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28-04-2009, 17:48
Greetings all! So as the title suggests, for a convention taking place at the end of June (link: http://jascogames.com), my friends and I have been tasked with generating terrain for 20 Warhammer 40k tables in just under 2 months!

Can we do it? We have a very ambitious plan and after a day and a half of planning, over the weekend we bought our materials and set to work.

The pictures are somewhat blurry since we decided last minute to start a plog about our endeavor and did not bring a nice camera, further down the line the pictures will be better I promise.

First, a shot of materials and our workspace (the backroom of Jasco Games):

1/2" Foamular:

4' x 6' Plywood (Picture taken after some cuts were made):

We have materials to complete the first 10 tables (hopefully in time for a RTT at the end of May) and will start the last 10 in due course. With a little luck and a lot of late nights, we think we can get this done!

So we drafted up our ideas and started construction on one of the coolest (and heaviest) tables in our plans. The table will be a dense Cityfight board, most of the pieces being modular, but with a deep sewer/runoff canal running through the middle of the board. The canal will be impassable save for three strategically placed bridges across the expanse (all well guarded by pillboxes, bunkers and sandbag emplacements:


Its not easy to tell from that angle, but the table is constructed from a 4' x 6' Plywood bottom, 2x4 frame (creating a 4" deep, 6" wide canal) and plywood on top. With that secured in place by a frame around the outside edge, a 1/2" of foam will create the base for our city terrain.

We also started work on our highway table. The idea is that a large highway runs from a raised shipping platform at one side of the table and has been blown apart in the center of the table. A WIP shot of the table as it rests atop the canal table:


Other tables coming up in the near future:

Trenches (this is gonna be awesome)
Highway (more work done!)
Khorne (blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne!)
And many, many more!



29-04-2009, 16:00
Any terrain involving Khorne automatically gets my attention. That's a very ambitious project, but you sound like you're the type who loves a challenge and a deadline, so i have hope it'll be great. Looking forward to pics, you're off to a good start! Cheers.

PS. "Foamular" sounds an awful lot like a planet from Star Trek IMHO. "Number 1, lay in a course for Foamular, engage!"

29-04-2009, 20:18
Good luck, drink lots of Coke!!

Bugbait out

30-04-2009, 06:42
Quick-ish update Part I:

I'm a little behind on posting pictures of our work as we get them in from a third party, hopefully it will be a daily/every other day type thing in the future. This will be a two part update to get all the pictures up.

Here is a bunch of 4' x 6' tables that needed no special braces or construction being foamed:


This is all the weight we put on them to sandwich the wood glue and foam on the plywood:


Yes, that's a row of lockers, two televisions, a saw, and some leftover shelving all smushing the tables together. The end result was favorable:


The foam adhered well and we haven't had any problems which makes me very happy. Now it is time to start really working on another of our more ambitious table projects, the trenches table. Teaser pic:


30-04-2009, 06:43
Quick-ish Update Part II:

As I said before, we got to really working on our trenches table and I am very very happy so far. How about a pic?


Those craters are made by using a heat gun a few inches from the surface until the foam melts and settles into a nice crater. This way we can build up the crater on the surface level and the bottom will actually be lower than the surface. The whole table will be three levels high and the trench is made from 3/4" foam glued on top of the bottom layer. On to the messy part!!!

The VERY messy part to be exact. To give our trenches table a muddy, raining feel, we decided to use real mud for the terrain. We mixed sifted dirt dug from out behind the game store with 1.5 parts wood glue to 2 parts water. The consistency and appearance, was, well...


Gross. But! It went on the table spectacularly and after about an hour and a half of working it around just right, it looked something like this:


This is how we imagine the table looking as a finished product, now obviously this mud is going to dry and not look like this, but once we paint and water effect the table, it should be pretty awesome.

We decided after seeing the way it was drying to throw some extra dirt on the top for added texture and effect, here it is with the dirt thrown on before we took it outside and shook off the excess:


After the excess was kicked off and the dust settled, we realized we hadn't built up our craters like we had planned and after a great deal of swearing, we went back to work with joint compound to build up some of the fresher craters (pics next time).

