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17-05-2009, 13:16
Welcome to the ongoing and hopefully well-documented project that is:

War on Silentium IV

Me and Boo here on warseer are putting together a campaign spanning Warhammer 40k, Battlefleet Gothic and maybe (but not yet) Inquisitor. The system of Silentium is an imperial bastion on the eastern fringe, which lies in the way of a Tyranid splinter fleet. The eldar, though, sees through their foul witchcraft that if either the Imperium or the Tyranids wins a swift victory, they will through the winding paths of fate endanger one of the Eldar maiden worlds and the exodite colony there. Striking quickly, they hope to navigate the road of destiny and save their maiden world, whatever the cost in life for the other, lesser races...



Hunger… Hunger… Hunger… Hunger… Forward… Forward… Doubt… FORWARD! Hunger… Warmth… Sun? LEFT! Sun? FORWARD! Warmth... Sun? FORWARD! FORWARD! Light… Warmth… Sun. PREY! Hunger… Prey… Hunger… Hunger… Forward… Forward… KILL!


The ancient seer stepped out of his chambers, breathing heavily as much from exhaustion as from fear. How could this be? How could a world noone but the seer council even knew about, be about to be… consumed? He had drawn the worst combination of runes possible, not only the Destroyer but also Emptiness and the Enhancer had made ominous circles in the air together. The Enhancer would no doubt force the rest of the council to act quickly on this matter, but still, he feared that time was not in their favour. With a sad smile, he gazed out of the arced window above him, where the beautiful planet Waterfall hang suspended in space, like a giant drop of water hanging above his head. Such beauty, he though. Was it made even more beautiful now, by the fact that he had just seen it’s doom in a hundred ways, and it’s salvation in but one?

One singly thread of hope, winding along the path of fate. Such was the way of the Eldar.


Noise filled the small space, noise in all forms - the monotonous blip of the radar display, the low humming of the generator, people not talking as much as yelling at each other, but above all the deafening sound of the engine and tracks as the Chimera crawled forward through the forest. Red lamps, green displays and the occasional flashlight all added to the chaos, but Lev went about his task as if in a classroom. "Three readings on heading E24590 and N994420, and a fourth on same E and N994505." he reported to the sergeant. The sergeant confirmed, and began voxing the coordinates to the gun battery. As soon as they had open fire today, the enemy had responded with counter battery fire - wildly inaccurate, but a danger that had to be countered nevertheless. Radar section one had been assigned gun 1A to return fire, and were now fighting an artillery duel over several klicks. Relocate, fire, relocate, await and locate counter battery, fire. They had been doing this for the better of the day now, but their blood ran high and they would not falter. They had almost forgot about Commissar Varanov's presence in the Chimera, and they were all focused like never before. Lev laughed and yelled to the rest of the crew - "Noone - NOONE - fights the 91st in an artillery duel and win! Right?" Suddenly the chimera ground to a halt, and the radio died down. "Listen up, guardsmen!", said the Commissar, instantly commanding everyone's attention, "we'll soon find out if what young Lev here said is true. This exercise just got cancelled. We now have emergency orders - Silentium system is under attack from Eldar, and we're the ones helping them out. Driver, head back to base, the transports have just landed."


Camshot from Thunderbolt flying low over one of 4th Volkhov's artillery batteries during exercise Bushfire, scant hours before the orders to embark for Silentium IV were received by regimental command.


Chaplain Allectus kneeled in front of the small shrine of sanguinius in his quarters. He sighed. There had been three months without fighting and it did not seem like there was any in sight.

The poor souls locked up in containment cells would soon fully succumb to the black rage and he prayed that they would have the chance to die fighting rather than being starved to death. They deserved a warriors death. He stood up and walked out of his room. The corridors outside were empty, save for the occasional servitor. The massive man made his way down the aisle, shadows and light playing about his face as the lamps in the ceiling guided his way. The Emperors Light had just slipped out of warpspace and entered realspace, shutting off it's Gellar Field, the huge spacecraft made a descent in speed, barely recognisable to those aboard. Allectus rounded a corner, closing in on the containment cells. He could feel his brothers anguish, their bloodlust, boiling in their blood. Barely contained through rigorous prayer. He entered his personal code in a terminal close to a door leading in to a containment cell. Brother Hobern, he thought and opened the door.

Sanguinius turned around and looked towards the door, which has just been opened.

“Dorn, brother! Please, step in! I’ve been expecting you. Any word from our father yet? When do we depart?”

Dorn stepped in, a grim look across his face.

