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30-04-2009, 22:40
I was wondering if anyone can fill me in on the current state of Warmaster.

My playing circle, which is Warhammer based, only has 3 people in it including myself. We have been trying for some time to get more people involved but almost everyone we know that is at least somewhat interested has always wound up realizing they can’t afford it and told us it’s too expensive. With the latest price hikes announcement we have finally just about given up. Last year the reason was increase costs due to inflation this year it’s simply because they think they can. I’ve long had an interest in Warmaster and the prices seem to be a lot more attractive. We’ve had 6 so far express an interest if they can get armies going for 200-300$ rather then the 500-600$ Warhammer averages to. So my questions are …

What is the average cost of a 2000 point army? With 6 people we don’t want everyone going with the one, cheapest option.

Was Warmaster going to be affected by the June price rises?

When is the last time GW has updated the rules, added miniatures, or otherwise done anything with Warmaster?

Judging by the forum activity, Warmaster seems to be about their least popular specialty game, and specialist games in general aren’t getting much love from GW right now. How likely it Warmaster to be discontinued in the foreseeable future? This probably wouldn’t affect my group if we had a few years to collect what we needed first.

Lastly, and not so likely, if all the Warhammer players start getting the same idea as my group and Warmaster starts booming, would GW just raise the prices to match the core game costs?

30-04-2009, 23:47
Me and a friend of mine at our club have recently got into playing warmaster as something different to warhammer. It s really got me hooked at the moment and I trying to recruit more people to play but as it doesnt have that wow factor warhammer seems to have its been hard.
When sourcing models it quickly became evident that GW models would not be the way to go as they are still extremely pricey. It costs 11 euro for a blister. Then I found Kallistra games. The figures are slightly largely and not as well detailed but they paint up very nicely indeed. Coming in at about 5.50 euro per blister. You also get 4 stands in most of their blister backs and the character blisters are extremely generous. For about 120-130 euro I got approximately 2000 points of Kislev with a little mixing and matching between ranges and basing the light cavalry 3 per base (this looks well on the table top and gives some difference to the normal cavalry). They ve got quite a few ranges with a bit of thought can be adapted to the warmaster range quite easily. Now all I have to do is find some 10 mm bears.

01-05-2009, 15:03
Pricing a 2k army is difficult.
Chaos made up of of heavy hitters can be bought really cheaply via ebay, yet one made up of marauders will be almost double the price.

Some armies appear all the time on eBay yet others are really rare.
Regular appearances are High Elf, Dwarf, Mortal Chaos, Empire.
Bartertown is also a good place to buy cheap armies.
I got a 3K dwarf army along with 30 (yes 30) units of chaos hounds for 130 including international shipping.
The rarer armies like Kislev and OOP units go for a small fortune.

03-05-2009, 20:08
Are you playing in a GW store? Kallistra sell 10mm armies that pretty much have the same troop options:


Pendraken too, they have some fantasy and historicals that will work.


Cheaper alternatives to GW.

If I could find some people to play against that is what I would do.

03-05-2009, 21:24
Thanks for the information, I Think a few of our players will look through the cheaper suppliers. I myself will probably use the GW models. I don’t consider 15$ for 3 stands to be too bad compared to what Warhammer has cost me, and E-bay helps. So my main concerns are really the second 2 questions now.

When is the last time GW has done anything with Warmaster?

What is the likeliness of it getting canceled, and if so how soon?

04-05-2009, 08:03
To my knowledge GW have neglected this game for around 5 years.
There was the release of the araby models and list a couple of years ago but this was at the expense of the Kislev army.
We have not heard of them doing anything else with it in the near future.

That being said there is a fan group who is currently in the process of writing a 'fan annual' with over 20 new or modified army lists in there. But for the new models you will need, you will have to look elsewhere (try Eureka).
This should be due for release to the community for feedback very soon.
You can see a draft copy here (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LDJQASM9) (please remember that is only for review as some of the lists need tweaking).

As for it getting cancelled who knows? I don't, I have been playing around 3 years and it has always seemed imminent so I just bought all the armies I would ever want to play and slowly worked through painting them.
The good side of this is that you don't have to buy a new army book for your favourite army every 2 years ;)
The current published lists are very well balanced so no need to tweak them and there are rules out there to allow you to expand or create your own lists.
The only thing that will kill off this game is the lack of players :(