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18-05-2009, 14:32
Hello peoples I be back for the second time with my Dwarven goodness. This time I have taken a new apporach, slightly calculative with some choices I am trying to make. So let me post you the list.

Allaince of Erebor and Dale

General: Gimli 175 points
Balin 100 points
Floi 90 points
Bard (Haldir) 75 points

Common Formations
Dwarven Kindband; 4 Companies, Shields 160 points
Dwarven Kindband; 4 Companies, Shields 160 points
Dwarven Archer Kinband; 3 Companies 105 points
Men of Dale (Rangers of Arnor); 3 Companies 90 points

Rare Formation
Khazad Guard; 3 Companies, Banner Bearer 185 points

Total: 1140 points

Ok army has been updated as any advice where the last 110 points should go?

18-05-2009, 23:02
No complaints? Was hoping for some input cause i get nervous wondering if I made a good list or one doomed to fail.

19-05-2009, 06:34
I think that the list looks rellatively good. Though, I might consider changing the Men of Dales into Rangers of Gondor or Arnor instead, maybe reduce them to three companies as well, that leaves you with some extra points to spend elsewhere. One other thing is to use the Men of Dales as Dundedains of Arnor. That way they also can ambush as well as use the Take Aim rule and get Longbows.

Three companies make them slightly more mobile. I have found out the hard way that three companies are better as mobile archers units than four. Four could be fine as stationary hard hitting archer support units, but not as mobile units that you might send into defensible terrain.

Other than that I think that your army looks very good.

19-05-2009, 12:56
I was thinking the Dunedain but sadly I think Haldir is more effective due to the fact he has his Epic Shoot meaning its a nice few free kills. If I was to change to Rangers that leaves me 75 points overall so what should I invest in? A small Ranger Tar unit to delay opponents? Upgrade and get me some Shieldbearers for my Warrior units?
My main idea is perhaps change Haldir for Thranduil now I know Bard was not a spellcaster per say but I could easily say the spells are Bard's skills like Nature's Wrath is his group unleashing a rain of arrow fire or Guide arrows is them preping for their shot.
Also due to 3 companies being more flexable for shooting I could take out a single Archer company giving me even more points. I will mod the list later when I get more feedback.

20-05-2009, 19:20
Just updated slightly so any more comments be awesome.