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09-05-2009, 11:46
I just spent the last hour trying to find a certain painting article on that horror of horrors they call the Games Workshop website ... :skull:

A while back I read a nice painting article on how to paint Warriors of Chaos to represent the four Gods of Chaos ... I especially liked the Nurgle version.

It's gone! Can't find it anymore! I can't believe they removed it and replaced it with the very short and bland article on non-specific Warriors ... right?

Anyone here know where to find it?


09-05-2009, 13:47
This was what i found hope it helps...


09-05-2009, 14:09
It depends how far a while back is really, lots of stuff tends to "disappear" off of the GW site.

Unfortunately I've never heard of the article in question, so I can't help, but from a quick glance, I can't find it (all I see is the Warrior's of Chaos gallery). There's a good chance they took it down with the new update for Warrior's of Chaos.

09-05-2009, 14:15
E-mail website support/customer services to see if the article is still in their archives?

Solomon Stern
09-05-2009, 17:21
I agree with Shamfrit The Narroq, your best bet is to email the folks over at GW and see if they can retrieve the article in question or at least point you in the right direction. I would put too much money on a timely reply though, GW service is...well...it is what it is.
I hope you find it though as I too am looking at painting a Chaos army.

10-05-2009, 08:43
Thanks for the ideas ... I'll give it a shot because I really really need that article.