a lot on hard hitting infantry. They don't have a lot of cavalry, they don't have the variety of monsters found in Moria and Mordor. This works out fine, since you've got access to some really good elite infantry in the Uruk-hai. You could do a couple variety of playlists, a Scout heavy army will run different than a Fighting Uruk-hai or Phalanx heavy army. I think they have good opportunity for conversions myself, in the form of crossbows/scouts/sappers, and so on.

Moria is a horde army, backed up by really big monsters. They're fast, but they rely first and foremost on numbers. Lots of options for different lists, you could feasibly run a list with only one Goblin (your character) and the rest being all critters- Wargs, Giant Spiders, Spider Queens, Broodlings, etc.

Rohan is fast moving, hard hitting elite cavalry (but you probably already know that). You'll have a smallish army (not as small as elves) with a heavy reliance on your Riders. Decent amount of opportunity for conversions, the Riders could, with effort, become your Royal Knights, Outriders, and so on.

Angmar is the army I don't know that well, except that it'll be hard to play effectively, due to expensive troops who rely on Terror and such to really be able to work. Also, expensive money wise, most of the range is metal.

As far as EZmode and tactical armies? Depends on the list you run.

27-04-2009, 20:07
Ok, thanks for the help there.

Isengard still has some hope I think, running an army heavy with Uruk Scouts and Warg Riders. Though combining Moria with Wargs is also a very nice concept!

I'm sure I sound like a broken record here, but what different types of Warg units are there? Is it simply ridden and unridden, or are there more elite Riders? I'd love to try building some mounted Shamans for example, and the unridden Warg Chieftain is a beautiful model which I hope still has rules.

27-04-2009, 20:37
You have
Wild Wargs
Wild Warg Chieftains
Warg Riders (both morodr and Isengard are the same)
Captains on Wargs
Shaman on Wargs
Orc Trackers on wargs (not modal of yet)
Gothmog on Warg

Thats about it for wargs. If you are going to run a mostly Warg army i might suggest the new Goblin hero as he love being around Wargs, Bats and Spiders.

28-04-2009, 03:01
And Sharku's raiders. Which are very good imo. You could pull off a nice warg army with mordor or isengard.
If you take Isengard you might need to take some common wargs as allies if you are having trouble with common formations. However, scouts or even normal uruk-hai wouldn't make your theme crap...
Mordor it is pretty obvious that a warg force is easy.

I would go for isengard because then you can take sharku's raiders (or is it hunters?) as your leader.

I can't speak for misty mountains since i haven't looked too closely at their list.