View Full Version : [WOTR] Legendary units and special rules

10-05-2009, 19:41
Okay so I remember the posting that special characters DO NOT confer special rules to squads such as orcbane etc.

But what about Murin's Guard? Since it does not specify what special rules are Murin's or the squads they get a VERY nice list of special rules.

This makes Legendary units infinity better because the book does not specify which specials are the units or the character and thus the unit gets ALL the special rules.

Nu Fenix
10-05-2009, 20:51
Do you mean Murin or Durin?
Lock Shields! on Murin's Guard says Murin must spend the Might point for the benefit.
With Durin's Guard, the only one which people might say belongs to Durin [or only works whilst Durin/Mardin] are alive is Inspiring Hero, which should be called Inspiring Leader. The Goblinbane and Orcbane belong to the entire formation, just as how Iron Guard Ancients have Orcbane.