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01-05-2009, 00:08
Please read this post before replying!

Excellent work so far peeps, we're seriously on the home straight here and there's loads of us left. It's great to watch all your armies taking shape and I hope you're all pleased with how things are going.

For those of you who don’t know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155584). For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month (April). Over the next fourteen days, participants in the Tale should post the work they have done over the last month.

Please don't post anything else in this thread until the 8th of May! Let's have another go at that because I know people can't be bothered reading all this text, I mean it was here last month and some people still got confused. PLEASE DON'T POST ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS THREAD UNTIL THE 8TH OF MAY! Thanks.

Feedback, questions and so on should be posted in the current working thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181140) until the 8th, when this thread morphs into a new working thread. Regarding the deadline: Pretty much everyone who voiced an opinion preferred this deadline to be strict, so this month it is. If you haven't posted by the 14th, then you get a joker. If you have a decent excuse and are a couple of days late I'm sure we can make allowances, but the idea is to get us to paint stuff.

If you don't have pictures yet (because of camera problems or whatever) then it's OK to post to say what you've done and add photos later. The important thing is to get the painting done! I know that means that people can lie and pretend they finished something that they didn't, but hey, if anyone gets a big kick out of that then they're welcome to...

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines:

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW don’t like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesn’t take too long to load.

Try not to overdo the photos. The Tale is about showing off your work, but do it concisely - if everyone posts 13 different angles of every model they paint, that means the whole thread becomes massive and no one will look at any of it. Try to keep your monthly update to one post (6 pictures) and post links to any additional photos you wish to show - or better still, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread who takes an interest can take a look and give you some feedback if they want to.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc... Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1870139&postcount=11) as a template for your update.

If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next 14 days, then (in theory) you will automatically count as having jokered April - but to be honest I think we've all stuck this out long enough to bend the rules as far as it possible in this regard :).

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work!

Sam (McMullet)

Current Stats:

aenimosity : 40K Tyranids - (1108 of 1500): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 150 ; This month: 150
Badgobbla : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (2310 of 2000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: NO SHOW ; This month:
BLARGAG!!! : 40K Imperial Guard - (3857 of 5000): 0 joker(s) used. Last month: 0JK ; This month:
Chicken_Funk : 40K Orks - (1055 of 1500): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: 170 ; This month:
Darnok : 40K Daemons - (907 of 1000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: 235 ; This month: JOKER
Discord : BFG Imperial Navy - (1775 of 2000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: JOKER ; This month: 270
Discord : BFG Chaos Fleet - (1705 of 2000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: JOKER ; This month: 120
Discord : Epic Orks - (2900 of 4000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: JOKER ; This month: 350
Drakemaster : Epic Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons (2315 of 4000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 200 ; This month:
Fredmans : Epic Tyranids - (2700 of 5000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 425 ; This month:
Fredmans : Epic Imperial Guard - Steel Legion (2900 of 5000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 500 ; This month:
give_me_a_d : 40K Daemons - (1401 of 2000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: JOKER ; This month: 203
Häxjägare : 40K Chaos Space Marines - (1450 of 2000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 220 ; This month: 185
Jim : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters (1653 of 1500): 0 joker(s) used. Last month: 165 ; This month: 185
Jonahmaul : 40K Tau Empire - (1398 of 2000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 0JK ; This month: 400
jpobrich : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels (1785 of 1500): 0 joker(s) used. Last month: 100 ; This month: 35
kammek : 40K Orks - (1848 of 1750): 0 joker(s) used. Last month: 201 ; This month:
kenny3760 : 40K Daemons - (2393 of 1500): 0 joker(s) used. Last month: 245 ; This month: 190
Khrangar : 40K Space Marines - The Emperor's Word (827 of 1000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: 0JK ; This month: JOKER
lonepilgrim : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1350 of 2000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: 200 ; This month: 115
McMullet : Epic Orks - (2970 of 4000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 430 ; This month: 550
misterboff : 40K Orks - Deathskulls (1561 of 2000): 0 joker(s) used. Last month: 200 ; This month: 185
Norsehawk : 40K Daemons - (1518 of 2000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: JOKER ; This month: 245
Norsehawk : 40K Space Marines - (2550 of 4000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: JOKER ; This month:
olean : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels (1120 of 1500): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: 160 ; This month:
plantagenet : 40K Space Marines - Imperial Fists (876 of 1500): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: NO SHOW ; This month:
Playwithbob : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels-based (1695 of 2000): 0 joker(s) used. Last month: 170 ; This month:
razormasticator : 40K Imperial Guard - (1693 of 2000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 250 ; This month: JOKER
Sheena Easton : 40K Orks - Deathskulls (850 of 1000): 1 joker(s) used. Last month: 62 ; This month: 215
sigur : 40K Orks - from back when they were "Space Orks" (1479 of 2000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 201 ; This month: 225
susu.exp : 40K Squats - Varyngr (920 of 1500): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: JOKER ; This month:
The boyz : Epic Space Marines - Blood Angels (2725 of 4000): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 325 ; This month: 400
warflag : 40K Orks - Mad Max/Heavy Metal theme (860 of 1500): 2 joker(s) used. Last month: 115 ; This month:

01-05-2009, 00:20
McMullets Diminutive Greenskins: Month 8

Fighta-bomma Skwadron: 150 points
½ x (Big Kult of Speed with 2 extra Bikes)[B]: 200 points
[B]Normal Warband[B]: 200 points


Month 1: Joker 1
Month 2: 512.5 points (corrected due to changed army list)
Month 3: 360 points
Month 4: 442.5 points
Month 5: 350 points
Month 6: Joker 2
Month 7: 430 points

TOTAL PAINTING SO FAR: 2970 points (target: 2800 points)

Background: Orks. Theme: Orks!
I'm trying to stick to the old fashioned, 2nd ed-era look for them, besides that it's just an army. As far as composition goes, I'm really learning Epic as I go along, so I keep changing my mind about what I want in my list.

The planes are completely scratch-built from various bits like Stormbolters, tubing, guitar strings, green stuff, plasticard... Details of this in my log.
the Kult of Speed and Warbnd are completely standard.

White undercoat for everything.
Evil Sunz are sunblast yellow/bloody red; Deathskullz are enchanted blue, with the odd bit of beasty brown. "Black" bits are painted very dark grey, some then detailed with boltgun metal. All washed with loads of Badab black (infantry) or a mix of badab black and smokey ink for the vehicles/planes.

Painted to look like a Mars-scape (terracotta, parasite brown, fiery orange and khaki).


Highs: Half way to getting a joker back.
Lows: Got beaten twice and lost a stand of Nobz from the Goff warband somewhere...




Kult of Speed:




Army shot:


Just realised I forgot to sort the light levels on those pictures, so they look very dark. :( Oh well.

Next month, I really will do those Gunfortresses, and maybe the other Deathskull stuff.

02-05-2009, 08:53
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: April 2009

Brainspilla Bonehead (Warboss w/Bosspole, 'Eavy Armour, Kombi-Skorcha and Power Klaw)
Da Joka (Weirdboy Warphead - FW Skwadron Kommander model)



'...the Boneheadz family of Death Skulls once overran and plundered an Imperial penal colony, and wore fragments of convict clothing printed with black arrows for generations afterwards.' - Waaargh The Orks!

The Warboss has a Kombi-Skorcha, which was made by adding some spare Burna bitz to his Shoota. The Warphead had an Ork skull added to his base (to represent a victim of 'Eadbang).

Skin: Orkhide/Thraka/Knarloc
Face: Enchanted/Asurmen/Ice
Face: Astronomican/Badab/Skull
Teef: Dheneb/Ogryn/Bone
Eyes: Mechrite
Purple: Hormagaunt/Leviathan/Liche
Green: Gretchin/Thraka/Goblin
Yellow: Iyanden/Gryphonne/Bad Moon
Red: Mechrite
Grey: Astronomican/Badab
Straps: Adeptus/Badab
Metal: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril

The first colour is the basecoat, the second is a wash and the third is a drybrush.

Piece of squig-cake. Simply painted Vomit Brown then covered with Citadel Sand straight from the Tub.


Highs: Only having 2 models to paint this month, and finally getting my HQ painted. I love them both!
Lows: I didn't feel like getting everything out for an Army shot with just 2 new models. I'll do an Army shot next month.

Next month, 5 AoBR Nobz and a Truk to go with my Warboss...


