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13-05-2009, 18:39
just curious what people think against playing daemons. Thinking of starting them up (have a 1k DE force but don't really way to spend money on it to bring up to 1.5k), and been proxying a few games with mixed results. SOme games go beatifully and literally have had that game I start with the 2nd wave and everything scatters 10-12" and mishaps (which is just as annoying as when my hobgoblins fail anomosity and end up killing my bull centaur lord in fantasy). Though the randomness of daemons does kinda appeal to me.

anyways last game I tried my opponent kinda complained daemons weren't fun to play against. For the most part I put my stuff where I want it, run for cover first turn, pray units survive than try and assualt with as much as I can next turn. Personally don't find much in the movement phase of 40k compared to fantasy (than again I've tried only DE and daemons and have an impressive losing streak with both)...but can kinda see his point.

so to the general masses are daemons a fun army to see on the other side of a table?

edit: The list I've been using

Keeper of secrets + Musk + Might

5 fiends + might
3 flamers

10 Plague bearers + chaos icon
10 bloodletters
10 bloodletters
10 Plague bearers + chaos icon

soul grinder + phlegm
soul grinder + phlegm

which I don't think seems really cheesy

13-05-2009, 18:50
As long as you aren't a daemon player on the other side of the table...Daemons against Daemons is boring.

13-05-2009, 18:51
I think so long as you take a relatively balanced/mixed Daemon army then they're no worse than most other armies really. The only time they really become not fun to play against is when people spam certain units/items.

13-05-2009, 18:55
Playing against daemons can be a challenge because of the deep striking. After the first round of summoning I feel better knowing where to focus my attention. I have chaos and keep two squads of lesser daemons up my sleeve to slow down any one sided battles. Daemon players all ways voice their jealously that lesser daemons can assault after coming into play.

Armies that are different every time are fun to play against because you have to think harder about what is happening in the moment instead of relying on a plan that works most of the time.
I think this can be applied to armies such as the death wing terminator armies or space marines that use a lot of drop pods.
I never went fully daemon because I like chaos vehicles too much.