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22-05-2009, 06:56

I'm trying to be fluffy, in that I'm trying to at least keep the theme going. I played Corsairs in LoTR, and I want to keep that going because I like the Pirates. I was extremely disappointed with the mismatched point cost of the Corsair Raiders, but oh well. This is using a base of what I have and what I plan to get.

-Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar - 100pts

-The Knight of Umbar - 125pts


x5 Companies of Easterling Cohorts (The Fleetmaster's Marines) - 150pts

x6 Companies of Corsair Raiders - 230pts

x6 Companies of Corsair Raiders - 230pts

x3 Companies of Corsair Arbalesters - 75pts

x2 Companies of Corsair Arbalesters - 50pts

x4 Companies of the Ghostly Legion (allies) - 240pts

x4 Companies of Morgul Knights (The Knights of Umbar) - 175pts
-Banner Bearer


Right now I have:

Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of the Umbar
x2 Corsair Bo'sun/Captains (I use the models interchangeably)
x96 Corsair Raiders (A mix of Spears, bows, shields, and spear+shields, but I don't think anyone will look close enough at it to care a few are actually carrying bows. Most have shields though. I've found Chaos Marauder shields work quite well with the spear armed guys, just a simple glue job. Looks superb to me)
x20 Easterlings (Again a mix, but I'm going to use them all as regular guys regardless, otherwise the cost of this game will be quite insane for me. If it bothers people that much I've got enough swords laying around to make them.)
x40 Ghostly Legion/Spirits/Dead guys (My dad's Lord of the Rings army. I have these models and I want to use what I have before buying something else).
Plans to buy:

x1 box of Easterlings

x?? Some kind of replacement for the metal arbalesters

x2 Ring wraiths to be Khamul and The Knight of Umbar

x1 Box of Morgul Knights. I'm thinking that I can do some cut work on some Knights of Chaos I have laying around to fill in the gaps.



I like the idea of the Knight of Umbar riding with the Morgul Knights painted blue, purple, and silver. THE Knight of Umbar leading the Knights of Umbar, just because I love being terribly confusing. I know, that doesn't make too much sense but hey.

The Ghostly Legion are my dad's LoTR army, 40 of them + the King of the Dead. While 'good guys' the models are no different and it would be a novel thing that we could actually play on the same side for once.

Dalamyr will go with the Easterlings probably, also painted purple/blue/silver armor. I'm calling them the Fleetmaster's Marines, and people at the club responded positively. It will be a dead hard unit to crack with high defense and Dalamyr's 'no charge bonus' going. Using Epic Challenge to draw in unwitting cavalry (hopefully) into a losing fight.

The Corsairs... are non-negotiable. I have all the models and I'm going to use them. I'm taking the Bo'Sun... because it is all that makes the Corsairs unique to be honest. It seems like a good deal compared to other command options (Banner+Drummer with a point of might) But he is duel bait. That really sucks to be honest. have no idea what to do there.

I'm looking for alternatives to buying Arbalesters. Metal models a simply not economical in this game. Right now I'm looking at cutting up some Corsairs and buying crossbows from somewhere else and combining them. Crude, but effective. I've heard good thing about Dark Elf crossbows, and the sheilds look big enough for Pavise shields. However that's a Dark Elf Warrior box... Though two of those + two Corsair boxes would do it for me... maybe. I'm still unsure on how many crossbows the Dark Elf warrior box comes with. If it is (Miraculously) 20 it'd be good. Then it would be 100$ against the 450$ buying the Arbalesters would be.

As far as playing goes I'll have three big blocks of infantry, a unit of specialist Spirits to go after guys in terrain and high defense troops, and generally cause mayhem.

I may have a character for each infantry block. But I really like the idea of the Knight of Umbar leading the Morgul Knights as the Knights of Umbar. Not optimal probably, but I think it could work out if something high strength is around to get that strength + lances on the charge. Heck even strength 4 could make the difference.

It will either be the Morgul Knights or the Easterling Kataphracts. If it is the Kataphracts then the Knight will definitely go with the infantry. Though I may split up points to get a captain with the cavalry if I don't send a character with them.

Someone will definitely go with the Easterlings though.

Really I don't have anything complicated here. A solid core of infantry, a few crossbowmen to pick off some guys, the Ghostly Legion to do some special ops work. And some cavalry to give some maneuverability and a hard punch.

I've got 125pts I'd put away for Khamul but I'm not sure. I want to see other ideas for what I could put there.

So what do you think?

Nu Fenix
22-05-2009, 13:01
First of all, let me say how refreshing it is to see a Corsair force, because as you said, they got the rough end of the stick out of the various factions within the Fallen Realms.

With the Knight of Umbar, I would advise against putting him with cavalry. The reason is because of the Banner Bearer, he cannot be in the command company, since that would leave no normal warriors in the same compny as him, which isn't allowed. As such, he would have to go into the second company, which means that once five Knights are killed, he would also die. You would be better off with a normal Captain leading them.

With the Ghostly Legion, try and keep a Ringwraith near them, as that way you can improve their chances in combat by debuffing the enemy with spells such as Sunder Spirit. You will also need to be careful of an enemy hero with a high Fight of Epic Strike going after their Captain and doing serious harm to the formation, as you have little to protect yourself in this way.

For your remaining 125 points, The Betrayer would work well with your army. When the enemy are at a distance, you place him with the Arbalesters so you can re-roll you To Hit, increasing your chances of killing with that impressive Strength 4/3 [depending on range]. Then, when you want to gear for combat, move him to a combat formation and give them re-rolls so they are more likely to win.

With your Corsairs, they will want a Captain if they haven't got another hero leading them. The reason is that whilst the Bo'sun is a hero and as such allows At the Double rolls, he doesn't increase your Courage, so you need to roll a 7+ to AtD, whereas the Captain gives you an extra two Might, and improves your chances, as well as boosting the Fight of your command company when attacking by one, and an extra attack is never bad.

For converting Arbalesters, instead of buying an entire box of DE Warriors, have a look for bit sellers online. As you are using $ I assume you are in North America, and as such I don't know the exact websites available to you, only I know that they do exist. That could help save you money, not needing the warrior bodies.

A learge infantry army is a style I play [though not enough to master, yet!] and enjoy, as I find them more durable then the extra umph from cavalry and monsters, who are more fragile then people realise.

When you do try out your army I wish you luck, and hope to hear how it all goes for you.