“I’m sorry brother. No word yet. We just have to wait and see. Although I suspect the final assault will be soon.”

Dorn placed his hand on sanguinius shoulder.

“You should eat. You haven’t eaten in days.”

Sanguinius shook his head and looked Dorn straight in the eyes.

“You know I can’t eat. Not when holy terra is under assault by the foul traitors.”

“I know.”

Sanguinus flashed a smile. It was a smile full of pain and hope. “I know how this will end, brother..”

“Yes, me too. But it does not end now. We must have patience.” Dorn moved to the door again. “ I shall not disturb you until I know more.”

Allectus stepped out of the containment cell, dis head low. They badly needed a battle now, or lest he would have to put a bullet through Hobern’s skull in a matter of days.


The Volkhov sector fleet gathers. Pictured is the fleet flagship, the Incendia Coepi, and a Krivak II class frigate.


17-05-2009, 19:18
I have been a big fan of both your IG 4th regiment and Boo's Angels Vermillion, consider me subscribed!

I have a big soft spot for BFG too... any chance of a closeup on that frigat? ;)

Good luck with this, very clever fluff for the Death Company by the way! Darn Eldar, we'll show them... :P

17-05-2009, 20:28
Thanks! Soon you'll get to see his eldar as well, and my tyranids will of course take part as well - sooner or later!

And as requested, fetched by my loyal servitor-program (AKA iphoto):

The Krivak II-class destroyer Aggressor 1 as seen from the light cruiser Child of Caes during a routine anti-pirate sweep of the outer reaches of the Volkhov system. Most often deployed in this role, Krivak II-crews see regular action and many high-ranking officers of the Volkhov began their careers on one.

I scratchbuilt two of these using IG hunter-killer missiles, lasguns (for the guns and bridge) and chimera heavy flamers. I'm just waiting for some flying bases from GW before I finish the other one as well. In game they'll count as either Cobras or Swords, but I'll probably make up my own rules for them eventually.

18-05-2009, 07:36
Good luck with this, very clever fluff for the Death Company by the way! Darn Eldar, we'll show them... :P

Thanks! That's the way I've always pictured the death company, although there are some grammar error in it, I will fix those eventually. ;)

I agree with you, darn eldar! Those xenos will burn! Imagine that I've bought an entire BFG fleet of them! :O Hehehe.

18-05-2009, 20:51
Give us better pictures of that ship!

21-05-2009, 10:19
So I'll be doing the Eldar side of this log. Got plans for 1k pts and also 700 pts of the eldar fleet. But because GW shipping is painfully slow I went ahead and started with the ground forces.

Okay, So I've started with the eldar. Just got a brand new box of Dire Avengers, lovely bits I say! The assembly is coming along nicely, got 3 DA primed and ready for painting.

And to give you a good idea of what my Eldar will look like, here's a guardian painted with test scheme painted up!


Alaitoc! :) Tried my best at mottling, which I think worked out very well. The head is not highlighted, but that will also be done.

21-05-2009, 11:07
And for Malika, a better view of the Krivak II :)



Krivak II class destroyer

The Krivak class were a series of frigates built for the Volkhov Navy. The original designation was Project 1135, and they were built around a design pioneered by Forge General Tanquin on Hector's Reach.
These ships were designed as a successor to the Riga class and as a response to the increase in raiding by Eldar pirates in the area. The first hulls were laid down in the late 39th millenia and the first ship rolled out of Hector's Reach in 220.M40. A total of 32 ships were built for the Sector Fleet and 8 ships were assigned to Volkhov.
The ship's unique features - the rounded prow, large macro cannons and powerful engines has earned the Krivak IIs the nickname "Boars", and they are far more recognised by the populace than the less active capital ships.
Today a total of 28 ships remain in service, of which six in the Volkhov navy. As they are in short supply, and the demand for light vessels keep increasing, Cobras and other STC-vessels are rising in favour as they are far easier to produce, but the Krivak II remains as the foremost destroyer in the sector.

21-05-2009, 11:26
Cool BFG conversions, totally scratchbuilt or based around another Hull?

21-05-2009, 11:50
The hulls are 40k hunter-killer missiles, while the guns and bridge are made from lasguns. The engines are made from a chimera heavy flamer, so all in all each chimera for my Guard gives me one Krivak II for the navy!

26-05-2009, 11:41

Fresh from the shipyards of Hector's Reach.

To facilitate the painting of the ships, the Ministorum has ordered the entire population of Scylla, one of the smaller planets of Hector's Reach system, into forced labour. The production plan allows only for fatalities of up to 10.000/week, so only persons over the age of five have been ordered to partake.

