View Full Version : 500points LoTR Corsairs

12-05-2009, 04:15
Evil Heros
-Captain w/ 2h Weapon
-Bos'un w/ Spear

Evil Warriors
-10 Arbalesters
-8 Corsairs w/ Shields
-8 Corsairs w/ Spears
-8 Corsairs w/ Bows

Melee Corsairs form up with Heros to form a wedge. Arbalesters and Bows protect flanks and hold ground. If need arises formation will split in two with 4/4 of the Spears/Shields and 4 Bows head for either objective or enemy formation with Dalamyr and Captain both leading the seperate parties. Bos'un will be with the formation that needs him the most.

The Marshel
16-05-2009, 04:27
there is a bow limit in sbg of 33%, meaning only a third of your warriors may carry bows or crossbows, your curently way over that limit, and low on numbers too. maybe lose dalamyr or the bosun in favour of numbers, and drop arbelesters, replacig them with regualar corsairs to fix up you bow limit issues. Try to aim for 40 warriors.