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12-05-2009, 23:35
ok we all know there are some some legions out there who make wide use of daemons in their battles (word bearers, black legion) but what i was wondering is what happens between battles, I ask because ive just gave the girl friend 4k points worth of death guard and a chaos fleet for BFG and was wondering how they would interact with my 3k nurgle daemon force?

is there any established fluff out there saying daemons can be found on chaos ships or are they just summoned as needed?

12-05-2009, 23:41
i'd guess there i a wide variation, that i know of daemons appear at the whim of the gods (which is when ever possible i believe, hence the warp, psykers etc).

to make it fluffy it could be a daemon fleet and traitor fleet combining after traveling through the warp.

12-05-2009, 23:49
daemons have fleets? i know they have the possessed cruiser but i didnt think it was crewed by daemons, just the whole ship is infused with the esscence of daemons

12-05-2009, 23:52
there is a great bit in fulgrim describing a demon incursion. They exist while the energy in the room exists and then they fade. So if you launched a ship in the eye with demons on board then they would fade as they left the eye. They need to be summoned or in posession of a body to exist and the summoned ones exist only until the death/sex/plague/randomness continues.

13-05-2009, 00:00
downer, i like the idea of plaguebearers wandering around a fleet as it drifts through space, ok related note: what about nurglings? they have always been given to champions as a gift by nurgle (slaves to darkness) these can exist on the ship indefinately then?

13-05-2009, 00:15
In one of the Grey Knights books (Dark Mechanicus?) the Black Legion bad guy is the only mortal on the ship, the ship is crewed/possessed by daemons.

13-05-2009, 01:19
cool so going by that its doable

13-05-2009, 05:32
ive just gave the girl friend 4k points worth of death guard and a chaos fleet for BFG

WOW! Are you two enagaged?

13-05-2009, 23:50
tis the price we pay for love my friend, she though it was just silly toy soldiers til i gave her my army (all forgeworld upfrade parts as well so pretty pricey) and some rulebooks and codexes, now she plays more than me