View Full Version : Deathworld vets with Steel legion minis?

25-12-2005, 19:00
Lets say my Deathworld of choice is a planet with toxic gases in the atmosphere, and that the only way humans survived was through caves, subterranean passageways, and with technology, face masks. The landscape consists of a few highly active volcanoes, endless amounts of burnt out or inactive volcanoes, and only perhaps 20 to 25% vegetation above ground. Underground fungi and mosses have developed into harvestable edible food with nutrients.

I'd be using the Deathworld Catachans army list, except with Steel Legion miniatures. I know the Catachans are plastic but i've never been able to get over the hardcore appearance of the Steel Legion, especially the way I'd paint them. Considering the army would be 'relatively small' (optioned out to the max) and elite, the all metal figs shouldn't be a problem.

For a super special "devil's" squad, I'd use the Tanith Ghosts and say due to a genetic mutation they can breathe the poisonous air, that its passed through their bloodline, their genetics. These people have naturally become the more skilled elite outdoorsmen, having a tradition of being the "elite guard" before the peoples had invented their face mask technolgies.

As far as the Imperium goes, I want them to be independant of it, but slightly under its attempted influence. There are imperial spies on the planet, the imperium trades illicitly with them, supplying technologies and weaponry for certain highly desired fungi with mental or health properties. The imperium intends to pacify to a point and then have a large scale takeover, at which point my guys would have to fight them, so they'd technically be self-aligned rebels. what do you think? I think it would be really cool. :)

26-12-2005, 20:23
I like this idea a lot! I had thought about doing something similiar with the doctrines system, though the cost of the steel legion figs prevented me.

What I was going to do was have all the guys with bare heads with greyish skin and redish eyes, like the the dark elves in the elder scrolls 3: morrowind. You should look into the game, it has many ideas as to how things could be made "ash-proof".