(Check out the To40kP - Orks WIP thread in my sig)

[Brainspilla Bonehead - Warboss, Da Joka - Warphead, HQ,]

02-05-2009, 09:17
Give_me_a_d's Chaos Daemons (2000pts): April 2009

Units painted this month: Unit of 12 Daemonettes

Total pts for this month: 203pts
Jokers: 2 (January & March 09)
Current Army Size: 1401pts

After a number of false starts I settled on a light grey scheme with warlock purple and purple washed mithril silver. More info in my log.

I have actually done basing...sort of!

Still To Do:
Nothing other than to properly base them.

Highs And Lows:
I happy with the paint scheme at last, but it took a while and I had to Joker last month, as I wasn't happy with them.


Army Shot -
Sorry no time for an army shot this month.

Next time on TO40KP...
RT era Flamers and something else...

02-05-2009, 20:18
TOTAL PAINTING: 3 Raptors & Vindicator 185 Points

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 1,653 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Pre-Heresy World Eaters.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I painted another 3 raptors to add to the existing unit I have so they now number 8...build was exactly the same as used for my raptors previously...Also went for a Vindicator because I felt like I need some 'Big Guns' in this army and wanted to paint some chevrons!

PAINTING: As before for the Landraider: Sprayed black, drybrushed grey and white and then further coats of thinned skull white applied to the flat areas...Blue bits are the blue foundation paint, highlighted with Ultra blue and washed with Asurman blue ink. Bit of mud/weathering around the tracks, which was just a mix of sand and grit drybrushed brown plus some Devlan Mud. Chevrons were painted Iyanden Dark Sun and highlighted with Sunburst Yellow with Devlan Mud wash...also did some paint chips using method in White Dwarf a couple of months ago.

STILL TO DO: WE Legion transfers from BoLS.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I only have 1 squad left to paint (yippee!) but I then have to go through and do transfers/Legion symbols on the WHOLE army (Boo!)







So next month is the last Squad of 8 Marines...I hope I can summon the motivation one...last...time...!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyones entries!


The boyz
04-05-2009, 09:23
Hi everyone.

Congratulations on finishing another months worth of painting. Here is my contribution to the To40kP for this month.

400pts of Epic BA's LR's.


Nothing special just straight out of the box.


Basically the same as before. Black undercoat, followed by a couple layer's of Vallejo Gory red followed by a thew layers of Vallejo's Bloody red.

Then the tracks and gun barrels where picked out in boltgun metal.


Same as before.


Nothing really, maybe the odd touch up, but thats about it.


Glad to get them finished.


None this month

Sorry for the dark picture but here goes


04-05-2009, 14:46
Da Old Boys by sigur

(the rest of the Nobz mob this month)
6 Nobs ('Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Painboy, 1 'Uge choppa, 1 combi-rokkit launcha, 1 combi scorcha) - 225pts

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 1480pts (aim: 1400, 2 Jokers used)

BACKGROUND/THEME: 1st/2nd edition Space Orks.
Goff Warband got lost in the Warp long ago, remerges, teams up with a Snakebite warband to go looking for Ghazgkhull.

BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversions.

PAINTING: I put quite a lot of efford into these Nobz and I'm very happy that I got them painted. Highlighting took ages but I think it worked out well On these I tried a new way of highlighting, considering light sorces instead of good old edge highlighting. Especially on black parts, this is quite experimental. Tell me if I failed or not. :-)

BASING: Again, nothing new there. If I remember correctly, this was one of the first mobs I used GS to make the gound less even-looking.

STILL TO DO: Banners (as always). I really should add a Waaagh banner. Apart from that, they are pretty much finished apart from varnishing.

None really as I had these guys finished for about a month.



And here's some not quite super army shots:




Next month will probably be Lootas and Shoota boys. Or a Big mek with custom force field. Let's see. ;)

07-05-2009, 10:13
This month's entry is Skulltaker and another bloodcrusher, with Fury of Khorne, for cheesy wound allocation purposes. 190 points I believe.

Painting: Black primer from Halfords. Scab Red basecoat then Bloodred drybrushes with Baal Red washes. Highlights were Vallejo orange and yellows, with Baal red washes to blend in. Gold metal was Tin Bitz base, Brazen Brass coated with highlights of Burnished Gold, with washes of Gryphonne Sepia. I put a couple of Mythral Silver highlights in there as well. Silver metal was Boltgun Metal with Mythral silver. Skulltakers cloak was just brought up from Snakeskin Leather with Plague Brown, Bleached Bone and Skull White.

Basing: As before

Highs: Really pleased with Skulltaker, I like how he's turned out. The army being finished. It's done and dusted

Lows: Need to start a new project!!!

I'll post up some army shots later today once I get some taken. This army has expanded beyond my wildest expectations and is now over 2000 points.

07-05-2009, 16:29
Got some army shots taken, not the best but it shows whats there.

All in, the way I configure the units with gifts etc, it comes to a total of 2388, which I could easily get up to 2500 by adding in extra gifts and wargear. Not bad at all.

07-05-2009, 16:48
Comment Time:

McMullet: All looking good as usual. The scratch built planes I'm liking a lot. Are you going to make it to X-Legion next week.

Misterboff: Nice work on the Orks, I particularly like the Warboss. The Weirdboys purple seems to have washed out a bit in the pic.

Give me a d: Well done on the daemonettes. I know how hard they are to do, I had a nightmare with mine. Good choice of skintone and the clothing contrasts well.

Jim: That weathering is excellent again, the white on the vindi looks so smooth, top job. I'm lovin' those jump packs.

The boyz: Well done on getting the LR's finished, nice and simple.

Sigur: Bloody hell they are amazing. Every month I'm knocked out by your work. Really nice looking orks.

07-05-2009, 20:09
as usual I will be needing till the 14th again. Sorry guys, real life gets in the way alot with me. 3 Kids and Grad School nights will do that to you.

07-05-2009, 21:07
jpobrich's Dark Angels

UNIT: Rhino


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 1785 (1500 goal)

Standard, no conversions.

Same as the previous Rhino (why mess with success?) with mud effect provided by Tamiya Weathering Stick. I am still working out a good method for muddying up the track guards. Any tips?

Highs - The chapter symbol on the top hatch came out better this time.

Lows - I would have liked to finish another Rhino this month. I have another half-finished, so next month should be better.

PHOTOS: Attached below.

08-05-2009, 10:49
It has been a rough month for me, but I am putting the finishing touches on some daemons so I don't have to drop them out of the tale. Marines, I am going to have to see if I can put something together for them. I might have to do an allies thing for them since in my spare moments between school and life, I have been working on an imperial guard character that I got recently from gw.

08-05-2009, 19:31
OK folks, comment time

@ McMullet - very nice looking stuff & an excellent example to be the first to post! really like those planes

@ misterboff - cool stuff, any chance of a slightly better view of the kombi weapon please?

@ give_me_a_d - very nice looking deamonettes though they'll look better once you have 'real' bases done on them! really looking forward to seeing the old school flamers next month so make sure you get them done!

@ jim - once of my favourite armies in this year TO40KP & very nice stuff again, in particular i like both the weathering & the chevrons on the tank

@ the boyz - i know it's epic but i keep imaging four of those bad boys lined up ib 40k! awesome painting still

@ sigur - beautifully painted Orks yet again & i'm astonished at just how many you've painted yet still kept up such an incredible standard, awesome effort

@ kenny3760 - very nice stuff, particularly the juggernaught, army shot is very nice (i can't believe that few models makes so many points though!). one thing i would say is that i think the screamers need their bases properly based to fit in with the rest of the army

@ razormasticator & norsehawk - hope you get your stuff posted this month

@ jpobrich - looking forward to the photos

my stuff is all painted but i want to base it before i post pictures, i'll be basing soon but because of the light pics may have to wait until tomorrow (definately no later though)

08-05-2009, 23:49
Looks like I have to play my first official joker.


Between essays, readings, and commissions, I haven't had time to paint stuff for myself. I should have more stuff done for next month.


09-05-2009, 16:44
BANG - and i'm back with a vengance!! double points to bring me back in to the Tale & hopefully it'll be the last time I need to do it (bye bye LM!)

