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11-05-2009, 22:34
Right, I'm doing a guard army at 1000 points and its going to be made of catachans. The difference is, I'm making this army purely for cityfight games, so its got to be painted and modelled appropriately (so tamia nato black with loads of devlan mud washes over everything etc...)

Basic theme to the army is their an advance element of a guard army, who specialise in urban combat and covert infiltration. Im wanting to steer clear of the whole 6 units of veterans idea, as I want them to play like a guard army, not weaker marines.

Im just stuck as to what you put in a city fight army, specifically a guard one. I'm wanting to basically build the army around a strong core platoon of troops (25 men, 2 spec weapons teams and 2 heavy weapons teams) and then build up support elements like veterans and sentinals. I also want to avoid special characters (apart from marbo, who's getting converted for sh!ts and giggles but not used)

My problem is, I'm not sure quite what to put in. I'm thinking armoured sentinals might be a good idea, and I want to keep the theme to covert entry so tanks are right out, infantry and walkers all the way. I want mobility and an obscene amount of powerful short ranged firepower.

So can someone give me some ideas as to what to put into it, in terms of equipment loadout, ideas for support units, anything that could help.

11-05-2009, 22:51
Flamers. Flamers and more flamers. Heavy flamers and even more flamers!

You might also consider Vets with melta/demo charge upgrade. They should be pretty handy at 1000pts. Ratlings would be useful, if you like the models, and would probably suit your recon type theme.

Sentinels might be a good idea to provide your heavy firepower. Armoured would be less useful if you plan to use this army in an actual city type board - they'll be in good cover most of the time I should think. You'll find move through cover on the scout version more handy for smashing through the ruins. I'd drop all my heavy weapons on these and keep my troopers mobile.

I think this would be a challenging army against hordes. While you would have the firepower to take them apart you might find yourself getting overwhelmed in close combat if you don't get the drop on them. Orgyns might be handy there, for a bit of meaty toughness to back you up? Plus they look great in a Cat army.

11-05-2009, 23:16
Well....as far as vehicles go....take a flip through the guard codex and add little post-its beside everything that ignores cover. Colossus in particular would be some nice support.

Go with two company command squads, then you can give orders to make 4 squads per turn force rerolled cover saves.

11-05-2009, 23:35
Stormtroopers + Plunging Fire stratagem + Rapelling Lines Stratagem + Valkyries = win

Pretty much all I have to say for now as I'm tired :p

EDIT: Forgot a key point in my post...

11-05-2009, 23:41
lots of flamers... and ordinance...

11-05-2009, 23:52
Another vote for ratlings and scout sentinels (rather than armoured).

If you're avoiding tracked vehicles altogether, I strongly recommend taking a Master Of Ordanance with your company command squad. Otherwise, both the Hellhound and Bane Wolf variants make a lot of sense for city fight, as do the demolisher and eradicator LR variants.

11-05-2009, 23:53
I have CityFight army based on the Remnents of the Planet's Imperial Guard and backed up by the Planet's PDF, Arbites and even conscripted City Millitia & Hive Gangers.

I divided the army up into 2 parts, 1 led by the Imperial Guard Command Sqaud which covered the Veterans, Strorm Troopers, Arty, Sentinels, vehicles etc and the other half led by the Planetry PDF Leader/Govener leading the PDF, Arbites, and Conscripted.

The Imperial Guard were all light Drop Troop Style units so no heavy weapons apart from Heavy Flamers. With Flamers and Sniper Rifles in Support. They take Valkyries and fulfil the role of special forces type teams dropping in from above onto building rooftoops and into streets. They take stripped down Chimeras with flamers for purging the streets and Hellhounds that can be dropped from Valkyries and wipe out entire city blocks.

The PDF/Planetry stuff has the heavy weapons as they would be the only most likely so be used as meat shields and do things like set up barricades, cordons, checkpionts to keep the enemy out.

In support of all of this is entrenched planetry surface guns in the form of Basilisks and Medusas and the remnents of the Abrites (as Vet Squads) and Conscripted Militia/Gangers as either (Penal troops for Gangers, or Consctripts for Citizenry).

11-05-2009, 23:58
It depends on how characterful and "realistic" you want to be.

I'd also argue it depends on how much terrain you actually play with. I've noticed if you follow GW's Cities of Death guidelines for placing buildings, it's not really a "city fight" but more like "normal 40k with more detailed buildings and weird strategems" - there's so much open space you can really play with your normal army and short-ranged "cityfighting" armies will be at a disadvantage against normal armies.

Assuming you're playing on a board with far more buildings, LOS-blocking terrain, and cover save granting terrain than the suggest CoD limits:

Catachans like Ogryn, and Ogryn do pretty well in Cityfight, so you can use them for CC punch. With really tight LOS you will get assaulted. It's better to assault them first.

Penal Battalions might also work in this unit - perhaps call them hive ganger or collections of the toughest CC troops in the battalion put together.

Demo Charges, Meltaguns, and lots of flamers are a very characterful choice. You can get heavy flamers in a few parts of the IG list - go for it. Remember one thing with flamers: You're using flamers not to "deny cover saves" but because in city fighting it's easier to get an enemy squad bunched up to hit with the flamer template. I mean, who are we kidding? We all fight Marines and they have 3+ saves. They don't care about cover saves anyway and their armor still gets a save against flamers.

I wouldn't get lascannon if you plan to move around a lot. Heavy Bolters or Missile Launchers would be my bet for squad heavy weapons.

Heavy Weapons Squads with mortars can be effective to hit enemy squads out in the open or lurking on the tops of buildings.

Sentinels are good for support, but Hellhounds seem pretty suited for the "urban jungle" as well. Bane Wolves if you're feeling nasty (which you should be).

Rather than having on-board artillery support, I'd suggest bringing a Master of Ordinance to represent someone calling in support artillery parked some distance away.

11-05-2009, 23:59
Hellhounds are built for taking on cityfight. Also, the siege shells for a Medusa could instantly destroy any intact buildings that enemy infantry is hiding in. As for infantry, flamers will be your best friend. Sentinels can be really useful in cityfight, especially now that they have move through cover as well as scout.

If you want light and fast, then I'd suggest hellhounds, sentinels, perhaps a single squad of stormtroopers for flank attacks, and of course, plenty of guardsmen. For added flavor, you could send in the penal battalion too.

12-05-2009, 00:15
Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Fl amers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.

12-05-2009, 02:45
Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Fl amers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.

and inferno cannons :D

as said, sentinals, hellhounds and other ordinance weapons rule in city fight...

14-05-2009, 13:31
Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers. Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.Flamers.

14-05-2009, 13:34
Don't forget sentinels, it's quite handy to have a whole bunch of minis that treat difficult terrain as infantry, rather than getting bogged down on a roll of 1.