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if your interested have a read. Its nothing special but C and C welcome, i wanna expand the fluff/ add more detail to characters, if anyone has any decent suggestions i'd be most happy!!! :D

The Imperial Hunters - 5th Company


The collective history of the 5th Company is shrouded in mystery. Forged from the depths of the under hive of the Zartan world, the Hunters 5th are a gruesomely experienced collection of warriors, each guardsman keeping their training from the dangerous past life in the under hive. The Zartan Tank Fighters originally comprised of just 4 companies, them being strictly of armour. The home planet is known for its sturdy plasteel construction and has been used as a chain of armour manufacturing for many centuries.

There was no real need for an infantry company. Generally, Arbite enforcers on hive level repulsed any enemy attack from inside and out. The problem came when the enemy snuck deep into the under-belly of Zartan, where not even the long arm of the emperor’s justice could reach them. A cult of xenos gene-stealer worshippers started to form in the under hive. Like a cancer is started to spread and soon a full infestation of xenos was ripping the populace to shreds and threatened to overthrow the imperial government. The existing companies of the Zartan Armour could not penetrate deep enough into the dark and claustrophobic foundations of the hive to engage the threat. It was therefore up to the population of the under hive, and namely the gangs inhabiting it, to fight the infestation where it stood.

Reluctantly given arms and supplies by the upper echelons of command in the hive, gangers started a bloody counter-campaign against the alien threat. It took nearly a full year for the citizens of Zartan to fully defeat the cultists, and the hive world was left a shell of what it used to be.

Learning from experience, the governor of Zartan decided a complete element of infantry should be formed to compliment the armoured companies. The convicts and criminals inducted into the company were frowned upon by many individuals, but a chance at a large pay cheque and a better life in the army saw the new infantry company pass Imperial standards with flying colours. It was even given its own name: The Zartan Hunters 5th Company.

Experts of stealth, ambush and in some instances, demolitions, the warriors of the Hunters 5th earn their name from their abilities learned during the fighting in the dense and dark world of the under hive. The 5th favour the melta gun, the most massed produced and finely crafted weapon on Zartan. Made-up fully from ex-gangers and grizzled citizens conscripted during the war, the Hunters 5th were soon taken off-world to fight where their abilities could be more aptly used by the Imperium. To this day there are less than 100 fighting members of the Hunters 5th, refusing to be reconstituted or reinforced, the company is a slowly dying entity and an increasingly veteran and highly experienced force. Despite this, The Zartan Hunters 5th Company continues to fight hard and courageously,
wherever the next mission takes them.


The battle dress of the Hunters 5th is very distinctive. Matt black flak armour and helmet is worn over fatigues re-designed each time to blend into the theatre of battle they are in. This can range from desert, woodland, snow or urban camouflage. But not all the warriors wear the typical flak armour and helmet. Some, mainly ex-gangers, wear classic civilian clothing, ranging from cargo trousers and bomber jackets, to bandanas and sunglasses. Each warrior is re-”painted” for each different environment which helps in their stealth missions.


Commander “Bullet-Boy” Boughton: Originally a powerful gang leader on Zartan, Harve Boughton became the naturally elected leader of the soon-to-be-named Hunters 5th Company. He acquired his name when it became apparent Boughton had a knack for catching stray bullets or pieces of shrapnel. Whilst fighting Orks on the far edge of the Segmentum Obscurus, he even lost his whole arm to a Zzap gun and has had a completely reconstructed bionic frame, crafted from his home world of Zartan. His particularly careless attitude and fearless combat style has acquired him legendary status amongst his men and never ceases to astound them with continuing acts of apparent unintentional bravery.

Astropath Makkeln: Was inducted into the company when it was discovered his instincts helped time traps and ambushes to perfection and his telepathic skills have given the 5th many notable advantages.