THIS MONTHS PAINTING: 3 Crisis Suits with Missile Pod & Plasma Rifle & 7 Stealth Suits

POINTS: 400ish (will work out exactly when I find my army book!)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Just Tau army with no Auxilleries

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box/blister, last edition stealth suits as I much prefer them

PAINTING: Same as before though if you want specifics then ask

BASING: See above!

STILL TO DO: Nothing

HIGHS: (A) Getting back on track & finding a bit of motivation which will hopefully carry me through to the end of the Tale. (B) Army is coming together really nicely now & starting to look like an army. (C) Have re-varnished the army with army painter varnish which means that the dusty coating left by my s**t GW stuff has now gone

LOWS: Having to double post after the slack effort last month. All stealth suits are painted so I don't have anything to paint as an alternative to the stone colour which is all i'll be painting from now on

NEXT MONTH: Not sure yet but it'll either be another Hammerhead or some Broadsides

Army shot to follow, probably tomorrow

09-05-2009, 18:23
lone pilgrim's Blood Angels: April 2008

Unit 1: Terminator squad
Cost: 115 points (half total points as only half painted)




The Sergeant and three Terminators come straight out of the Assault on Black Reach box. One Terminator got an arm swap to equip him with an assault cannon. All have scenic bases built up using GW's resin basing kits.

Like the rest of my Blood Angel infantry models I started with the metallics first. The weapons and details on the armour are Boltgun Metal with a Mithril Silver drybrush then a Badab Black wash. The fancier bits, like the pommel on the Sergeant's powersword and his Iron Halo are layered with Tin Bitz, Brazen Brass, Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver followed by a Gryphonne Sepia wash.

I also did most of the work on the bases. My main colour is Khemri Brown, drybrushed with Bleached Bone and then washed with Devlan Mud. I picked out the bits of ruined buildings in Scorched Brown then drybrushed this up to pure Catachan Green and then again drybrushed up to pure Skull White.

Unfortunately this didn't give me the pale green colour I was looking for and just made the ruins blend into the base so I washed them all with Thraka Green. I'm still not convinced by the effect so I stopped there without picking out the rest of the features. I'll paint the rest of the models and then come back to the bases later.

The red armour was built up through Mechrite Red, Blood Red, Blazing Orange, Fiery Orange and Bleached Bone as per my other Blood Angels.

Highs: The armour highlights are looking nice and crisp. The most ambitious bases in my army so far.
Lows: Not finishing the models by the deadline. At least they'll contribute some points for now to keep me ticking over and they'll definitely be done by the end of May. I'll do proper army shots then, too.

09-05-2009, 20:09
I am planning on getting an entry in this month... it is a little under points but I am sure I have been a little over before :)

I have three Space marine BackPacks to go to finish the three SternGuard.

Then I will be down to

2 SternGuard
2 Rhinos
2 Predators
4 Marines
1 Razorback

10-05-2009, 08:26
Aenimosity's Red Gribblies

Unit: Raveners (rending claws, devourers)

Points: 150

Total Points: 1102/1500


Sorry about the crap picture again.

Painting: Same old same old.

Still to do: The claws on one of them. Green bits and tongues. (About half an hours work)

Highs: Getting stuck in early and not feeling the pressure. Getting started on a unit of warriors.

Lows: Getting stressed out about uni. I'll be jokering next month and then trying to win it back for the final.

10-05-2009, 13:18
It is with great regret that I post my second and final joker. I need to find some time to get some work posted else I am done.


10-05-2009, 16:41
Well what do you know, I made it. *whew* Was pretty worried for a while. So, more ork infantry. And luckily, the last of it for this tale. Managed to squeeze in the last clan while I was at it.


That's 350 points more for a big mob, bringing me up to 2900p. Only two more months of painting to go...


10-05-2009, 16:51
And spaceships. Sadly, there's more of the same coming up for another two months... Oh well.

First a mars class battlecruiser. 270 points. Total now 1775.



On the chaos front, a squad of infidels. That's 120 points, for a total of 1705.



The rest should be easier, since I don't have any ork infantry left. Good job everyone else, actually sticking to painting one army month after month is getting a bit tiring, although the end result is worth it. Well, hopefully.

10-05-2009, 22:52
Sigur - that is a great looking horde of orks right there. I absolutely love the old skool orks.

11-05-2009, 07:58
@McMullet: I didn't realise those planes were scratchbuilt. What did you make them out of?

@misterboff: Nice joker. :)

@Jim: Your marines are looking suitably grubby. Nice work.

@Sigur: As usual your orks are looking fine. How long does it take you to finish a squad?

@Kenny3760: Well done on finishing your army.

@jpobrich: That rhino looks pretty good.

@lonepilgrim: The BA are looking fantastic, even half-finished.

@Discord: I don't know how people can be getting more than 1 army done each month. Well done.

11-05-2009, 11:25
Ok, I'm kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel this month as far as Daemons go, I grabbed some minis I started a few months ago, finished them up to make them at least tabletop decent and am putting them up here. The 'fleshhounds' are definitely that, but the Plaguebringer command I have been working on a bit more heavily. I tried out some new ork skin recipies on parts of them (where it wouldn't matter a whole ton if they don't look healthy)

Using chaos hounds for flesh hounds, price is much better, and they are almost the same size.

8 Fleshhounds of Khorne, with 1 with Fury of Khorne - 130
Plaguebearer command with Touch, Instrument, icon 115
Total: 245


Still to do, basing, touchups, finish painting the commission that I have (final stages then I can paint for myself again! yay)

I'm not seeing a way where I can prevent taking a joker for my marines, I have some various models in stages of completion, I will see if I can get some stuff going with them.

11-05-2009, 13:12
Great work this month guys, sorry I punked out. But mostly sorry for me.
Its getting harder and harder to get things done by deadline due to the thesis phase of grad school.

Sheena Easton
11-05-2009, 21:06
Sheena Easton's Fabulous Orks

Painting For April
* 5 x Meganobz, 2 with Kombi Shoota-Skorchas, 1 with Kombi Shoota-Rokkit Launcha 215 Points
[does this mean I have bought back a joker? Not that I plan on using it but just incase...]
Total 863 Points (/ 1000 Points) + 2 Jokers

Building / Conversion:
Unusually, straight out the blisters. Was going to add some extra skulls, but thought they didn't look right.

The usual basic and rather sloppy work, but with a slightly different technique. As they were mostly metal, they got a white undercoat, base coat of Boltgun Metal, some parts brushed Tin Bitz then the whole thing washed with Devlan Mud & Black Ink (including the non metallic parts), brushed with Boltgun Metal / Mithril Silver then skin painted Knarloc Green, brushed Goblin Green, teeth painted Bleached Bone and the whole face washed Thraka Green. Various armour plates were picked out in Enchanted Blue / Mordian Blue, touches of Liche Purple (in the targeter eyes and the odd plate), Mechandrite Red for the eyes, Calthan Brown for the wires and trousers.

Still to do

Still to do
Basing, some small details and bits that I missed, possibly add some more blue to the guns. Plus they need a transport...

Highs - Very easy to paint for the most part, managing to do well in excess of the 100 points target
Lows - Trying to glue them together with plastic glue - amazingly they stuck. Eventually. Before falling to bits again. Though the new plastic glue bottle looks like the old superglue bottle...


and the inspiration behind the paint job:
with the red replaced by blue (I photochopped one but can't find it...)

Army shot to follow later.

12-05-2009, 08:33
Consider me jokered. I might or might not have a GUO painted by next week, and I want to do a mounted Herald of Khorne later this month, but right now I don't have anything done. Given the fact that I'm almost done - who cares? :D


12-05-2009, 14:44
UNIT: Lesser Daemons + Extra Marines



Recently fallen Chapter with so far no name or symbol that have taken up Khorne as their patron god. A bit more sneakier then regular khorne crazed killers and they actually try to use tactics to win. Doing mercernary work and employing modified equipment to get the job done. The first squad is supposed to represent a more ranged like unit with extended barrels, this second squad is a more melee get stuck in, khornelike unit. Third unit, was supposed to represent a more mid-range unit that was giving fire support.

Now I'm onto my Land Raider for my Termie lord and his Termie HQ, they will be done within a couple of months. I finally did my last troop choice for the tale, while thinking for the last months I have actually started to flesh out the chapter. They will be Blood Angels Successor(I already had thought of that) and they will be following a Daemon Prince that will look like Sanguinus, I will also be adding a Death Company using the Khrone Berzerker rules but this will probably be done after the tale. I was going to leave the army at 2000p, but the recent inspiration has made me want to bring them to 3000p fully painted with a few Blood Angelsish flavours here and there!

