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01-05-2009, 15:50
I did this battle for fun and as i had just finished sticking together my Mumak and Morgul Knights. So i thought about do a battle report. Below are the people incuded in each army. There was a fe bits of terrain and a few could be destroyed by tample attacks they had a Def of 7 and 2 batter points.


Khamal -Armoured Horse
The Undying - Horse
2 Monaron Orcs - Shield/2handed weapon
Easterling Captain - Halbarad
Mumak - Beastmaster Commander
12 Easterlings - 8 Shield / 4 Shield and Spear
16 Monaron Orcs - 8 Shield / 8 Shield and Spear
12 Haradrim - 7 Bow / 5 Spear (In the Howdah)
5 Morgul Knights
6 Mordor Uruk-hai - 2 2handed weapons


Bormoir Captain of the White Tower - Shield
Eomer - Horse, Throwing spears, Shield
Gamlig - Horse, Rohan Royal Banner
Minas Tirith Captain - Shield
Dwarf Captain - Shield
6 Citadel Guard - Spears
21 Warriors of Minas Tirith - 10 Shields / 10 spear and Shields / 1 Banner
8 Dwarves - 4 Shield / 4 2handed axes
8 Rangers of Gondor
8 Riders of Rohan - 3 Throwing spears
1 Avenger Bolt Thrower - Swift Reload

Now on to the battle report.

Turn 1
Both armys marched forward at full speed except the Rinders of Rohan and the Rangers who moved half. The Rangers unleashed a volly of arrows at the Beastmaster taking 2 wounds but both were saved with fate. The riders of rohan did the same takign another wound. The Haradrim responded with killing 3 Riders of rohan. Teh Avenger gets 5 shots this turn but everyone ogf them misses it's target (Really how do you miss something that big?)

Turn 2
Evil got Prioraty this turn and the Mumak smashhed part of the terrain under it's huge feet and was now only 8" away from the riders. Khamal mean while attempts a Black dart at Boromir but fails. Eomer and 1 other Rider then Charge the Mumak wounding it with a thowing spear in the prosses. The Dwarves and the Uruk-ahi clash at the far left of the board. The Harad prove there unnarturaly good shoting by killing Gamlig's horse and taking a wound which was saved by fate. However not all was good for the Evil force as 1 Ranger sniped the Beastmaster and killed him before he could even fight. The Dwarf captain took down a Uruk while Eomer won his combat and using a point of might to wound the massive beast again.

Turn 3
Evil Won prioraty and to there horror the Mumak failed it's courage test. With every one darting out of the way to save as many people as possible. Not only did the Mumak destroy more of the terrain but it killed 3 Easterling and 2 Morgul knights under it's huge feet and to add insult to indury one of the Haradrim fell to his death after rolling a 1 to stay on the beasts back. Khamal Casts Tranfix on Boromir to stop him attack there flank after Bormoir and the Citadel guard had jumped in the rocky terrain in the center of the board. With the Monaraon Orc and the Gondoprians now fighting and the Citadel guard dealling with the conffued Morgul knights the Rinders charged down any men who happend to get in the way. Meanwhile the Avenger shot down 2 more Haradrim withing the Howdah. Things went from bat to worse during the combat phase as 2 orcs, 1 Uruk and even another Morgul knight where killed. However 1 lucky Moranon orc did kill a gondorian even with the warrior defending a barrier.

Turn 4
Evil won prioraty againfor the 3rd time however Emoer called a Heroic move to charge the Mumak to pin it down. Unfortunatly Khamal couldn't stop him with his own point of might. However much to the enjoyment of the evil forces Eomer faile dhis courage test to charge the beast but 1 Lone rider passed his test to charge it. the undying trys to black dart that rider but some how suvives the magical missile. The Haradrim now target the Rangers killing 2 of them. the Ranger return fire and kill one while 1 very lucky Ranger wounds the Howdah it's self by rolling 2 6's. the Avenger also fires at the Howdah taking another 2 wounds of it. the Monaron Orc Captain with the Uruk-hai manages to wound the Dwarf Captain who failes his fate. Boromir now finaaly in combat fights the Easterling Captain only to kill him in 1 round of combat. Khamal kills 1 of the Citadel Guard regaining some Will in the prosses while the Mumak easly kills the lone rider while another rider falls to an Easterling. However the evil force lose yet another Morgul Knight 2 more orcs and another Uruk-hai.