We've been hard at work and like I said, more pics are coming of our work over the last few days so expect a massive update in the near future.

Thanks for reading and as always, C&C welcome, ideas welcome, wish us luck and if you can, come play on all the finished tables at BaCon!


30-04-2009, 12:40
20 tables in 2 months? I don't think they're going to be DRINKING the coke...

Good luck guys!

30-04-2009, 13:04
this reminds me off something


scroll down to the comic strip

30-04-2009, 18:50
this reminds me off something


scroll down to the comic strip

Lol thanks Drew! That gave me a laugh, our tables are not gonna have cup holders... unless... NO! Too much work!

20 tables in 2 months? I don't think they're going to be DRINKING the coke...

Good luck guys!

Thanks mate, we do have a ton to get done but I'm feeling pretty confident at the moment actually!

Good luck, drink lots of Coke!!

Bugbait out

Thanks a ton for checking this out bugbait, I've looked a lot at your work and have always been impressed. Cheers.

Any terrain involving Khorne automatically gets my attention. That's a very ambitious project, but you sound like you're the type who loves a challenge and a deadline, so i have hope it'll be great. Looking forward to pics, you're off to a good start! Cheers.

PS. "Foamular" sounds an awful lot like a planet from Star Trek IMHO. "Number 1, lay in a course for Foamular, engage!"

Pics of Khorne table coming soon, should be today. Lol, I hadn't thought of that about Foamular... but ya... I can see a red shirt dying to the evil foam beast of Foamular!

Going up to the game store to work now, updates soon (i.e. 12 hours from now after a days work).


02-05-2009, 14:50
Good luck, looks like a good start too.



static grass
02-05-2009, 15:49
Building a games table from actual mud reminds me of blackadder goes forth..

"what scale is this map then"?
"1:1 sir".

Classic :D

04-05-2009, 10:14
I am looking forward to viewing more of your crazy antics. The idea is absolutely insane. Good luck!

05-05-2009, 11:01
Preparation for BaCon 2009 Week 1 Update Part 1! (Lots of Pics)

Well after a whole week of very little sleep and far too much caffeine, I have a substantial update for you. We've been diligently working on our first 5 tables, Trenches, Khorne, Highway, Canal, and "Berlin" Wall (all will be getting cool thematic names at a later date).

First I'll show you the progress on the trenches table. We first built up the craters in the "no man's land" like so:



This gave the craters a better feel and obviously made them more pronounced. After the joint compound dried we gave them a good dirting to match and painted the whole area flat black.


Now the fun part. We decided to sandbag the trenches and before I knew it I was knee deep in Plaster of Paris casting sandbag after sandbag. Our math equals out to us need approximately 2500 to 3000 individual sandbags. Here are some pics of the first elevation sandbags:



And a picture of about 400 or so drying:


What an enormous amount of time and effort. Every sandbag that came out of our 100 unit mold had to be cleaned up and left to dry for 4+ hours. I think at the time of writing this we have cast and glued to the table around 1500 sandbags.

Of course though trenches table took up a considerable amount of time, it was not the only table to get love this week, more coming in part 2.

05-05-2009, 11:05
Week 1 Update Part 2:

So, alongside working on trenches table, Kevin took the driver's seat on getting one of our tables mostly knocked out over the week. This one has been nicknamed the Berlin Wall table and is a cool concept. The idea is that an imperial city had walled itself from the wilds of the planet and some invading force has come in and blasted huge holes in their defenses. The wall remnants will be great cover and I think the table will be a blast for players.



The City side of the table will have modular cityfight terrain while the forest side will have modular trees, hills, and rocks.

One of my favorite tables also got a great deal of work done on it this week: Khorne Table! We only just recently got the resin to make our giant pool of blood, rivers of blood (yes, flowing rivers of blood!) and blood pools but we were able to get the table to about 75% completion without it.

Here is the foam cutout atop the base layer of foam:


And painted:


The center of the Khorne Skull is going to be our massive lake of blood with rivers flowing down off the sides and lots and lots of gribblies floating in it. I love this table, I absolutely cannot wait to see it finished!

We are running at a pretty good clip and getting a lot of work done despite us all being exhausted.