On a serious note, I hope to get a few done by the end of the week. Currently Boo is on vacation (lucky bastard!), so there's a short respite before the Eldar assail Silentium IV in force... :)

27-05-2009, 02:01
Very cool scratchbuild. I also like your colouscheme for your ships :)

27-05-2009, 05:12
Cool stuff.

03-06-2009, 09:11
A magnificient shot of the Sword-class frigates Zharkiy, Zadornyy and Storozhevoy returning from the campaign around Petrograd, with a new assignment to protect the troop convoys heading for Silentium IV. This picture, taken from the Kalinin, has managed to capture a light shine around the ships, where their shields are backlighted by the Triangulum nebula.

03-06-2009, 09:12
And here we have some less edited photos of the finished Swords:



05-06-2009, 07:12
Looking really great mate! :) The first pic is really cool. More of that I say!

I feel that its time that I add something to this thread, something more than just a pic of one of my Guardians. And here it is. A small planetary description of Silentium IV.


Ordinate Scolio looked at the pict that some lowly scribe had sent him. "Silentium IV huh? Some planet at the **** end in the Imperium." He sighed closed his eyes for a second. This day had been the most boring for weeks, nothing else to do but scuffling papers around. He thought of his brother, a low ranking officer in the Guard, was his life this boring? He shook his head, not that he cared. His service was to that of the God-Emperor, not to himself. At least Ordinate Scolio had to convince himself of that from time to time. Even though he was only one of uncounted millions in the big machine that the Administratum was, his role was none the less important. He marked the pict and approved it. Now it was someone else problem.

Some information about the planet it self. so, I guess its back to painting those ships now ey? ;)

05-06-2009, 12:55
Double post! :eek:

I just finished my first squadron of Hemlock destroyers. The Tears of Isha. So half of my 200 pts fleet is done. The other half consists of 2 nightshades, and they are now in the works.


Captain Iaracos Starstrider sat in his private chambers, contemplating the beginning moves of what would be more than a mere raid. On the desk before him he had holographic pics of all the ships in his fleet. All ships ready for service were noted by a flashing rune just above the ship name. So far, all runes were dull, no ship was ready. Iaracos reached for his cup of what the mon-keighs would have called recaf.

He frowned. The request from the seer council had been a surprise, as almost every request from them was, but this even more so. To order a whole section of Alaitocs fleet in to action for a planet he had never heard about. And on such short notice. It had to be very important, rumours even said that the infamous Farseer Areos Boorealis would be in command.

He smirked and put his cup down. A rune was flashing above a squadron of Hemlock destroyers. The Tears of Isha.

A good start, he thought.

05-06-2009, 17:56
That's a good looking squadron you have there. The colour scheme is nice and original (obviously I can see it fits with Alaitoc but it is still nice).

Hemlocks then Nightshades eh? Even for a 200pt fleet that's still quite a punch. Bloody Eldar, I need to get my fleets up to scratch so I can start playing again, shame you boys are in Sweden ;)

By the way, why does the Eldar Captain have a privet in his chamber? Surely that's a hedge? Hehehe!

Nice graphic of the planet by the way, sets the scene nicely!

05-06-2009, 18:03
I like this, its very immersive. I look forward to seeing how it goes!

05-06-2009, 18:08
I really love the images with the effects that you've included. That one of the ships in the Nebula is fantastic!


09-06-2009, 16:19
Thanks everybody, it feels great that you people like what we're doing! I think we've had a pretty good start, and hopefully this log will eventually cover the whole campaign and feel much like a plog version of the IA campaign books. I'm at work now, but expect a log from the captain of the Incendia Coepi tonight, recorded during one of many defensive actions against the Eldar that the troop convoy headed for Silentium IV had to endure.

09-06-2009, 16:25
Yeah this log is cool as hell. I am looking forwards to some battle reports and varied terrain scapes.

09-06-2009, 21:53
As promised, a short battle report as seen through the eyes of commander Kavalev aboard the Incendia Coepi.

Enemy signals starboard at 5000 and closing! Wolves to take Incendia Coepi’s flank and confront, Zvezda Caes and Bears stay with convoy!

Enemy signals confirmed as Eldar raiders. Our orders are to engage and destroy.

We have enemy ordnance in ambush on our sensors, Incendia Coepi to launch Starhawk wings to counter. Wolves move up on our rear, prepare to take our flank.

Starhawk squadron one and three have destroyed enemy torpedoes and are back for fuel, get them out again. We have enemy bombers coming in from starboard, Furies on full alert. Enemy escorts closing in fast on attack run, firing ordnance and lances! Don’t brace, they won’t get through. Impact. One shield overloaded, prow has taken damage! Furies made short work of the first wave of torpedoes, prepare to take them back in!
Starhawk squadron two are on their way back now, no damage inflicted due to foul xeno technology. Prepare for relaunch.

Relaunch of ordnance delayed. Wolves, stay behind me. All ships prepare for another enemy attack run!

Wolves, brace for impact.

Wolf one and three down, now drifting. Wolf two, stay with me, we are delivering the blow! Avenge the fallen!

Weapon battery discharge ineffective. Launch torpedoes at squadron of two. Launch all Starhawks at squadron of three.

Torpedo salvo has hit home! One xeno ship is burning in the righteous flames of vengeance!

Enemy ships moving around to our rear, attempting to avoid our squadrons. Don’t let them get to the convoy!

Wolf Two, buy us time! Intercept squadron of three. Captain, turn us around and face the xeno scum again. Launch starhawks!

Wolf Two is bracing for impact, shields overloaded. No damage. Starhawk squadron five and six returning, no damage inflicted. Enemy energy signatures high, they are bracing!

Captain, come to new heading! Wolf Two commences attack run, no damage visible. Starhawks forces enemy squadron of one to brace, all starhawks are back. Prepare to refuel and rearm!

All enemy ships gathered around Wolf. Say your prayers to the Emperor, let her survive! Lieutenant, prepare to erase Wolf two from registry.

Wolf two annihilated. Lieutenant, erase her.

Launch starhawk wing one to four, and plot direct attack angle. We have received word that the convoy is safe now.

Enemy disengaging! Recall starhawks and prepare to send recovery teams to Wolf One to Three.

A phyrric victory for the Imperium. The convoy was saved, but a badly needed squadron of escorts are now headed back towards Volkhov for further repairs, and the Incendia Coepi will be arriving in-system with unrepaired damage. And at Silentium IV, the main Eldar fleet lies in wait...

10-06-2009, 15:23
Sweet battle report, I really like the format you went for! Heh heh, and well done for taking an escort out with torps, darn those holofields!

Will we be seeing more miniatures from yours and Boo's blogs here? And is it just the two of you campaigning against each other? It's all good stuff so far anyway, well done on keeping up the momentum!

27-10-2009, 10:03

Finished up some BFG as a break from all the blue and yellow of my WFB Empire. And I suspect that Boo has a lot of Eldar stuff painted up to show us?





27-10-2009, 10:09
Sweet ships there mate! :) Looking really good! I've got loads of eldar stuff painted, just gotta find some time to take pictures of them!

27-10-2009, 20:49
A proper good work you're cramming out, BeatTheBeat. Your Eldar in particular holds great promise :)

The only downside thing is that your latest ships (with a good, industrial look) would have been better with sculpted surfaces. Perhaps some kind of fine mesh or net could help with the windows?

27-10-2009, 21:03
Thanks! :) The Eldar however are not mine, Boo is making those - and they sure are turning out great!

I really agree with you on the transports, they could've been far more textured. I just wanted some quick ships for special missions though, and barely had enough time painting them as it is, let alone "upgrade" them before! When I do capital ship conversions I'll definitely put more work into them :)

28-10-2009, 10:13
The block ships are cool. Inspiring!

31-10-2009, 09:02
So I said I would take some pics of my Eldar, and here they are. Well, most of them anyway, got some more stuff finished, but I did not have enough time to take pics of all of them. :) Also, the Eldar ships are not complete yet, but I might get some work done on them some time in the future.



31-10-2009, 11:25
Your Eldar look nice, Boo, I like the pattina (sp?) on the jetbike canopies. Haven't seen Alaitoc for quite a while :)

It's about time you guys started working on this thread again!!

02-11-2009, 09:25
Seconded, jet bike canopies look very nice, a falcon or vyper in this scheme would look v nice. Cant help thinking a squad or army marking on the helms maybe from the transfer sheet would look perfect on these chaps. Nice painting.

02-11-2009, 19:20
Thanks for the comments!

I've got a vyper half finished coming up... now! ;) I tried making squad markings, but they did not turn out that great... need some more practice before I can pull it off I think. The transfers look too... shiny in my opinion. But might change my mind when I get fed up by painting freehand on them.

Well, here is the wip falcon, as well as 4 finished Dire Avengers.



I'm really satisfied how the DA turned out... only got 6 more to paint!