Company Command: 245pts

“Bullet-Boy” Boughton (assumes rules of Straken): 95pts
Medi-pack- 30pts
Regimental standard- 15pts
Vox-caster- 5pts
2 x melta guns- 20pts
Camouflage (assumes rules of Camo cloaks)- 20pts
Astropath Makkeln: 30pts
2x bodyguard: 30pts

Lord Commissar Ingmar Gannt: Assigned to the company by Zartan officials to “keep an eye” on all the suspicious characters in the company, Lord Commissar Ingmar Gannt has supplied the ruthless hand of discipline to the company since its founding. He tends to spend a lot of his time with the Silent Hunters, keeping a close eye on the ex-criminals, and ensuring the enforcement of the Emperor‘s justice upon them. A cold but dangerously intelligent man, Gannt leads from the front, inspiring all that fight around him.

Lord Commissar Ingmar Gannt (assumes rules for Commissar Yarrick): 185pts


Sniper Team Alpha: A specialised unit that developed during the Zartan war, Hunters Alpha Unit is made from the finest marksmen in the company. However, being trained in little else then ranged combat, their close-quarters skills, and their leadership are greatly hindered. Nevertheless, Sniper Team Alpha continue to be the most deadly shooters in the entire company.

Sniper Team Alpha (assumes rules for Ratlings): 100pts

Sergeant Black: Sergeant Black has acquired his name by general assumption. No-one in the company knows his real name. He is so called by the distinctive black clothing he wears. Rumour has it that Black was on death row back on Zartan for the single-handed murder of an entire Arbite Unit. For this very reason, everyone steers clear of Black. He works alone, and everyone else is happy that way. A master of death, Sergeant Black has become feared even amongst his allies for his deadly efficiency with blade and pistol alike. Little more can be said about the mysterious Sergeant Black apart from the fact he’s a very dedicated and ruthless killer.

Sergeant Black (assumes rules of Guardsman Marbo): 65pts


Hunters Last Platoon: As the name depicts, the Hunters Last Platoon is the only remaining infantry platoon in the company albeit a severely under-strength one. Now hosting only 4 of the previous 13 squads, Last Platoon prides itself in the ability to outmanoeuvre and ambush. Being so small, Last Platoon is light on its feet, beating enemy units to the punch with precision strikes. Led by Captain “Lightning-Strike” McClanton, Last Platoon continues to fight with brutal efficiency.

Captain “Lightning-Strike” McClanton: One of Commander Boughton’s closest friends, Kard McClanton became the respectful leader of the then named 1st Platoon. His father was a master artificer on Zartan and his carries with him at all time his family relic, an intricately made power sword. McClanton’s ability with a blade is second only to Sergeant Black and his father’s sword becomes a deadly weapon in close combat, especially when McClanton employs his most favoured outflanking tactic on the unlucky enemy he strikes upon.

Commissar Blake: Adjutant to Lord Commissar Gannt, Blake supervises McClanton’s Last Platoon. A more approachable and generally friendly man than the stone-cold Gannt, Commissar Blake has earned the respect of his comrades in Last Platoon. He is good friends with McClanton and the balance of discipline and friendship in Last Platoon is aptly shown in its battlefield record.

Hunters Last Platoon: 524pts

Platoon command: 140pts
Captain “Lightning-Strike” McClanton (assumes the rules of Captain Al’Rahem): 70pts
Medi-pack: 30pts
Platoon standard: 15pts
Vox Caster: 5pts
2x melta gun: 20pts
Krak grenades: 5pts

1st squad: 117pts
Commissar Blake: 35pts
Bolt pistol: 2pts
Melta bombs: 5pts
Melta gun: 10pts
Vox caster: 5pts
Krak grenades: 10pts

2nd squad: 82pts
Bolt pistol: 2pts
Melta bombs: 5pts
Melta gun: 10pts
Vox caster: 5pts
Krak grenades: 10pts

Special Weapons Team Alpha: 75pts
2x melta gun: 20pts
demo charge: 20pts

Special Weapons Team Bravo: 75pts
2x melta gun: 20pts
demo charge: 20pts

Brazen Hunters Veteran Squad: One of the few remaining squads in the company, the Brazen Hunters are made up from survivors of previous platoons where reconstitution or reconstruction damaged the battle-field role of the troops. The Brazen are so called because none of the surviving members of the unit fought in a gang or did time in prison in civilian life on Zartan. The Brazen Hunters are 100% Zartan Imperial Citizens. Led by the stout hearted Sergeant Bratton, the Brazen Hunters continue their fight with untarnished morale and etiquette.