Daemons straight from the box, some minor work on the special weapon fellas.

This will be my last two extra marines with weapons, I purely made them for customization reasons for the list and the list will probably overshoot 2000p even with them.

Some really good minis, I didn't think the daemons were that cool. But holy hell I loved painting them!

Sand - Chaos Black - Earth - Bleached Bone - Wolfs Gray - White - Grass and snow!

Once I figure out a chapter icon it will be added. Finally got a name!

Highs - Daemons

Lows - The Future, got a Fantasty tournament coming up and with RL and stuff I'm not sure if I will be able to get my entry done for next month and I have no jokers left. But I will do my best!


I know, I know. Pictures are really dark. I just had the entry done for so long and I started to post-pone picture taking until panic struck on a cloudy day!





12-05-2009, 22:30
Well done everyone who's posted so far - still a few days to go (like 2 or 5 or whatever, who cares) and I hope to see a few more of you!

I've updated the first post with the current state of affairs (do double-check I'm right there).

I'll be back with comments and the full stats later in the week. :)

13-05-2009, 19:52
April's Painting.

Eight veteran assault marines - finished! Last month's update was kind of lame, as I had started the base colours on these guys, but had no camera available. I do now! My new mobile, an LG 550, has an excellent camera (although it kinda sucks as a phone). So I can now take the pictures myself.

UNIT: 8 veteran assault marines w/jump packs. 2 meltaguns, 1 power fist, 1 thunder hammer & 1 power weapon.


BUILD/CONVERSION: As usual a few different generations of marines mixed up and various bits. I like to let a bit of Citadel history show up in all my armies, and therefore mix and match older and newer models.

PAINTING: All parts undercoated with Fanatic Army Painter red spray, then a quick brush with Blood Red. Cables etc Charadon Grey. Guns and other metal parts Mithril Silver. Transfers treated with Set/Sol, an excellent product that I cannot recommend enough! Then everything is washed with Badab black. Bada Bing!

BASING: None, will do all in one go later.

STILL TO DO: Bases, and squad markings - on the whole army.

HIGHS: Hanging in there! By next month's update, my wife will have given birth to our third child, so there's no way to tell if I'll be able to contribute then. We'll just have to see!

LOWS: I am kinda bored with red power armour by now, and is getting distracted by other projects... Next part will have to be Lemartes and the DC, a change is as good as a rest, hopefully.

POINTS: last 160 (of 320), total so far 1280

ARMY LIST: All infantry, much Jump Pack goodness.


the whole squad


Hammer time!

Sheena Easton
13-05-2009, 22:14
Some comments:

@ mcmullet - stunning conversions

@ misterboff - great job on the Warboss, not fond of the warphead though

@ give_me_a_d - excellent job, really love the colour cheme and the standard is exquisite

@ Jim - brillant work as always, though I think the chevrons on the vindicator distract from the look of the model as a whole.

@ The Boyz - nice work as usual

@ sigur - lovely work on some lovely classic models. I always wanted that Freebooterz Bad Dok but could never get my hands on one (and MO were always out of stock...)

@ kenny3760 - good job, though I think the facial highlights on the Skulltaker are a bit too extreme, but that could just be the camera / flash

@ jpobrich - pristine. Nice work.

@ Jonahmaul - Excellent painting on the Crisis Suits and I love the Stealth Suits

@ lonepilgrim - if it wasn't for the completely black head and you saying you hadn't finished them, I would never have known!

@ aenimosity - another excellent job

@ Discord - love the colour scheme of the Orks, the ships are as flawless as ever

@ Norsehawk - Such a cute cat! +10 bonus points for Pet Power! I like the Chaos Hounds as Fleshhounds, and good too see some Khorne daemons that aren't just dipped in a buket of bright red... nice use of colours & shades on the Plaguebearers.

@ Häxjägare - good work as ever, army looks really impressive.

@ olean - excellent work, especially on the Storm Shield.

14-05-2009, 16:55
I´m finishing painting tonight (so still before the deadline), but won´t be able to take photos until tomorrow. The Varyngr will not lie down!

14-05-2009, 20:05
McMullet: I really apreciate your slight extension of the deadline!. I was not able before yesterday to do the purchase necessary for this months entry, I will put up pics as soon as they are done. It´s Flashgits! This WE!

Lovely work everybody! In depth comments when I put my boyz up!

If anybody has a problem with me entering too late, please say so. I don´t want to bend the rules too hard and turn off folks.


14-05-2009, 20:30
Ok I am finished. Will post pictures up this weekend.

3 SternGuard 75 Points

14-05-2009, 23:04
It's comment time again...

@McMullet: I like your little Deathskulls. Your Skorchas are amazing too!

@give_me_a_d: Looking good, I particularly like the pale skin tone.

@Jim: Some great poses on the Raptors, and your chevrons are very nice.

@The boyz: Good job. The engines, guns and tracks all look very neatly done.

@sigur: The limited palette really makes the faces stand out, and the tiny checks are superb. That's quite a horde you've got there!

@kenny3760: Fantastic work on the skulls. Your army looks like a suitably chaotic warband.

@jpobrich: Top work on the Rhino. I love the subtle weathering.

@Jonahmaul: The battlesuits look awesome. The eyes/lights/sensors look excellent. [I've added a 'before' picture of my Warboss's Kombi-Skorcha for you. I just cut out the bottom bit and replaced it with a spare Burna bit, then added another spare Burna bit on the end]

@lonepilgrim: Your Termies look great so far, the bases are tremendous.

@aenimosity: I love Raveners, and your look really good. I love the way you painted their armour plates.

@Discord: Another busy month for you. Everything is looking fine as usual.

@Norsehawk: Your Fleshhounds have turned out very well, and the bright colours on your Plaguebearers look quite 'snotty' - which is very Nurglesque (is that even a word?).

@Sheena Easton: Those Meganobz look great, I think the blue/purple works really well.

@Häxjägare: Your Daemons fit in nicely with the rest of your army. The colour for their horns was a good choice.

@olean: More BA Assault Marines are always welcome! My favourite is the Sergeant, closely followed by the TH/SS Marine.

@warflag: No problem with me - it'd be cool to see some more of your Orks.

I'm currently working through my 5 AoBR Nobz and a Truk to act as a Retinue for my Warboss. The Nobz are going well, although I'm not a big fan of painting checks...


15-05-2009, 01:23
Army: Orks 1750

Models done this month:
Stompa (650Pts)

Points done so far: 2603/1750

Highs & Lows: The Stompa was finished up this month, the crew for the Stompa will be done and added to it next month. Might try to finish the Killa Kans next month.




15-05-2009, 03:32
Man that Stompa looks cool. Nice job kammek. You should post an army shot with that sucker in the middle somewhere.

15-05-2009, 15:38
Right, time for some comments -

McMullet - Nice work, the flyers are great.

misterboff - Very nice Warlord, the checks are excellent. I'm not so sure about the purple for the Weirdboy, I think he needs a bit more blue on him. Also thanks for your comments. It wasn't until the third test scheme that I was happy with them and I'm very pleased with the skin.

Jim - Your raptors are ace. The Vindicator is pretty good too.

The boyz - Those Land Raiders are looking good. I like the fact that you're basing them.

sigur - Truely excellent work there. The army shot is impressive.

kenny3760 - Nice to see someone taking on Skulltaker, its not my most favourite model to say the least but you've done a good job there. The Bloodcrusher is good too. The army shots show just how big the horde is.

jpobrich - Somehow I missed your rhino as it came up and I discovered it when looking back to do these comments. Anyway, well done looks good.

Jonahmaul - I've been working on the flamers again today so they will be appearing next time, as hopefully will my 2 old skool Fiends, which are currently base coated and partly washed. As to your Tau, I must say they are lokking good as usual, I too prefer those older stealth suits.

lonepilgrim - Really good looking terminators, the bases really make them if you ask me.

aenimosity - Good looking Raveners. This is proving to be a bit of an education as I don't know Nids that well, so thank you.

Discord - Another great load of stuff from you this month. I really like the Snakebites, especially the banner.

Norsehawk - I'm afraid to say that the basic paint job on the fleshhounds shows, the PBs though are nice. Its good you've managed to stay with us.

Sheena Easton - Good looking meganobs. Thanks for your comments.