Turn 5
Things where going badly and it made even more problems when good won priority. the undying Failed to Transfix Boromir. Shotiing was unproductive this turn as no one manadged to get a shot in eadgeways. However the evil force did take down 2 more riders and 2 warriors of Minas Tirtih but inturn lost 2 orcs, 2 Easterlings and another Uruk-hai (I'm begaining to notice a patten here). Also Eomer managed to wound the Mumak again by using his last point of might hoping for another stamped.

Turn 6
Evil won Prioraty and to good's horror the Mumak passed it's courage test. Eomer getting desperate called a Heroic move with the free point of might given to him by Gamlig's banner but this time Khamal beasts him. Eomer could only look on hoplessly as the Mumak charged towards him. The mumak killes to of his own easterligns to get to Eomer only for nealy faint in horror as Eomer suvises tho he had to use all of his fate to do so and was now only on 1 wound left. Khamal makes up for his earlyer failer and Black darts and kills a Citadel Guard. Things where finaly looking up for Evil however they where only 2 men away from beaing broken. The Undyring trys again to Transfix Boromir this time useing 2 dice only to roll dobble 3 which boromir ealy shakes of. 1 Ranger targets and kills another Haradrim taking them down to the brink of collapse. The Avenger also gets lucky again and wounds the Howdah again meaning that all they had to do was wound it once more to deatroy it. After even more poors rolls from the Mumak Eomer manages to wound it twice. 1 Lone Easterling charged and attakced Boromir and even managed to win but to no avail. By now things where going badly on the left flank and the Uruk-hai retreated to a small gap to hold of the still 100% stong Dwarves. Evil did well in combat too this turn killing 3 Gondorians and even killing 1 of thoses pesky Dwarves. However Gamlig managed to kill the last Morgul knight over comming being charged and a -1 to win the combat. The Evil force was now broken and was going to have to start to take courage tests.

Turn 7
Good won prioraty but thankfuly for the Evil force the Mumak passes it's courage test however there ws still the matter of being broken. The good forces charge only the heroes frocing all other men to take there own courage tests. Eomer evebn manages to kill a Haradrim with his throwing spear before he charges. Teh courage tests went really badly with 2 Easterlings and ALL but 1 Monaraon orc fleeing. When one Ranger shots at a Haradrim and killing him it took the evil force down to less than 25% of it's starting value winning the game. We played on to see what would happen the rest of that turn and it went even worse for them as Eomer wounds the Mumak twice and Gamlig wounds it a 3rd time taking it down to 2 wounds in total.

This battle was priity much one sided from the start with Evil loseing the Mumak commander early and just seamed to have the worst luck of the dice.

Man of the match
For Good i just have to say Eomer who managed to inflict a total of 7 times and even survived being crushed under it's weight.
for Evil I would say Khamal as some well timed magic helped alot at that all important negation of Eomer Heroic movement nealy got Eomer killed.

Waste of Points
For good i'm going with the Captain of Gondor as he didn't even fight in a single comabt the entire battle. He got blocked byt the terrain and ended up behing the shiled wall and just not enought men died for him to jump back in without destroying the wall.
For Evil I was going to chose the Mumak who only killed 1 Rider and wounded Eomer 3 times and as more succesful at killing his own men but it went with the Undying as every spell his cast failed and didn't kill a thing.

Thanks for reading the Battle Report and i have to say this battle was the most fun i have had in a long time because i was doing this report. Feel free to say what you want about it and also if any Mod would like to "Tidy" my wrighting as i know my Grammer is not the best fell free to.

I will hopefuly do another report soon. Maybe with the King of the Dead. See you next time.