View Full Version : how many kinds of nobs and warbosses are there?

08-05-2009, 19:14
Codex mentions Bloodaxe nobs as being particularly good with grand strategy, retreating and sneaking and such. They were critical in winning the War of Dakka vs the Tau (Farsight?)

Snikrot is a kommando nob who specializes in sneaky stealthy stabby kills. But would he ever develop into a warboss himself?

Badrukk and the Flash Gits are nobs that love to get shooty. Could Badrukk be considered a boss himself though?

How about Wazzdakka the big mek? He's considered a boss right? Leads his own boyz.

Now, are the genetics for a warboss and mekboy different? Will a mekboy always be smaller and unable to get that s5 t5 statline?

Sheena Easton
08-05-2009, 20:26
In theory, Snikkrott and badrukk could become Warbosses / Warlords over time - they would currently fit the "Big Boss" stage of Orky evolution (which is the missing link between Nobz / Bosses and Warbosses).

IIRC, Ork "hierarchy" goes something like this:
Skarboy (veteran who likes fighting) [removed from current codex] / tangent progression 'Ardboy (veteran who likes wearing armour therefore is weaker than a Skarboy) / tangent progression Loota, Tankbusta, Kommando
Nob / Boss (not sure if there was ever a distinction between the two of if they were the same thing, though I think a Boss may have been a Nob leader / Champion) - tangent progression Flash Git if Nob is more obsessed with shooting and flash gear than stompin' eadz...
Big Boss - also includes Freebooter Kaptainz (Badrukk) [and used to include Kommando Kaptainz like Snikkrot which are now Nobz] [removed from codex since 3rd ed]
Warlord (though some of the Warlords of the larger Ork Empires may be a stage above this)

The best Meks can generally achieve is Big Mek status (equivalent to a Nob / Boss) as they are more concerned with mechanics and engineering than fighting - though some like Wazdakka can become powerful fighters and reasonable leaders (mainly of Speed Freek / Freebooter warbandz)
Boy / Spannerz (in Gorkamorka though presumably at this stage the tech know-how starts to manifest)
Burna Boy (though this has possibly been retconned back into Boy / Spannerz stage)
Mek (note: at this stage is to all intents and purposes still a mere Ork Boy, but knows how to build and fix things)
Big Mek (Wazdakka would go here currently)
Orghamek / Orkahmedes (smart ****)