What keeps us all running:


More to come in part 3.

05-05-2009, 11:12
Week 1 Update Part 3:

Obviously we are working our selves to insanity and exhaustion and our fingers to the bone (and yet we have about 7 weeks left!!) but that doesn't mean we aren't having a good time!

Here's me, in the red, not helping at all as I distract Kevin, in the black (a little blurry due to motion):


Always wear a belt to the game store or prepare to be shamed:


But in all seriousness, there are still 2 tables in the first set that have gotten put on the back burner for week 1, Canal and Highway. These are both ambitious projects but we feel we can get them suitably done in the second week.

Where Canal table sits as of now:


Highway table with a lot of drawing and notes, but very little heavy duty work done to it:


In the next day or so I expect a great deal of work to be done on both of these tables so prepare yourselves for a mid-week update that has all 5 tables in some state of near completion!

Stay tuned, and as always, C&C is always welcome or just wish us luck!



05-05-2009, 23:50
I'm loving the work here guys (and the mass of it is insane...sandbags jeez). Keep up the work..and think instead of X number tables left...its Y tables done.

06-05-2009, 13:34
This is an exciting thread! keep it coming, and great work so far!

06-05-2009, 14:45
NIce boards you have there, lots of unique ideas and you guys have put the effort in to make them brilliant.

07-05-2009, 10:40
I think your very optimistic but keep up the good work :)

09-05-2009, 10:48
You have a like where you got the sandbag mold??

Wolf Scout Ewan
09-05-2009, 17:04
Nice looking board but seriously dude it cant be done. Not to the standard of the current one!

11-05-2009, 13:39
You can do it!

The tables are looking amazing

Ambience 327
11-05-2009, 17:07
Nice looking board but seriously dude it cant be done. Not to the standard of the current one!

May I quote a few songs?

Joe Nichols - "The Impossible"

Unsinkable ships sink.
Unbreakable walls break.
Sometimes the things you think would never happen, happen just like that.
Unbendable steel bends.
If the fury of the wind is unstoppable,
I've learned to never underestimate the impossible.

Collin Raye - What They Don't Know

'Cause what they don't know
just might be a blessing.
Don't get 'em second guessing,
let 'em dream without a doubt.

'Cause if they don't know
it can't be done they just might do it.
If no one can convince them
the odds are stacked against them,
there's no telling how far they can go
on what they don't know.

Maybe it won't happen - but I think it can! :)

11-05-2009, 23:31
Thanks for all the encouragement, guys. We're still working on the tables, but haven't really taken a break to take update the plog. We're stressed, but working dilligently. We're confident we will make our goal. As a little verbal update Walls is done and Khorne is painted. We poured some resin that was supposed to be blood, but we ran into a few problems with it. Long story short resin + even slightly unprotected foam = epic fail. We've figured out how we're going to fix it, but it will take a few days to get the product in to make Khorne happy again.

Trenches is completely dirted and sandbagged. We're progressing to paint and modular emplacements this week. It should be done mid-week.

Highway table is moving along. The landing pad is down, stairs suitably weathered, craters built up and dirted, destroyed highway roughed out and planned. It should be undercoated within the next two days. I see it being done by the end of the week.

Next 5 tables:
GW Cityfight I
and one other that evades my sleep deprived memory right now.

Keep up the encouragement. That's what we're living off of right now :)


13-05-2009, 19:52
Keep up the encouragement. That's what we're living off of right now :)

If you find the time, please provide some more pictures; that's what the encouragement is living off.

What you have done so far looks fantastic and I wish you the best of luck for reaching your goal.

13-05-2009, 23:43
I'm so inspired I almost want to drive all the way out to Lubbock! :cool: :D

Keep up the good work! :)

Nexus Trimean
15-05-2009, 15:53

Seriously though what you have so far looks sweet and The Khorne board should look amazing

it's coming this way!
16-05-2009, 14:32
You sir, are an inspiration to us all, keep up the good work!

17-05-2009, 08:21
Sweet, Eldar table will look nice:cool:

08-06-2009, 02:31
Hey are we still working on this? I was excited to see all these tables.

11-06-2009, 21:30
Hey are we still working on this? I was excited to see all these tables.

