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16-05-2009, 20:27
For some reason ive really taken to making an arnor force.

I know i definatley want a full unit of arnor royal guard as well as a couple of big units of warriors of arnor and a few units of rangers of arnor.

But what else could i take to make an arnor force (more specifically arnor at the time arvedui ).

I know i cant start an army with them as i need an epic hero and thats why im including elendil and/or isildur.

Im thinking a unit of dunedai,i know i can take numenorians and elves but what else could i take..... anything out of the forgotten realms ie any wizards or anything.


17-05-2009, 00:05
you can use a legendary formation as your general

question is also how you can get some cavalry to balance your force out

17-05-2009, 03:02
Arnor Units:

- Warriors of Arnor
- Rangers of Arnor
- The Legendary Formation with the King

Units that I would think were thematic being used with Arnor:

- Minas Tirith Knights (painted, of course, in Arnor colors with the appropriate symbol on the shields)
- Minas Tirith Archers (same)

I seen no reason why Arnor wouldn't have cavalry or archers, given that they are a Dunedain kingdom. I suspect just using the knights and painting / converting would be fine.

- Avenger Bolt Thrower
- Battlecry Trebuchet

Both for the same reason as above.