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22-05-2009, 18:09
I have done a search but the results were dissapointing.

So, what background is there for the Yme-Loc Craftworld? Other than "They're artisans, like Titans and grav-tanks..."(Paraphrase). I know what their symbol is and colour scheme. If anyone has any personal homemade fluff on them that would be cool too. Did they have special rules in any of the previous Eldar Codexs? Any information regarding the Yme-Loc Craftworld would be much appreciated.

Lord Damocles
22-05-2009, 18:15
I'm guessing there isn't much more.


23-05-2009, 08:39
Yes, the dates in that article were the only other mention of Yme-Loc: it appeared on EoT map in 3e Codex with the dates of sightings by the Imperium.

Other than that, notice just as with Biel-tan (Beltaine) and Saim-hann (Samhainn) the name Yme-Loc is similar to Celtic festival of Imbolc. You could draw some inspiration from it for the culture of the Craftworld if all else fails.

23-05-2009, 08:57
Yme-Loc was first created in the 3rd ed. Eldar Codex with a mention of a sighting of the Craftworld by the Imperium. Since then, it got a little blurb in the new Eldar Codex, basically saying they are skilled artisans. The last 2 references to Yme-Loc are visual pictures...first in the Apocalypse book depicting Yme-Loc forces, including Phantom Titans, in combat with daemons...possibly over a daemon/croneworld if the vague details in the background can be assumed to be Eldar architecture. The final is in the new Space Marine Codex where it shows a Marine smashing into a Yme-Loc Guardian's helmet.