Exactly my thoughts?! Iīm curious for more pics.

12-06-2009, 08:58
The mob is waiting! (patiently) :)

14-06-2009, 16:27
holy crap this is great work so far
dont stop yet!

16-06-2009, 10:10
This thread needs moar picz

17-06-2009, 09:57
Awesome so far keep it up! Making all the sand bags would have drove me crazy lol!

23-06-2009, 16:40
20 tables in 2 months? I don't think they're going to be DRINKING the coke...

Good luck guys!

LOL you beat me to it! :D

oh my god that table with the mud and heated out crater is going to be epic, I need to make a board myself....

24-06-2009, 12:33
How are the tables going? The end of June is almost here!

24-06-2009, 14:29
I think these guys drove each other to chaos and then killed each other in a scene reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino... That's why there haven't been any updates... ;)

Wolf Scout Ewan
24-06-2009, 15:17
Maybe theyv are in their own special padded room dribbling on themselves mumbling about making tables?

24-06-2009, 17:47
Maybe... I mean the last board they were working on was the Khorne board... Maybe they got that blood "just right" and something happened?

24-06-2009, 23:13
Hopefully there is no real blood on the board(s), and just hope they forgot to keep us posted.

Though I donīt say it easily but maybe they surrendered? Nevertheless it was a big task which they wanted to get done.

25-06-2009, 01:41
Surrender happens to me when I don't have a deadline. :) If I have a deadline (i.e. a reason to continue...) then I will get it done!

Yeah, I hope it all works out too. It was going to be quite impressive.

29-06-2009, 05:26
I did not surrender. I didn't get 20 tables done, but I did get 8 completed. I have pictures (very precious few WIP, though) and some descriptions I will post sometime soon. Turns out we didn't have to worry too much about getting tables done, though. I only had three people show up for the event. 2 for 40k and 1 for fantasy.



29-06-2009, 05:28
Now, when I say 8 tables, I do mean 8, gamesday-esque tables. There were 25 total tables, but the others were all plywood playing surfaces with sand glued on and drybrushed with just topper terrain.

29-06-2009, 10:23
Kind of sad that only 3 people showed up :(

29-06-2009, 14:56
Yeah, what a shame.

I'm eager to see what you got finished.

30-06-2009, 16:00
I'm looking forward to the pics of the finished tables!
Sorry to hear of the poor attendance, but now you're ready for another event.

30-06-2009, 23:28
Sorry to hear about the poor attendance... There is always next time!!

How come so few people showed? Any reason?

Also, show some pics of those awesome tables!

Wolf Scout Ewan
30-06-2009, 23:32
3 People after all that effort? ********s!

At least you tried m8!

30-06-2009, 23:59
Alright, here we go.

Table 1 (not according to the labels for the tourney): Trenches.


Chaos Side:

Close-up of the craters:
Each crater has a little Envirotex Lite poured in it that I spread out into the dirt to make it look like realistic water pooled in each shell hole. The sandbags were intentionally painted different colors to mark separation between the chaos and imperial sides. The dirt has several coats of a "Triple coat" gloss varnish to give it a freshly rained on appearance. The Chaos side doesn't have the gloss varnish layer and I added black around the chaos star that was formed in the ground. I didn't put the gloss varnish down on the chaos side because I wanted the appearance of the taint of chaos leeching the life (read: water) out of the very ground. I don't have a good picture of the firing steps, but on the chaos side there are bodies (whfb zombie parts) half buried. I built tank traps to go on the flat areas in the back that are designed to hold 3 Leaman Russes. They didn't get painted in time, so I improvised with the rocks you see.

Table 2: Wall Table

Attacker's Side:

Defender's/City Side:

As you saw, the wall and supports are made of foam. It is a pretty simple table, but plays well. Before the event there were a few games played on it (orks v. IG and SM v. SM) and they really enjoyed the way the gaps restricted movement and created intense firefights and crossfire points.

