View Full Version : Gondor 2000

Lord Asuryan
08-05-2009, 17:02
Ok, here's my revised list:

Epic heroes:
Gandalf the grey(1)

Common Formtions
5xKOMT: Banner, shields(4)

Rare Formations
2xAvenger bolt thrower
4xAxemen of Lossarnach (1)
3xKhazad Guard (3)

3x Court of the Dead King
3x Grey Company
4x Osgiliath veterans

any thoughts? I think I might have too many legendaries...

08-05-2009, 23:25
I would say that your army looks pretty solid. Perhaps a little hero heavy, but then again you don't have many captains except for the ones in the legendary. So I think that you might be OK anyway.

The only thing I would do is to replace Faramir with a Dwarf Captain for theme, or some other Dwarf Epic Hero for 90p or below, if there is one... I don't have the book at hand.
Or simply take a Dwarf hero model and use Faramirs stats... it looks better.

One other thing I would do, but for theme only is to use Faramirs/Boromirs (or just a Knight captain) model and Imrahils stats...

But I'm a theme nerd... and want the army to look cool as well as being competitive. ;)