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13-05-2009, 09:07
Hi guys,

looking to start Warmaster. I have a fantasy VC army so would ideally like to collect a WM army to match it at some point.

I am also interested in doing up a LM force as I think it wiuld be easy to paint up and with the latest edition of the WHFB rules I think I could do them justice in WM.

So I guess I am asking for people's experiences with either or both forces. What are their tactics like, weak units, strong units, no-brainers etc.


13-05-2009, 17:17
Are you thinking of using whfb rules instead of WM

13-05-2009, 21:03
no no playing Wm using WM rules. Just looking for experienced players' advice on both of these armies, strengths, weaknesses that sort of thing.


13-05-2009, 22:11
I play both.
They are very good armies to play.

Lizardmen take some getting used to due to the fragile nature of the skinks and the unusual command structure.
That being the case they do have strong infantry, the cheapest terror causing hero in the game, a decent (if limited in number) cavalry choice and my favourite monster in the game. Nothing finer than watching a stegadon chew through a couple units of knights ;)

As for VC, this is a typical horde amry strengthend by some very good spells and an above average number of spell casters.
The availabilty of decent knights and heavy infantry to make up for the fragility of skeletons and zombies.
Ethereal host can be difficult for an opponent to deal with.
My regular opponent refuses to play against VC as the raise dead spell always manages to wipe out his units (cast into the rear of a combat results in buttocks of death if I win the combat ;))
That and they are immune to terror which more than makes up for the inability to act on initiative.

Just a brief overview.
The best way to decide if you like them is to cut out tiles and proxy them for the army you have picked. DO this until you find an army setup you are happy with then splash the cash.

Hope this helps.