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23-05-2009, 20:47
OK, we all know that there are Space Marines, but does anyone know if the Imperial Navy has Marines in the sence that Navies have Marines nowadays?

I know that they have on board security personnel and no doubt they have them at space ports and the like, but do they actually have a Marine element as such that can be used for boarding actions or land engagments and so on, or does each Navy vessel, (At least the larger ones.) have an attachment from the Imperial Guard assigned to them for this sort of thing?

I just wondered as in several BL novels they appear to have small forces of men to defend ships in boarding actions, but these usually appear to be normal 'sailors' who are issued guns as and when needed. I have not found anything where the Navy itself boards other ships, apart from odd small parties checking on merchant ships here and there. But I assume at some point they must have engaged in larger battles, or at least if it is a lone cruiser on extended patrol have come across an instant when a local governor has asked for help or they have had to put down uprisings in smaller communities that do not require a massive invasion?

Burning Blood
23-05-2009, 20:51
All the ships are carrying guardsmen I think. A Emperor class battleship is carrying at least a hundred thousand soldiers to defend itself against boarding attacks. That is at least what I remeber reading in one of the rulebooks. Could be the one for Battlefleet Gothic.

No marines though.

23-05-2009, 21:09
There are the Armsmen.
They are in fact shipinternal Police, Defenders and Marines all packed in one lethal, amourwearing, shotgunwielding, badtempered bunch of psychos.
Looking a little bit like the Arbites.

23-05-2009, 21:09
In some games, and Starfleet, you have a Security Branch - they may take care of Security onboard ship.

Presumably, they would fulfil the roles of Shore Patrol and Military Police.

Boarding parties may consist of specially trained assault troops, or just the ones nearest to the shuttle.

23-05-2009, 21:18
So in modelling terms then a squad of arbites would be a good bet, or maybe SM scouts with shotguns and using Cadian heads/equipment pouches? I just thought it may make for a slightly different take using the IG codex now that there is going to be an 'Officer of the Fleet' model that could be used as an officer in the command squad.

23-05-2009, 22:42
Ship defence and boarding actions are performed by Ratings (BFG), no Marines or IG, the navy only ferry IG about, they are not constantly on board.

23-05-2009, 23:26
Yep, ratings, i.e. menials, are the ones that do the job. I recall reading in one of the Planetstrike short stories IIRC about just such a squad. Not IG, but they do have some training if I recall.

As for the Officer of the Fleet, they are more of a liason than a proper naval officer/marine officer. They are simply a go-between for the ground element and the naval/space element.

23-05-2009, 23:44
They wouldn't have "marines" in name-too confusing but the Imperial Infantyman's uplifting primer mentions imperial navy personal and fighting aside thereof to the guardsmen.ergo there must be some equivalent

24-05-2009, 05:24
You could use Cadians and call them "Naval Infantry" like the Soviets/Russians did/do.

Imperial Navy Armsmen are ships security/shore patrol guys. Arbites would be good proxies especially since their roles are similar.

Naval landing parties would more likely be comprised of Naval Infantry - under the new codex these guy would be vanilla infantry (no HW or Conscript squads) with Master of Ordnance (for calling down ortillery as a HALO - Heavy Artillery Liaison Officer) and Officer of the Fleet (to act as TALO - Tactical Air Liaison Officer) advisers attached to the HQ. Maybe some scout sentinels and heavy support would be air assets (Navy Support).

These guys would be raiders, get in, take out the high value target, secure the LZ for heavier elements, whatever, and then get the hell out of Dodge.

24-05-2009, 07:31
I doubt that the Navy would even have sentinels under their command. You may see some units seconded from the Guard to the Navy, though, as happens the other way around with aircraft for ground support.

Gamewise, I'd say a normal platoon makes a good unit for Ship security forces (Armsmen/ratings/ect.) You have some infantry squads, a special weapons squad or two, and conscripts, giving you the full range. No heavy weapons though.