30-06-2009, 23:59
Table 3: Caverns Table

Before I put the pictures to this one up, a little history for you. Orginally this table was designed to be a lava table. I had envisioned an underground river of lava that had eroded the surface above, creating pillars supporting a thin crust of rock. When it came time for construction I didn't see me having time to try to paint and model lava, so I abandoned the idea for a simple rocky surface for the lower level. I did leave the top (pillars included) separate from the base so that if we wished, at a later time, we could pull it off and build a new base the original lava river. A friend of mine had a terrific idea, though. Make it a cavern with an imperial excavation of xeno-tech going on. He suggested building scaffolding in the holes and attaching led's with little cages to the bottom of the top to make it appear it was a work site. I really like this idea and I think that is the direction I go with it when I get to finishing it. So...lots of text and no pictures yet...shame on me. Here ya go.


I made several mistakes on this table. During construction I used Super 77 (a 3m product) which worked MARVELOUSLY! Only problem is I ran out...so I ran to Home Depot to grab another can. Right next to Super 77 was a can of 90. I thought...if 77 is good, 90 must be great! May I recommend to everyone even considering building terrain, please remember the very first rule of terrain modeling. Before you do something on a large scale do it on a small one first. So...don't just go spraying something on foam without first finding out that it is going to melt it like a blow torch, which, as it turns out, 90 does. I was able to salvage the pillars (which were all glued with 90) by filling the melted portions with wood glue (lots of it) and putting exorbitant amounts of weight on them (2 cinderblocks apiece). They did warp some, but it isn't visible because of how low it is. For tournament purposes play was restricted to the top surface only, however I think it would be neat to play some personal games involving the lower surface.

Table 4: Khorne Table

This table suffered horrendously from a violation of the First Rule of Terrain. I used a product I found at Hobby Lobby that I had used previously in terrain making for water effects. It did work, but you HAVE to protect the foam. It will eat it like a fat kid at a buffet. One symptom that I didn't have in my previous experience was shrinkage. I tinted and poured the product for the blood pool and once it cured (kinda...it was sticky and took fingerprints horribly) it shrunk, pulling away from the walls. When it did that it either tore the foam or pulled the paint away, exposing bare foam. When I went to do my second pour....yep. It ate through the foam and created a cavern under the blood pool that is God only knows how big. My third pour was with Envirotex Lite. It sealed the previous product, but couldn't plug the hole, so most of it I poured in the blood pool went into the cavern. I've tried plugging the holes with hot glue, but after three sticks apparantly the hole is still there. I've had suggestions of plugging it with a solid, fine grain sand that will lock together versus a fluid. I'm not quite sure what to do, but I'll figure something out. Eventually it will have modular skull walls and pillars of skulls to provide cover instead of the goofy crap on it now.


01-07-2009, 00:09
Table 5: Ice Table

This one came as a complete surprise to everyone. I had built this one entirely at home, letting no one see it until I brought it up the morning of the event. It was a big hit. I'm still waiting to see how it will play.

It had it's fair share of problems as well. My recommendation for snow is whatever your recipe, keep it consistant and do it ALL at the same time. Blending a completed portion and a new one always leave a seam and it is really frustrating. The water effects is Envirotex Lite which I cannot recommend highly enough. It as super freaking easy product to work with (if a bit messy) and works like a champ.


Table 6: Desert Table 1

This table took a day to complete. It was simple to do, but I think came out nicely. It doesn't really need any topper terrain, but it can be added to make it look a little nicer. It mates perfectly to the next one, Desert Table 2


Table 7: Desert Table 2

This table also took a day to complete.


01-07-2009, 00:17
Table 8: Highway Table

The key element of Highway Table (the highway, duh) is currently a causality of the First Rule of Terrain. It was Saturday morning (about 6 or so am) and I hadn't been to sleep yet, but I wanted to get the highway painted and glued down so that it would complete the last table. I got it painted and remembered a product that we use on the wheel boards for speakers at work. I ran over and grabbed the soundguard and hit each piece of the broken road a couple of times with the soundguard. After a few moments pretty much all I had left was a pile of goo that was once foam. That's how I knew that the day was not going to go as planned. Anyway, here's Highway Table, sans the highway.


I had planned on having an apoc event after the tournament ended on Sunday. I designed the Desert tables to match together to make a 8'x6' table just for this purpose. Check it out.


