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The Caliban Lion
16-05-2009, 08:53
Have there ever been any reports of Chaos Cults on Terra? Is it even possible to summon daemons on Terra, or does it have some kind of protection against such things (like The Emperor himself perhaps)?

Giant Fossil Penguin
16-05-2009, 11:48
Personally, I feel that it is inevitable that there would be Chaos cults on Terra. There are billions of people there, pilgrims, inhabitants and the people who make up the machineries of state, church and the High Lords.
I see that those involved in the power-plays of politics would find themselves most in danger of falling to Chaos. They want power, they want underlings and they want it now; or at least they want help with getting their competitors out of the way. There has to be at least one venal, lazy and corrupt member of the Ecclesiarchy or Administratum, who could be tempted to take what appears to be the 'easy-route'. And if there's one, there will be others.
Now, there may not be hoards of cultists, heck they mightn't even know that they ARE cultists, but they are there. I highly doubt that they would survive for any amount of time in the Imperial Palace, the Custodes and the Inquisition would be watching like angry hawks for this kind of thing. That and the power of the Emperor might stop the Ruinous Powers from projecting themselves in His Palace. But outside, yes. And the worst thing about it would be that the Imperium could never tell anybody about it. How would the God-Emperor's realm hold together, and its faith, if they knew that even Terra was corrupted, even just slightly. It is the most secret, silent and vicious war; fought in dark corridors and forgotten rooms, in empty wings and dusty chapels. Grimdark ftw.


16-05-2009, 12:28
It is the most secret, silent and vicious war; fought in dark corridors and forgotten rooms, in empty wings and dusty chapels. Grimdark ftw.

And considering the age of Terra, there are likely to layers and layers of old and forgotten corridors and tunnels, sprawling under the cities and in the depths of the mountains.

Considering the size of the population, there surely should be an odd chaos cult here and there.

Inquisitor Castleman
16-05-2009, 13:04
Goge Vandire springs to mind. Although not a chaos worshiper, he didn't bring the Imperium to its knees because of his own thirst for power.
PO also did a nice piece in Dark Magenta on Terra. For those who don't know Dark Magenta is an Inquisitor supplement, and the article included information regarding possible threats upon the hallowed soil of Terra.
http://www.darkmagenta.co.uk/DARK_MAGENTA_ISSUE1.pdf (page 28)

16-05-2009, 16:01
In one of Eisenhorn books, it is mentioned how a radical inquisitor uncovered a cult of Nurgle that based itself in the Imperial Palace. No other details are given AFAIK.

16-05-2009, 16:41
The 4th Space Wolf book Wolfblade detailed the underhive of terra, seemed dark and dingy enougth for secret chaos cults

16-05-2009, 17:09
i would imagine that there could be cultists themselves, and that there are ever a defense patrols searching through all means to root these guys out whether they are eilte "arbites", maybe even "custodes"-wannabees

while the daemons themselves would not be able to materialize on Terra due to the proximity of the Astronomican, and would instead work there way into the endless tide-o-daemons on the otherwise of the collapsed webway gate.

16-05-2009, 17:56
Sheer demographics would ensure a Chaos presence, even if they have to smuggle themselves in.

Giant Fossil Penguin
17-05-2009, 08:16
Part of my DIY-Chapter background made mention of refugees being pursued into the deep underhives of Terra, by the invading Chaos forces during the siege of Terra by Horus. After the Chaos forces were beaten and retreated, there would undoubtedly be some left over who would go into hiding. They would do what they could to survive and perpetuate their beliefs; could you imagine the thrill a cultist would get, following the Dark Gods in the bosom of the Imperium?
The rot would have started almost immediately and would be almost impossible to cut out. We mightn't see much of the Custodes anymore, but something tells me they're still busy!


17-05-2009, 09:36
Since Terra is a big town with layers of buildings on top of others that means a lot of hiding places. Coupled with hundreds of billions habitants and visitors the probability should make possible appearance of Chaos cults on Terra.
But with those Adeptus Custodes forces, Adeptus Arbites and let's not forget the Antarctica =][= Headquarters full of Inquisitors and the Loyal Psykers who can detect the Warp manifestations; the rate of survability of those cults must be 0,0.......n 0...............01%.

Kiras of the flame
17-05-2009, 10:49
Might as well say it...

Alpha Legion

Giant Fossil Penguin
17-05-2009, 13:33
As Laudarkal says, Terra is multi-layered; I reckon there are huge sub-Terran hives, burrowing into the ground, that used to house the population around the Dark Age of Technology. Even if they don't exist, there will be so many forgotten places, and there are just so many buildings enclosing so much space, that I think the survival rate of Chaos cults would be higher than expected. Although, with the fury and persistence with which they would be hunted and purged, the rate would probably struggle to make a full 1%. In saying that, I can see a number of high-ranking members of the Ecclesiarchy, Admisistratum or Munitorum, being long-term traitors and extending their protection to other Chaos worshippers.
Thinking about it, this suggests a reason why the Custodes are never seen away from Terra. I know I said it above (sort of in jest), but it could be that there IS a secret war going on across Terra and they are in the front-lines, looking over everybody's shoulder no matter who they are.
When I posted my DIY Chapter fluff, the undiscovered Chaos cult idea drew a fair bit of heat. Most people who left c&c disagreed quite strongly with the idea, but I feel that it is less likely that Terra is Chaos-free than almost any other world.


17-05-2009, 18:14
As Muad'Dib said above, there was a case where one of the High Lords Of Terra was actually some Nurgle-type pain in the rear, so I'd assume that Chaos is as possible there just as much.
Plus, with all the psyker activity, and the fact the Big E is sitting in front of a webway portal filled to the brim with uber-daemons..;)

17-05-2009, 22:23
Since when did Vandire do it all for some other reason than his own thirst for power? If you make him just another chaos worshiper... I mean, Chaos benefited, obviously, but that doesn't make Vandire a cultist. Make him one, and suddenly the best story about the corruption of power in 40k disappears.