Häxjägare - The Daemons look good. I like the way you've taken the photo, it really gives the impression they are coming at you across the battlefield (A scary prospect).

olean - good looking assault marines

kammek - I have to say I haven't seen too many finished Stompas so congratulations on getting such a big model finished. It looks really good as well.

Hopefully we'll get a few more over the next couple of days so I'll be back with more comments soon.

15-05-2009, 19:41
Everything is painted. But I'll save it for next month. Time is short and my attention is elsewhere.


16-05-2009, 10:53
@ kamek - awesome looking stompa, first time I've seen one that isn't painted by GW. only thing I would say about it is that it looks a little bit too 'clean' in parts & perhaps could benefit from some weathering/chipping

Sheena Easton
16-05-2009, 20:45
@ kammek - great job on the Stompa, but for me, its a tad too "clean" as if its straight out of a factory on the blue, red & black (though that may just be the flash from the picture).

17-05-2009, 16:55
I finally managed to take pictures...

I didn´t get a lot done, just 14 standard Varyngr (the glue didn´t hold on the 15th model and I couldn´t finish painting him), to go with support weapons. That (being 140 points) takes me to a total of 1060 points at this point.
To add insult to injury the model got mixed up with the other ones during transport and being standard Varyngr of which there are quite a few more, I couldn´t disentangle them. Army shots:

I´m taking part in a collective order of stuff from Wayland games right now, which will provide me with the models to build Embittered (finally) as well as another Rhino. Until they arrive I´m building the two missing Clanguard (the one that came apart this month and the fusion guy I´ve always wanted to add), the support weapon Shield Command and the Support weapons (Mole Mortars) themselves. Then I´m going to figure out how to order at Ramshackle (who just put out a great Termite lookalike) and finish the army off.

17-05-2009, 17:58
Fredman's Epic Excuse for showing up late...

is a daughter. We are well but exhausted. Came back from the hospital today. Will finish basing and put up pics of last month's painting when things are a little bit more settled.


17-05-2009, 22:13
Fredman's Epic Excuse for showing up late...

is a daughter. We are well but exhausted. Came back from the hospital today. Will finish basing and put up pics of last month's painting when things are a little bit more settled.


I'm sure there's an anomalous number of children being born to participants in this tale... Congratulations to you (and to Mrs. Fredmans)! I hope everything continues to go well (and I'm amazed you're finding the time to paint :eek: )

McMullet: I really apreciate your slight extension of the deadline!. I was not able before yesterday to do the purchase necessary for this months entry, I will put up pics as soon as they are done. It´s Flashgits! This WE!

Lovely work everybody! In depth comments when I put my boyz up!

If anybody has a problem with me entering too late, please say so. I don´t want to bend the rules too hard and turn off folks.


If you're nearly there, post whenever you have time, I don't think there's any more need for deadlines at this stage...


misterboff: Great job on that Warboss sir. The mix of colours and patterns makes the model really lively and pure deathskull. And the Weirdboy is a great use for the pilot model - makes him look crazy and eccentric, and the radio, I assume, is for talking to Gork and Mork...?

give_me_a_d: Great choice of colours. The balance of eerie with a hint of gaudiness suits Slaanesh very well.

Jim: The Raptors look good again - and the Vindie is class. Really nice mud and the chips are very cleverly done. Look forward to that final squad next month!

The boyz: Nice Land Raiders. That army must be pretty big now, any chance of a picture of the whole lot?

sigur: ♥♥♥ Love those old minis, and the painting is great mix of the old and new styles (with more of the old, naturally). And your army is looking huge! If we get a new Nid codex I'd love to give you a game with my horde of Hormagaunts.

kenny3760: Marvellous job getting the army done! These guys look great, I think you've really nailed that eye-burning daemonic red and the bases suit the Khorne dudes perfectly. Hope they did well at X Legion, sadly I couldn't make this one but hopefully I'll give you a game next time!

jpobrich: Nice Rhino. May have missed it last time, but is the DA symbol freehand? If so, great job. For muddy vehicles I use a fairly simple drybrush of Scorched Brown > Snakebite Leather > Mix of Snakebite and Bleached Bone. It's nothing special but gives a nice subtle sense of dirt... example here: http://mcmulletsminis.fotopic.net/p40020974.html

Jonahmaul: Excellent stuff - and well done on keepin gthe pace! How's the army painter varnish? Your minis look nice and matte, and I'm on the lookout for an alternative to Testor's Dullcote now that it's gone rubbish (OK, it doesn't give you cancer any more which is not so rubbish. But I hear it's more satin than matte...).

lonepilgrim: Lovely work on the Termies so far - nice metals and the red is beautifully crisp as ever. I agree that the green on the bases needs some work; especially where the green wash seems to have bled into the brown rubble, as this really spoils the ocntrast for me. Personally I'd go for plain grey (as I mentioned last month) with maybe some green patches to suggest algae or corrosion.

aenimosity: Great raveners, the carapace on these guys has come out really crisp. Best of luck with the exams!

- Orks: 3 big warbands. You mental fortitude shames me sir. The Snakebites look marvellous and the army is really taking shape. That's a real Waaagh now.
- BFG: Looking good as ever. The fleet pictures look very nice.

Norsehawk: The flesh hounds look fine, certainly above basic tabletop standard. And the crazy greens on the Plaguebearers are great!

Sheena Easton: Great looking unit, though I'm not sure the purple was the best idea... I'd have stuck with blue and brown/black/metals, but good job nonetheless. What transport will they get? (Oh, and yes you've a joker in hand now. :))

Häxjägare: Nice daemons, very smooth, and I like the sound of your background. The Sangiunius DP should be sweet. Incidentally: It might've been better not to have your window in the background of the pictures, all that light will make the camera underexpose the for the minis. You wantr the subject of the photos to be the best lit thing in the frame. :)

olean: Great work, as others have said the detailing on that Storm Shield is lovely. Very smooth paint, great contrast.

kammek: Fantastic! As others have said, it's maybe a bit "clean" for an Orky contraption, but the painting is really well done. Kudos to you for the dedication to paint all those awkward plates and rivets..

susu.exp: Good to see the army progressing, even if I don;t know which part it was. :p Have you thought of adding runes or something to mark the squads apart?


McMullet: All looking good as usual. The scratch built planes I'm liking a lot. Are you going to make it to X-Legion next week.

Cheers Kenny! Sadly couldn't make X Legion due to the lack of a job at the moment. Next time I hope!

@ McMullet - very nice looking stuff & an excellent example to be the first to post! really like those planes

Hehe, thanks!

@McMullet: I didn't realise those planes were scratchbuilt. What did you make them out of?

All three are made partly from 40K guns (2 stormbolters, one Shoota), plus plastic tubing, platicard, guitar wire, random bits and greenstuff. There're details in my Tlog from here if you want to know more: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3437603#post3437603

@ mcmullet - stunning conversions

Cheers man!

@McMullet: I like your little Deathskulls. Your Skorchas are amazing too!

Thanks! Thought your boyz might like some little brothers...

McMullet - Nice work, the flyers are great.

Ta very much!

18-05-2009, 12:04
@ McMullet - thanks for the comments. I find the army painter varnish very good, it's fairly expensive (same as GW though) but leaves a nice matt finish, especially on metal minis

18-05-2009, 13:51
More comments

Fredmans: Congrats on the birth of your daughter, hope everything is going and contiues to go well. Kinda puts painting toy soldiers in perspective.

jpobrich: nice clean rhino there

jonahmaul: I especially like the stealth suits, all well painted models

Lone pilgrim: looking good, very sharp high lighting on the terminators. I think the bases look fine.

Aenimosity: pictures a bit washed out, but the work on the armour looks good

Discord: Nice work on the mob. I'm always amazed anybody can get details on models that size. Army looks impressive in that shot.
I've never played BFG, but your ships are making me think I should give it a go.

Norsehawk: Flesh hounds look good, especially the big scary one at the back. Nurgle command looks suitably infected.

Sheena Easton: Good work on the Nobz

Haxjagare: Bloodletters are looking good, nice rich red you've got there

olean: Simple scheme, well exectued, I like the work on the stormshield

Kammek; Awesome stompa, looks suitably orky with all the mismatched panels

susu.exp: well done for posting, pictures make it hard to tell whats what. maybe some individual squad shots?

