View Full Version : Basilisk Conversion; Worth it?

28-04-2009, 00:00
So I am hoping to make a Basilisk conversion to either a Griphon mortar or a Hydra quad-autocannon.

Is it worth it to take either of these over the Basilisk?

Is it worth it to take the spare parts of the barrel and make some leman-russ variant?

All input is appreciated.

28-04-2009, 00:11
I am sort of in the same boat; I got the 3xbassie box and now based on codex choices and packing considerations and thinking of slicing them down into medusa's...

Not to mention the third tank chassis was used elsewhere, so I'm left with a stray bassie cannon.. thought about mounting it as a huge Vanquisher gun

A few things to think about:
Assemble the gun to its platform, but don't glue that to the chassis; Then build the Hydra parts so you can chose either or for different lists.
Make the barrel itself removable from the rest of the gun, so you can count it as either-or, Shadowsword style