View Full Version : what should my witchhunters do against giant nids??

10-05-2009, 14:44
just so you know im very new to the game so i was wondering if someone could help me out with a strategic problem.

me and a few of my friends have been playing WFB for a long time and we decided to get started into 40k. One of us is starting Tyranids, and i know (because we ordered our models together lol) that he is going to have a hive tyrant and 2 carnifexes.

now, i'm going to be playin witchhunters, which from what i've read is a pretty balanced but very strategic based list. what should I do against these huge nid monstrosities?

thanks for any comments!

10-05-2009, 15:14
Well... shouldn't be too hard.

Just take lots of melta/flame weapons and your Sisters in Rhinos. Disembark, fire and avoid CC (at all costs).

Burn, rinse, repeat :D

10-05-2009, 15:15
You have one of the best anti-monstrous creature tanks in the game. The Exorcist with 1d6 shots that normally wound on 2+ (3+ on juiced up carnifexes) and negate armor saves will put some serious hurt on MCs out of cover, and add a few meltaguns up close to the mix to finish them of and you can take out 1-2 monstrous creatures a round.

If you're not playing with Killpoints, I find it funny to bring an eversor assassin and just go kill a big bug in melee (you'll probably be eaten alive in the following turn, but what the heck)

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with Plasmaguns are also nice to take out the big bugs, but they are a bit squishy and expensive (I like them a lot though).

Basicly, bring anything you can find with a strenght of 6+ and an AP of 2-3 and call it a day, while bringing as many Immolators (or other flame tanks) to clean up the tiny bugs.

Don't expect your friend to like you a lot after that though, so you might consider making a list he can actually win against once in a while. ;)

10-05-2009, 15:20
It depends, are you looking at pure sisters or =][= + Sisters?
And what sort of points range?

in 750+ Always try and squeeze in an Excorcist. One of the bets tanks ever and great for the big Juicy targets

10-05-2009, 15:27

Flamers for the little creepy crawlies and for the big monsters lots and lots of melta guns :)

10-05-2009, 16:08
You should really check out the combi-stake bolter. It's worth the ten pts, when you can wound his hive tryrant on 2.