Thanks for all the comments on my army guys, I really appreciate it. I was kinda hoping that was me finished, but working on my proposed GT list I feel I need an unwinged DP as an anti-tank unit so I'm being tempted........must resist.

Sam: Army did great at X-legion, finishing 2nd. Beaten by 77 Vp's, after tying on tournament points. It is pretty devastating once it gets into combat, but can struggle against AV 14 and skimmers. Hopefully see you at the next one.

18-05-2009, 14:26
@Jonahmaul: I think I'll check that out when my Dullcote runs out, cheers!

@Kenny: Like the sound of that DP... ;) Well done on the X Legion placing - just saw the results. I know only too well how tough the competition can be there so that's no mean feat. Bring on the GT!

18-05-2009, 23:53
Ok, so I officially have taken my 2nd joker on my Space Marines. but, I did finish the commission! So, I will show yall what took up my spare time this month.

Note it was for an above basic but not too far above paint job...


19-05-2009, 02:00
Great works to all of you still hanging in there. There is some great work being done here and I will do my best to leave some comments.


PS sorry I am stinking up the joint. I will try to do my best to have a subission for May.

19-05-2009, 20:17
Hi Guys,

Great to see so many people here this month...onto comments:

@McMullet: I really like the cult of speed with all the red and yellow flames - also the scratch built fighta bommas look amazing!

@misterboff: Great looking Warboss...in particular the blue warpaint is very well done...

@ give me a d: The skin tone looks very smooth and spot on...What are your plans for the basing??

@The boyz: Great little LR's...I love how you have done your red - it looks like a really rich, deep colour...

@sigur: Great old models, great paintjob and the checks are flawless!!!

@kenny3760: Solid job on the painting - especially the flaming skull...

@jpobrich: Overall a really great job - in particular the chapter symbol is excellant...

@Jonahmaul: I like the scheme you have gone for and think you have done a great job on the Crisis suit...

@lonepilgrim: As someone else said it was only the black head that gave away that these were not finished!!! Red is superb and I'm sure you'll do a good job finishing these off next month...

@aenimosity: The red and grey works really well together and I would like to see them finished with the green tongues etc...Don't stress about uni too much - I'm sure everything will be ok

@discord: Little orks good!!! I like the muted colours you used and the snakebite banners look great...The BFG battleships continue to be a really good consistent standard...

@Norsehawk: I really like the greens and pus on the plaguebearers...also you cat in the background of the first picture looks like a unit champion for your hounds!!!

@sheenaeaston: Good work on the metallic areas of your MAN's - but for god sakes use superglue on metal models!!!

@Haxjagare: Good looking Deamons although the lighting makes it slightly difficult to make out details - better pictures please!

@olean: I like the really dark red on your blood angels - also good to see some beaky marines in your unit!

@kammek: Your stompa made me go 'WOW!' out loud at work!...awesome work, although I agree it looks a little too 'clean' and could maybe benefit from some 'dirtying up'...

@susu.exp: Like the army shot & you have a unique looking army...

Thanks to everyone who commented on my entry this month - it really keeps me going and makes everything worth doing.

Catch you soon,


22-05-2009, 09:20
Dear people, fellow painters of the 40k tale!

I hereby announce: I´m out!

Sorry, but I cannot keep up to the speed required to stay in here. I appreciate McMullets general allowance to break the deadline at this stage of the tale, but I have failed to finish my Flashgitz in the last week. I had to finish a commision, which I did and am quite happy with. Since I´m off on vacation in a couple of hours, I must quit the tale.

In detail: I have six or seven scratchbuilt vehicles, a couple of converted boys and bikaz still to do. Plus scratch kanz. I´m pretty sure, I would not have made it until August anyway. But at least I have a start now, something to build up upon. Maybe it was a bit ambitioned for a frame like the tale.

Let me say this: The tale has fulfilled its task. It motivated me to build a freak army, and get stuff done in time. If it had not been for this awesome instrument of buttkikks, I´d probably not started til today. That means a big thank you to each and every one of you folks!

I will keep an eye on this thread and its descendents and post my unwanted opinion.

McMullet, the army shapes up nicely. The blankt (blue) underlines the supreme quality of a red base.

Misterboff, more orkses is always good. The purple is real sick, I like it a lot. Nice checkers, too. Bonedude is a cool mini.

gimme-a-d, lovely pale chicks, who would not fell the visual pleasure. The bannerpole is especially cool!

Jim, great WE. I´m a pre-heresy fan, so easy to catch my eye. The vindicator is very cool, the dirt and dust makes it stand out. A realistic effect.

The boys, I wish I had so many Landraiders ;)

Sigur, exceptional work, as anticipated. Something worth the wait every month. But you must find a better spot to photograph the whole bunch. I demand an armyshot in decent atmosphere!

Kenny, I like the work on the skulltakers cloak a lot. He looks suitingly demonic!

jpobrich, very neat and clean painting, the top DA symbol is very good. Freehand, right?

Jonahmaul, your TAu look fantastic! very crisp, right so for the young race. The blue stealth dude looks very good.

Lonepilgrim, a very good highlighting on the red, which a bitch of a colour to work, if I may say so.

animosity, I really like your colour scheme. I might add to the hive in the next tale.

Discord, looks like a lot of detail for those little orks. Very well done, the whole thing looks huge.
And the battleships are nice too, for a change. As I said before, I have no idea of BFG, but the minis look cool.

Norsehawk, damn, my eyes. I have not seen minis in neon colours since the ninties.
Seriously, very nurgly, excellent!

Sheena easton, even more purple and blue orks! Extraordinary!
Btw, how do you folks fund tons of superheavy Orks?

Darnok, very true! Nice pic, yours? Or off the internet?

Häxejägere (sp?), cool armyshot. Love the colours!

Olean, nice batch. I´m looking forward to seeing them based. Right now it´s a bit hard to judge, since the bases are red aswell ;)

Kammek, excellent stompa! The first in the tale, right? damn, I would like one aswell. Have I mentioned it´s my birthday soon?

susuexp., the armyshot is nice, though I cannot see much but them heads :D
Reminds me of the classic batrep maps...
Nice it´s still growing and part of the tale!

25-05-2009, 11:10
*wanders in*

Holy crap, I totally forgot about this tale in the last couple of weeks. Real life has been eating away at my time, so painting and modelling has been at a very low lately.

But now I'm back at the workboard and even thinking about a next army/project.

I think my total up till now is for the following:
Army shot! I promised you guys a pic of Lemartes as well, but I forgot to do an individual one. If you look closely you'll be able to make him out in the pic (next to Corbulo).

And this is what I've been working on for the last couple of days:
A chaplain on foot to go with my Death Company in their Rhino.

28-05-2009, 12:53
Fredmans' Epic Steel Legion:

Right. With my daughter and wife sound asleep, I finally found some time for photos/uploading etc. Better be quick, so without further delay.

Painted this month: 450 pts
Hydra Flak Battery (150 pts)
2 x Thunderbolt Squadron (300 pts)

Painted total: 3350

Note to McMullet: I am thinking of dropping the goal of 5000 points. Wishful thinking makes me settle for 4500 points instead. This leaves me (hopefully) with some time for objectives/finishing some final details.

Models: The Thunderbolts are the SG ones. Came 4 in one blister. The Hydras were my first eBay Forgeworld experience. I strongly suspect that someone sold me a batch of bad casts, probably after the same person received replacements. After this, I purchased the Shadowswords directly from FW. Some times I felt like I was re-sculpting rather than cleaning, carving out details freehand.

Painting: The Air Wing scheme was again adapted to the bases. It made sense that you would want to look like the ground from above, and the sky from below. So on top: bestial brown -> Desert Yellow -> Khaki. Below: Wolf grey shadowed with Shadow Grey highlighted with Skull White. The bombs kept the theme from the Manticore rockets. Bombs painted like the guardsmen, support from the skies.

Still to do: I have to paint Air Wing markings on the Thunderbolts, otherwise they are complete.

Highs: Finally breaking 3000 points (which is the 1500 of 40K), meaning I have got a painted legal tournament army.

Lows: The bad Hydra sculpts. I think they turned out well, but boy, was that some trouble.

41st Armoured Regiment Hydra Battery (can fight as support formation or most likely be split up as upgrades to my tank company, SHT company and the Regimental HQ)

241st Air Wing, 1st and 2nd Fighter Squadrons

This month's painting: Flak and Air Superiority

Army shot: 3350 points

Next month (hopefully): Air Cavalry. Think Wagner, Storm Troopers (not the Star Wars ones) and Vultures.

