View Full Version : A thought [?] on Hero "unusuable" Abilities

12-05-2009, 07:56
This is only a "stream of consciousness" post, not an answer - but there is merit in it [I think! ]

A foot Company with a Hero with, say, Orcbane versus Orcs.
How about you roll 7 dice for the others and 1 die for the Hero, with his die getting the plus?

Or if he has Spirit Grasp he uses the companies Str v C on his die?

I know that this does not cover the movement effects but it does cover the combat ones, as there is nothing in the rules that precludes this.

I have never seen a game played by the authors or spoken to anyone who has, so until a FAQ appears we are stuffed.
[Mr W. is on his Hols atm too]

This is just a possibility that has, of yet, not been proposed.

Comments? :angel:


12-05-2009, 11:58
the terror ability may still work for the formation by the wording of the rules

12-05-2009, 15:14
It does, because it references a terror causing creature not a terror causing formation. If you charge a terror causing hero's formation, and have to go into base-to-base with the hero's company, it's a terror check.

19-05-2009, 14:28
How about Lurtz and his Pathfinder All, is it totally wasted cause the formation doesnt benefit from it ?

19-05-2009, 21:03
Yes, among other rules, Lurtz' pathfinder rule has no effect in the current state of the game.