01-07-2009, 00:23
So even though we had only 2 people show up for the 40k event (the fantasy guy drove all the way from Denton, so we gave him all the prize support for fantasy and his choice of an army box...well over 300$ in prize support...and he took off with a grin like a bandit) I had the boys play a game to determine the champion of BaCon 2009. I let them pick the board to play on and set them up with a scenario. They got to turn 4 before I called time (they went ahead and played to the conclusion of the game after reporting the game). David got a solid win and got his choice of an army box. As an IG player he chose the Cadian battleforce, duh. Matt got reinforcements for his Marines. Here are some pictures, with congratulations to David.


01-07-2009, 14:15
I don't have time to fully respond to the incredible wor you just posted at the moment, but wanted to say great job! I love the concept for the cavern table- this is a very underused idea and I've been wanting to do something along these lines for a while. Beautiful colors on the ice table; the water looks amazing. Everything came out great and I hope they get a lot of use in the future.

Very great job, glad to see these pics after so much speculation going around about the fate of the makers of the tables!

01-07-2009, 15:22
Your tables are incredible! I will definitely be in contact with you when I start my own :D

I'm glad that after all your hard work you at least got a game and some new minis. And good on you for giving so much to that fantasy player. You are a gentleman and a scholar sir! ;)


01-07-2009, 21:25
Great work. I absolutely love the Trenches and the Caverns tables.

Wolf Scout Ewan
01-07-2009, 22:43
Really nice tables m8!

02-07-2009, 03:02
thanks, guys. I have plans for more, but we'll see. I would like to do a true cavern system table. Underground battles fascinate me...the idea of tanks trundling down a miner's hallway, headlamps picking out shapes darting across the mouth of the tunnel...the roar of cannon underground, closed in by the walls....the concussive shockwave and fine grit sand washing out in front of the gun....

nah, never thought of it before, lol

what should my next one be?

02-07-2009, 03:35
Currently I am building my own table and I having a problem, I used a terrain modelers spray on cement but it isn't doing a good job of sealing the ballast and snow to the board, it comes off with the slightest tap, I have sprayed the whole thing with this liquid pva but its not cutting it. What would you recommend for sealing a board?

02-07-2009, 07:16
Love the scenery! It's pretty fantastic. Me and my friend are helping the club out to make some terrain and tables for Jagged Alliance (in October), a fairly big team triples tourney (how's that for alliteration) our group has inherited from a nearby club.

Lism and I have already decided to rip off your snow board, except with a bit more purpose, possibly a gas well. We use 8x4 boards, so there's a bit more room on the ends to play with. What did you use for snow, and how did it look?

We think we will also steal the walls table idea.

The trench board is beautiful as well. Got a picture of your mould for the sandbags?

I have to say even the really quick tables look very nice.

02-07-2009, 10:03
Very nice tables. Shame so few turned up. Did your advertising include pictures of the tables? I'm sure that would have brought the numbers in. ;)

02-07-2009, 12:49
Currently I am building my own table and I having a problem, I used a terrain modelers spray on cement but it isn't doing a good job of sealing the ballast and snow to the board, it comes off with the slightest tap, I have sprayed the whole thing with this liquid pva but its not cutting it. What would you recommend for sealing a board?

First I would try watering down pva and misting it on with a spray bottle several times, allowing it to dry between each time. Then get some gloss varnish (the cheap spray-on kind that krylon makes) and do several layers of that. That should seal the table pretty well and give you a rigid playing surface. If you'd like you can send me some pictures and I may be able to give you a bit more solid advice.

I don't but I can get a picture the next time I'm at the store. I bought a box of the Tamiya sandbags and poured a latex rubber mould of the 50 or so that came in that box and then cast those in plaster enough times until I had a batch of 100. I built a box and laid out all 100 sandbags and made another latex rubber mould of the 100, so I was casting 150 or so bags at a go. Still took 2 weeks.
The snow recipe is one I found in a guy's thread here. The nuclear winter wasteland one. I think the guy is from sweden or finland. It is a mix of joint compound, pva, and baking soda with a touch of glitter. It worked pretty well. I'll see if I can get some closeups

I didn't have any of these done when we announced the event. Hell I didn't even know about the event until 2 months prior.