28-05-2009, 13:07
Fredmans' Epic Tyranids:

They are still asleep, so here goes...

Painted this month: 425 points
Trygon (100 pts)
Ravener Cluster: 4 Raveners (125 pts)
Assault Group: 3 Tyranid Warriors (125 pts)
Termagaunt Cluster: 4 Termagaunts (75 pts)

Painted total: 3125 pts

Note to McMullet. The Tyranids are equally wishful as the IG and would like to settle for 4500 points during this tale. I have some monsters to paint, but Tyranid armies demand infantry, and infantry (well, you know).

Models: The Termagaunts and Tyranid Warriors are straight from sprues or reused through eBay. Termagaunts are used to "fill out" the Tyranid Warrior stands. The Raveners are "built" by using the tail and carapace of 40K Rippers and the body/head of an Epic Tyranid Warrior. Spindly arms and claws are built by metal flash/plastic. A little brownstuff takes care of gaps and the head plate. One Ripper head was then used to improve the old Trygon, which looks a lot more like the monsters of Tremor than the present 40K Trygon.

Painting: Using the familiar paint schemes, I decided to "mix" the Termagaunts, painting 10 of each. I quite liked the result, and will do the same with at least one bunch of Hormagaunts.

Still to do: Forgot the Trygon's eyes and the final touch in its mouth. Otherwise, these babies are done. When things settle down a little (will they ever?) I will sculpt some more Raveners.

Highs: Same as with my Guards, having a fully painted legal tournament army. Thank you, To40K.

Lows: Having to rush the Trygon a bit.

Termagaunt Cluster: (notice the mix)

Tyranid Warriors: (green this time)

Raveners: (some are armed with death spitters to explain their small arms capabilities)

Trygon: (can also be used with Raveners to form a Burrowing swarm)

Army shot: quite a lot of Nids really, and the Genestealers showed up as well.

Next month: Big bad nasty mama and some gribblies.

Will comment when possible. I think I hear a faint cry in the distance.

28-05-2009, 13:10
Hi folks,

I just thought I would drop in and say well done to everyone that kept this up. I had to drop out in Month 4 and feel terrible for doing it. I've watched the armies grow here, and there is some excellent work here.

Well done guys, and I'll see you for the next one. :)

P.S. You're nearly there! Keep going!

28-05-2009, 15:15
Well, better late than never, I guess. I think you might need some fuel before the next submission to remind you that you are doing great.

@McMullet and kenny3760: Thanks a lot. It is an amazing experience.

@McMullet: Nice details, neat painting and excellent job on all those small extras. I think the brown on the Deathskullz works excellent. I commented on the SAG:s and planes on your plog, but I would also like to praise your flames and dags on the Kult of Speed Warband.

@misterboff: Outstanding contribution. The Joker made my day. Nice "bossy" garments on the Warboss as well.

@give_me_a_d: Great deamonettes. I love the skin colours. You have almost made them look like the previous edition (which is very high praise). Love the black eyes. Creepy.

@Jim: Fantastic Marines and a great tank. I love your white armours, and especially your vehicles. Only one squad to go! Way to go!

@The boyz: The picture is a little bit dark, but they look great nonetheless. The Land Raiders are one of my favourite models in the Space Marine army (the other being the Thunderhawk).

@sigur: Congratulations (on surpassing your aim). Great miniatures and fantastic painting. I love the old-school gradual red-to-yellow on the melta and plasma guns. The army is nothing short of fantastic, and have that "we-are-extremely-busy-wrecking-up-your-painting-table" look.

@kenny3760: Great models and great additions to your army (which looks great in the army shot, too). I hope you share your next project with us as well.

@jpobrich: Great Rhino. Fantastic insignia and chapter symbols. It looks amazing.

@jonahmaul: Great double post. I really love your suits, especially the Crisis suits. White is hard to pull off, but you (and Jim) have really pulled succeeded. As for motivation, I know you want to make it to the finish line.

@lonepilgrim: The models are stunning, as always. I think the bases look great, although the colour of the ruins looks somewhat out of place. Great models, anyway. Your army looks stunning.

@aenimosity: Great job on the Raveners. Your army colour scheme works excellent.

@Discord: Great job on the boyz. Great use of the Weirdboys and Runtherds. Fantastic effort to paint that many boyz. I am planning an Ork army, and I do not think I will use that much infantry... yet. The fleets are looking really impressive, too.

@Norsehawk: Great usage of the Warhounds. Good painting as well. I think the flash is pulling tricks on you on the Plaguebearers, but except for the "ecto-plastic" one in the middle, they look suitably decaying.

@Sheena Easton: Your gluing mishap sounds suitably orky. Great job on these. I really like the metal parts.

@Häxjägare: Your army looks great. Lovely reds on the Bloodletters. Once again, excellent army shot.

@olean: Great job on these. Excellent work on the red armour and very nice details as well. Can Assault Marines be equipped with Thunder Hammers now? Codex Creep for sure!

@kammek: Fantastic to see a Stompa in the Tale. Just awesome.

@susu.exp: Great to see an army shot. They look brilliantly coherent.

@badgobbla: That army shot is fantastic. I had not realized you had painted that much.

@warflag: I will sure miss your crazy Ork inventions.

@Hauk: Thanks for dropping in. It is fun to hear that you are following our efforts.


28-05-2009, 18:25
@Discord: Great job on the boyz. Great use of the Weirdboys and Runtherds. Fantastic effort to paint that many boyz. I am planning an Ork army, and I do not think I will use that much infantry... yet. The fleets are looking really impressive, too.

One particularly crazed part of my mind is actually contemplating another 4000 pointer ork army for the next tale. I mean, there's still three clans missing infantry! :o A more rational part of my mind is telling me to pick one non-hordey 40k army for next year (since I don't have any 40k armies painted up), while yet another wants me to not sign up at all, sparing me endless hours of toil and drudgery in the deep pits of abysmal woe*. But we'll see. It'd be nice to get more stuff painted, but I don't feel like getting committed again.

Oh, and you're still a nutter for converting those little bugs. Looks great, though.

*I might exaggerate a tad. :angel:

29-05-2009, 20:49
One particularly crazed part of my mind is actually contemplating another 4000 pointer ork army for the next tale. I mean, there's still three clans missing infantry! :o A more rational part of my mind is telling me to pick one non-hordey 40k army for next year (since I don't have any 40k armies painted up), while yet another wants me to not sign up at all, sparing me endless hours of toil and drudgery in the deep pits of abysmal woe*. But we'll see. It'd be nice to get more stuff painted, but I don't feel like getting committed again.

Oh, and you're still a nutter for converting those little bugs. Looks great, though.

*I might exaggerate a tad. :angel:

And a part of my mind is particularly dazed ;)

Would be fun with an Ork compadre in next year's tale. (I cannot believe I am contemplating a return to the pits of abysmal despair myself). I could do Marines. Stop it!


30-05-2009, 07:49
@ susu.exp - very cool looking army shot

@ Fredmans - excellent looking epic stuff, especially those gribblies. It's amazing that you can actually get so much detail into mini's so small & your painting really brings it out.

I need some help folks. For next years TO40P (yes, really!) I'm going to do a Brazen Claw army (preview was shown a couple of months ago) but I'm trying to decide how to base them. I'm thinking of doing snow bases (using this method - http://www.dysartes.com/model/modelling/snowbase.php) but I also would really like some themed bases (probably these - http://www.darkartstore.darkartminiatures.com/categories.php?category=Themed-Basing/Urban). I'm wondering whether I can combine these two to make the army look as if it's fighting some sort of winter assault in a ruined city but wondering whether it's going to make the bases too busy? Also unsure as to how much snow I could get on the bases? What do you guys think?

30-05-2009, 09:33
@ Fredmans - excellent looking epic stuff, especially those gribblies. It's amazing that you can actually get so much detail into mini's so small & your painting really brings it out.

Thanks, I just try to bring forth all the details that are actually there... plus, some more ;)

I need some help folks. For next years TO40P (yes, really!) I'm going to do a Brazen Claw army (preview was shown a couple of months ago) but I'm trying to decide how to base them. I'm thinking of doing snow bases (using this method - http://www.dysartes.com/model/modelling/snowbase.php) but I also would really like some themed bases (probably these - http://www.darkartstore.darkartminiatures.com/categories.php?category=Themed-Basing/Urban). I'm wondering whether I can combine these two to make the army look as if it's fighting some sort of winter assault in a ruined city but wondering whether it's going to make the bases too busy? Also unsure as to how much snow I could get on the bases? What do you guys think?