Sergeant Bratton: Was born into a wealthy merchant clique just on the borders of Zartan’s under hive. After suffering crippling financial problems, Bratton was forced to move into the under hive where he continued work as a legal trader in the under hive’s trading post. The traditions and manners of his noble background have not however left Bratton and he installs efficient discipline in his squad members.

Brazen Hunters: 205pts

Sergeant Bratton (assumes rules for Sergeant Bastonne): 60pts
Vox caster: 5pts
2x melta gun: 20pts
Heavy flamer: 20pts
Forward Sentries: 30pts

Silent Hunters Veteran Squad: Experts at forward positioning and recon, the Silent Hunters have earned their reputation through years of dedicated ambush. The most able of all the units in the company at such tasks, the Silent Hunters are the very best stealth unit in the 5th Company. In complete contrast to the Brazen Hunters, the Silent Hunters squad is made completely of ex-cons and gang members and a healthy rivalry has developed between the two units.

Sergeant “The Gun” Hart: Is the boisterous leader of the Silent Hunters. Hart was born and bred in the under hive and was a life-long member of Zartan’s most notorious gangs. He has a love for all things gun. This passion stretching back to his role as a heavy in his ganger days. His favourite toy he named “Old Bessy” has done untold damage to enemy infantry. Hart is only ever happy when the roar of a big gun is echoing in his ear, arguably in contrast to his actual battlefield role.

Silent Hunters: 185pts
Sergeant “The Gun” Hart (assumes role of Gunnery Sergeant Harker): 55pts
Vox caster: 5pts
2x melta gun: 20pts
Grenade launcher: 5pts
Demolitions: 30pts

Total Points: 1509

09-05-2009, 17:03
I don't know if you're interested in some comment on your background...however, if the answer is "yes", here's some.

- Lord Commissar Ingmar Gannt: the name's a little too similar to Ibrahim Gaunt. Actually, it's almost the same. A Lord Commissar is never attached to a company-level command staff: usually only very important colonels (regimental command officers) have as advisor a Lord Commissar. Average Joe colonels have normal Commissars, and company leaders have (sometimes) Commissars or Commissar Cadets/Aides.

- Wargear: almost every imperial guard regiments wear camouflage produced ad hoc for every theatre of operations. It's not a distinctive trait.

- Astropath Makkeln: well, normally Astropaths are very talented and precious individuals. They're used to relay in-world and off-world important communications...I don't know if using an Astropath to detect ambushes could be (from a military perspective) a good idea. It's like using a vital communication system as portable kitchen. Maybe the company Commissar use him as a discreet communication channel with the local Guard command and/or the fleet in orbit, in case of signs of betrayal in the Hunters?

One more thing: as far as I can understand, your company was created as an infantry escort for one of the Zartan tank regiments. Why they're not mounted on Chimera IFVs, and where are the regimental tanks? And why you don't describe the regiment, but only the 5th company?

09-05-2009, 18:12
I'll just mention that you have too much options in command squads, that'd require 5 men. You can't have a single guardsman carry two things at once.

As for the background itself, the post above pretty much covers my feeling as well. It's also a bit silly to use a special character everywhere, but hey that's just me. We don't really play with loads of these around. You don't really need the Commisar to be represented as Yarrick in the rules. Normal Lord would suffice in my opinion..

Having said that, I'd like to see the regiment modelled, sounds interesting.

10-05-2009, 10:56
Thanks for the feedback. Heres answers to a few of your questions.

The name of my Commissar Lord is meant to be close to the name of gaunt, i love the books so i thought i'd pay homage to him.

the whole reason a lord would be at this level is because the background is about the fact they are criminals and ex-cons, there needs to be a particularly gruesome commissar lord at this level to keep a decent check on things.

as for the wargear, lookin back on it, the comment was fair enough about the camo. However, each squad will probably have slightly different patterned fatigues mixed in with some catachan modelling which should make the units look more ad-hoc and unique.

i would see the astropath as more of a gifted future-seer almost like Brin Milo in the gaunt novels. Not quite as special as a true astopath, but effective nonetheless. I think your idea about the commissar could work very well though and i'll add that into the fluff.