03-07-2009, 20:08
WIP pics for Ice Table that I found on my phone:


03-07-2009, 20:13

Here is a couple of pictures that might interest you:
Sandbag moulds:

A box of left-over sandbags that need to be cleaned up:

Here is the detail of the bodies in the bottom of chaos trench. I don't know if you can make them out or not.

This is a pic of the WIP of the tank bunker. This one goes on the imperial side. The chaos side will be based on the same idea, but will be slightly different.

Here are two detail shots of the snow.

04-07-2009, 15:24
Ah progresss I see! Really inspirational.

04-07-2009, 18:36
all that work, and only 2 players showed??!! my god, how frustrating.

they look incredible though, my LGS (local is a bit strong, about 2 hours away) could really take some tips from you guys, their terrain is terrible (a blanket over books looks better).

keep up the ace work, any chance of selling off a table or 2? (PM me if so)

07-07-2009, 09:48
All that effort for only 3 players to take the time to show up, that must have been absolutely heartbreaking....

Really loving some of the concepts you've used for the boards though, the cavern board is particularly interesting (though I can imagine not the easiest to game on)

All in all a brave effort. You can hold your heads high.

08-07-2009, 14:03
Great work! :cool:

The table with the walls is my fav, I'll be stealing that! :evilgrin:

Snow table a close second, great stuff! :)

09-07-2009, 10:38
The whole project is.... AWESOME!!!
I wish I have the money and the time, the place to make so fantastic landscapes. How much cost a Trenches Table (materials)?

10-07-2009, 21:44
The table with the walls is my fav, I'll be stealing that! :evilgrin:

Ditto on that :P

11-07-2009, 07:14
We are doing the 'Ard Boyz qualifier tomorrow and we set up the terrain on a couple of tables. I'll take some pictures tomorrow of the terrain on wall table. That should make you guys happy. We also have Trenches and one of the desert tables going. After the event we're planning a late night apoc game (2v2), so I'll snag some pictures of that as well.

17-07-2009, 15:20
Wow everything looks great now that the boards have been finished. I am absolutely loving the ice table. The city side one does look fun to play on as you have mentioned and the multi level terrain on all of them work a treat. Well done.

01-08-2009, 22:49
The whole project is.... AWESOME!!!
I wish I have the money and the time, the place to make so fantastic landscapes. How much cost a Trenches Table (materials)?

I second this. The amount of effort and money dedicated to this is amazing.

Could you give a rough estimate of how much such a board would cost in materials?

03-08-2009, 22:09
I second this. The amount of effort and money dedicated to this is amazing.

Could you give a rough estimate of how much such a board would cost in materials?

It definitely varies. Depends on which table you are doing and the level of effort you want to put into scratch fabrication vs. buying manufactured scenery components. For example, Trenches was roughly 1.5 sheets of 4'x8'x.5" extruded poly styrene, some wood glue, hot glue, popsicle sticks and 2 large things of plaster of paris. Then once it was painted I sprayed some gloss varnish type stuff on it to make the "mud" glisten and used a minuscule amount of Enviro-tex in the craters. All told (including lumber) probably 70$. The dirt, water, labor were all free (sorta). Toss in some zombie bits for blasted up corpses and you've got a good, basic start to a board.

Wall Table was another good example of that. 1 piece of 4'x8'x.5" extruded polystyrene for the base level of foam and the two secondary levels and scraps to make the wall braces. The wall itself is two pieces of 3/4" E.P. face glued and destroyed. Add sand, dirt and the road was made by lining it with pieces of balsa wood and smearing joint compound between them to make the road surface.

The most expensive tables were Ice table and Khorne table simply because they had so much resin (and in the case of Ice table, the snow wasn't cheap. Glue, joint compound and more baking soda than I care to think about again) in them. Khorne (an epic failure) turned out to be the most expensive because of poor planning and foresight on my part.

Any questions about a specific table? I can go through and give you a pretty detailed break-down of construction and paint of most any table.


19-03-2010, 07:10
Do you guys happen to have any pics of the highway table with the highway. Maybe just a few more pics of the highway part and the board.