In my experience, snow tends to make the bases "un-busy", as your dysartes link shows. You need to "clutter" the bases, to get interesting snow bases. There are two options in my mind: frost or thick snow. If you go frost, just put some snow on higher areas and maybe a few patches here and there. If you go snow, you have to spread it out and leave gaps to "reveal" parts of the base. If you have detailed bases, it leaves you with lots of options for what and how much to reveal.

Besides, glad to hear that I am not alone in contemplating another tale.


30-05-2009, 09:43
@ everybody: Great efforts from those still in! The monthly work adds up, most armies already look like proper armies, which is a good thing. And I must say I'm highly tempted to try it again next time - not that I'm out or something, but I feel like I could do much more for my Daemons, including some supportive stuff in the form of a CSM force to summon them. :evilgrin:

I need some help folks. For next years TO40P (yes, really!) I'm going to do a Brazen Claw army (preview was shown a couple of months ago) but I'm trying to decide how to base them. I'm thinking of doing snow bases (using this method - http://www.dysartes.com/model/modelling/snowbase.php) but I also would really like some themed bases (probably these - http://www.darkartstore.darkartminiatures.com/categories.php?category=Themed-Basing/Urban). I'm wondering whether I can combine these two to make the army look as if it's fighting some sort of winter assault in a ruined city but wondering whether it's going to make the bases too busy? Also unsure as to how much snow I could get on the bases? What do you guys think?

I would recommend Microarts bases (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/shop/index.php?cat=WG711). They might have the ones you are looking for. Namely the ruins bases (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/shop/index.php?list=WG945) would fit the cityfight theme, and the shale bases (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/shop/index.php?list=WG941) have "stone+snow"; why not get the ruins bases and experiment with some selfmade snow on them first? There is plenty of time until the next Tale.

30-05-2009, 10:46
@ Darnok - I do like the microart bases but they are expensive compared to Dark Art ones (£4 for 5 as opposed to £2.30 for 10) which makes a big difference.

@ Fedmans - I've got so many armies planned that I'm kinda already planning the 2010-2011 Tales!! Luckily for next year I already own pretty much all the marine stuff I need so it's not going to cost me much.

@ BadGobbla - big apologies as I forgot you from my last post. Excellent army shot & that Chaplain is looking awesome

30-05-2009, 16:04
Comments and replies for page 3 onwards -

susu.exp - nice army shots, its great to see everyone's armies coming together.

Fredmans - Congratulations! I'm with McMullet - I don't know how you are finding the time seeing as how your Guard and Nids are looking especially good this month. Love the Thunderbolts. I should also say I love the conversion work on the Nids. And thanks very much for you're comments, high praise indeed.

McMullet - Thank you, the time invested in the prototypes was worth it.

Norsehawk - I only just noticed your cat in the photo with the hounds! What does it 'counts as'?

Jim - Thanks, the bases are likely to be slate of differing sizes with a bit of snow here and there. Most of my models are quite dark so I want to keep the bases reasonably light.

warflag - Thank you. The icon seems to be going down well with most people.

Badgobbla - Great looking Chaplin and the army is looking really good.

Jonahmaul - It's good to know someone else is thinking about next year's army (and the year's after...) at the last count I'd come up with 7 different options for next year although some are much more realistic than others. I like the urban bases and I think what Fredmans said is good advice.

I've recently posted some pics in my log. Here's one to whet your appetite – a more or less finished fiend -

The boyz
31-05-2009, 09:17
Hi everyone.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who have commented on my work. Very much appreciated.

Now its time for some feedback of my own, here goes:

@ McMullet. Great work as usual on those Epic Orks. I love those scratchbuilt fighta Bommerz.

@ Misterboff. Nice paintjob on Brain spilla. I like the half blue/white to his face and his stripey trousers. Good work on Da Jocka, especially his face paint.

@ Give_me_a_d. Good job on those Deamons, I especially like the ghostly grey look to their skin tone.

@ Jim. Nice work on those Pre Heresy World Eaters. The white looks great on both the Raptors and the Vindicator. The weathering looks good too.

@ Sigur. Fantastic work again Sigur. Those Space Ork Nobz look superb. I can’t get over how good your army looks. It’s so refreshing to see an army that is full of character.

@ Kenny3760. Some good looking Deamons there. The red looks very well painted. Your army is really taking shape now as well, its starting to look very impressive.

@ Jpobrich. Nice paintjob on the Dark Angels Rhino. I like the chipped paint effect on the edges on the armour and the chapter symbol.

@ Johanmaul. I’m really liking the white colour sceme on the crisis suit. The white looks very well painted too. The stealth suits look ace as well.

@ Lonepilgrim. Those Blood Angel Termies are looking rather nice. The red looks great, I know how much of a pain it can be to paint red. The bases look good too.

@Aenimosity. I really like the colour scheme on those Raveners. The grey and red go really well together. I like the highlighting on the grey carapace.

@ Discord. Those Epic Ork’s look very nice. After watching the progress of both your own, and McMullets, Orks. I’m starting to get very tempted to dig my old Epic Orks out and give them some much needed attention.

The Battle cruiser looks very impressive, both you Imperial and Chaos fleets are really coming along now.

@ Norsehawk. Good work on those Fleshhounds. Loving those plaguebearers, they look very disgusting and disease ridden, papa Nurgle would be most pleased.

@Sheena Easton. Those Ork Nobz are looking pretty good. I particularly like the colour scheme. Its reminds me of my old Empire army.
@Haxjagre. Lovely work on those bloodletters. I must say, your army is looking very impressive as well.

@ Olean. Those Blood Angels look fantastic. I do like the tone of red that you have achieved.

P.s good luck on your new arrival ;).

@ Kammek. That Stompa looks insane. Congratulations on getting it finished as well in such a short time.

@ Fredmans. Excellent work on both your Epic Guard and Nids. Those Tyranids look superb. I really like the Organic, natural look to them. That has to be one of the best Epic Tyranid armies, I have seen.

I’m sorry if I have missed any one out. I have been a bit in and out of the loop lately. And I have finally got round to taking a group photo of my Epic BA’s.


31-05-2009, 19:34
And I have finally got round to taking a group photo of my Epic BA’s.

I just knew all those formations finally had to add up to an army ;)

Great to see all your Marines. I am very tempted to build a Marines force myself. Even if painting them could be a tad repetitive, a Marines force (almost a full company) always look stunning. Would love to play against a force like that.

And thanks for your kind words. "Organic" is the one thing I am going for with my Nids.


02-06-2009, 09:57
Sorry for the delay, there's a new submissions thread up now.

02-06-2009, 12:55
as usual I will be needing till the 14th or 15th to post my stuff. damn grad school.

02-06-2009, 17:18
I should be ready to post after the weekend. The 2 Fiends I'm doing are coming along nicely and I think with Crube's help they will look pretty good. I haven't touched the Flamers in a couple of weeks but they are almost there. Just a bit more of a highlight on the top halves and the details of teeth, eyes and flame holes to do.

I too have been thinking about next year and would like peoples views on -

1. Apocalyptic Daemons
2. Death Guard
3. Other Spikey Marines
4. Eldar
5. Orks
6. Wood Elves or Vampire Counts (outside option)
7. Some combo of the above

More detail and PIP shots in my log


02-06-2009, 18:12
I too have been thinking about next year and would like peoples views on -

1. Apocalyptic Daemons

3. Other Spikey Marines

I think you have to make up your own mind, but maybe you'll get something out of my reasoning for my own take on the next Tale - which is essentially option 1 and 3.

After this Tale I'll have a playable Daemon army. I have more models for them than I could possibly paint in half a decade, plus I have even more spikey Marines lying around. I will combine my efforts on both projects by doing a small CSM army of Word Bearers, and some additional Daemons. This will beef up my existing painted collection, and give my a second army which plays completely differently. And I have the awesome option to field both in Apocalypse - and what more is true to their background than Word Bearers with a massive daemonic incursion? Plus I can ally with any IG player out there, who will just be the local corrupted PDF. What's not to like? :evilgrin: