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17-05-2009, 22:52
Just in case you didn't know (and if this is posted in the wrong place, please move it), what was the official Specialist Games forum has now completed it's move to it's new home.

Unfortuantely, copying over all the old posts is currently not possible (though the board admins are still trying to make them available somehow), but the forums and MOD team are now back.


the anti santa
18-05-2009, 19:49

Didn't they close down the old forum months ago?

What took so long to get it back.

20-05-2009, 16:41
The plan had been to move the forum, old posts and all, over to a new server. However, as is typical of GW's attitude to SG, the forums were closed down sooner than everyone, including Andy Hall, had been told, so there was no time to get the "new" forum up and running. The time difference was a) to make sure the new forums worked, and b) someone within GW had to check out whether it was ok for the "old" log-ins to be ported to the new forum (which in the end they decided to go without anyway).

Unfortunately, it seems the two forum's software is incompatible, so the old posts won't be part of the new forum, though the admins are still hoping to be able to get them online so they can be linked back to if discussion are ongoing.

25-05-2009, 17:47

What was their reason for changing the forum in the first place?

25-05-2009, 17:58
GW wanted to pull the plug from SG site when they re-did their main site.

the anti santa
25-05-2009, 19:49
Well the new site seems even deader than the Warseer Bloodbowl section.

With TBB, MBBL, cyanide, FUMBBL and warseer do we really need the specialist games forum? If GW aren't going to bother releasing anything for it then what is the point?

They've even kept the old format to the forum which was very poor and hard to read.

25-05-2009, 19:53
Good news.

Thread moved to SG General Discussion as not Blood Blowl specific

The Warseer Inquisition

26-05-2009, 10:32

Have to apologise - I didn't realise there was a General Discussion area under the list of individual games.:o

28-05-2009, 16:03
As I understand it....

The old SG forum was closed with the change of the GW UK web site, as it lead to difficulties in maintaining it. Therefore, there was little warning about its closure.

Lex and I were already in talks with SG about continuing it at this point, but the shut down did catch everyone by surprise.

Following this, we had to investigate the original plan of porting the entire site over to the new server, including privacy policy, game champion discussions, content, regulations of the new site, etc.

As it turned out, the old GW servers use a different system to mine, and they are incompatible. (Different database OS.)

The new site was constructed, and the original layout was used as a template as it appeared to be fairly well-received and people knew it. It is a starting point, and we have already made a few changes, such as sub-boards for some topics, additional boards for things like WMA and combining some boards such as BoFA with WM.

The boards are currently quiet. However, they have been open just over one month and already have over 1200 posts and over 300 active members. I am happy with this. Doesnt compare with Warseer, clearly, but not bad for a forum (I remember trying to get a forum started from nothing - not something that I would want to repeat!).

As to why do we need an SG forum? Well, we have most of the old mods from the old boards on hand. This makes it the best place to get questions about the game answered and keeps these useful resources in a set place, which can only be good for the game.... In my opinion, anyway.

Thanks guys, and all the best.