About not using tanks. The Hunters were meant to be a dedicated infantry company, adept at urban warfare in the maze of the underhive, they haven't been trained in the use of vehicles. Although i might, upon further consideration add a small tank attachement on the end of them, representing the Zartan armour accompanying them at some point.

In reply about using the characters. I wanted my army to be unique as possible, as they are such an elite and small scale battle group, i felt the special characters would be good to use. Moreover, as you said, the modelling of the army will be great fun and its for that reason im doing it more than gamewise. If i were to use them in game, i would probably take your advice and take less special characters and more infantry units etc.

Admittedly there are a few flaws and thanks for helping me suss them out.

Is there anything more anyone can add? maybe the potential backgorund for another unit in the force? like stormtroopers or maybe even ogrys?


10-05-2009, 15:40
Nice work so far,your Stormtroopers could be the guard of the commissars,they might need it.

10-05-2009, 17:58
Thanks for the feedback. Heres answers to a few of your questions.

The name of my Commissar Lord is meant to be close to the name of gaunt, i love the books so i thought i'd pay homage to him

Well, there are many ways to pay homage to something...warping the name is the cheapest way to accomplish the task. However, GW itself often do that, so it's more something related to personal taste.

the whole reason a lord would be at this level is because the background is about the fact they are criminals and ex-cons, there needs to be a particularly gruesome commissar lord at this level to keep a decent check on things

Very good point, but Lord Commissars are not super-hard Commissars...they are just very important Commissars. Look at the problem in this way: in the maximum security ward of a prison there's not the director of the prison watching the inmates...there are "only" well trained prison guards.

According to fluff Lord Commissars are politically connected officers, veterans of prestigious campaigns and attached to the most celebrated regiments of the Guard. I can't see a Lord Commissar posted to a single company of low-born underhive scumbags...it sounds pretty implausible.

About not using tanks. The Hunters were meant to be a dedicated infantry company, adept at urban warfare in the maze of the underhive, they haven't been trained in the use of vehicles. Although i might, upon further consideration add a small tank attachement on the end of them, representing the Zartan armour accompanying them at some point

According to your fluff the Hunters were raised when someone noted that sending tanks in densely urbanized warzones without infantry support was not a good idea...that means the Hunter are attached to a larger formation of tanks, not the other way around. At least, your fluff imply this.

Second thing: being a permanent support for an armoured formation, the Hunters need to be a mechanized unit. To avoid this you can change the fluff saying they're temporarily attached to an armoured regiment, but then you have to tell us something about the regiment they came from...and why they have a regiment-based infrastructure (Lord Commissar, astropaths and whatnot) being a simple company.

11-05-2009, 00:17
See, the thing about personalizing your army through special characters is that you're actually killing the uniqueness of it.

When that Veteran with a heavy bolter survives a charge of assault marines because of his FNP, people are going to think "Oh Harker (not your character) is tough for a guardsmen".

If your named Veteran with no special rules survives it, people are going to think "What? A guardsman is still standing? Gah! You need to paint him a medal or something".

This only builds up if that veteran seems to keep going beyond his normal abilities.

11-05-2009, 19:51
its a good point. and the cheaper points of the non-character characters could make for some more models. I was having a small rethink and i thought about maybe mechanising my outflanking platoon. Could paint some really nice almost orky speed freeks design on them.

another good suggestion was attaching a lord commissar to a storm trooper regiment. This could reprisent maybe experienced PDF assigned to the Lord. which also sort of fits the fluff about commissars training with the stormtrooper regiments.

as for the tank company i can only suggest that they are meant to be a dedicated infantry unit, without any tank fire support.

What sort of leman russ would be appropriate for the Hunters fluff?

Another brain wave. why not add something like a penal legion squad for the really dodgy hive scum?

and does anyone have any C and C on sergeant black and the Sniper team?