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24-05-2009, 14:06
Self explanitry realy isnt it? Iv resently recieved the starting point for my open duel for a GD in the near future, Im not going to rush this for this year as it is a BIG!! prodject. My insperation has come from how the workd seems to fail to do GK's justice and they have become these clinicaly clean marinies in shiney armour. The duel idea is to have a GK fighting a deamon of khorne. And now Id like to thank warhound for helping me get some of the finer details fefined in my minds eye this weekend.

So hears my starting point for the GK


And now a shot for scale


These were hastily taken on my phone a few days ago, and since then I have started getting the legs ready so that I may start sculpting onto then properly. Hopfuly an update will follow tonight after i have done abit more work. Enjoy


24-05-2009, 14:37
Right, my first thought was "Oh, he's using the FW Marine as a statue or something..."

Now I think you might be planning on turning it into a GK... in which case you are offically bonkers! What are you planning for Khorne... surely not the FW 'Thirster!

the damned artificer
24-05-2009, 15:15
ohh you are crazy dude, but in the cool way of course :P.
I really hope it shapes up nicely, so I'll be watching this log to check.

24-05-2009, 15:22


24-05-2009, 16:13
For the blood letter Ill be using the new FW Khorn deamon prince, taking a hacksaw to it and doing some serius repositioning. Im in the process of waiting for some of the leg detailing to dry atm. Hopfuly Ill have alot to show this evening.


24-05-2009, 18:15
:eek::eek: I'm looking forward to seeing this!!

24-05-2009, 18:57
OK so its time for a small update I am about to start the next stage in the detailing Im working on. Its all going to be dark and gothic so a screeming face at the top of a leg greeve probably isnt what you all expect to be seeing, but bear with me hear. Ill get more photos after the next satge is complete.


There will be trim around the lower section of that detail and a halo running over the top.


25-05-2009, 21:47
My apolologies for the double post, abit more work has been done tonight. The death mask is finished and now has all facial features and the base of the trim has been complete. I now need to add studds into that and get some platicard before I can continue. Hopfuly this wont take to long to achieve.




26-05-2009, 01:13
Definatly going to be following this!

26-05-2009, 01:18
interesting and worth following

26-05-2009, 03:13
off to a pretty nice start, and taking the amount of time you have for this project into account, this should surely turn into something epic!

26-05-2009, 03:37
Neat! Be interesting to watch this one...

26-05-2009, 03:51
Can't wait

26-05-2009, 04:24
Honestly, you need to neaten up your sculpting quite a bit for this to make a cut in a GD.

This is an enormous piece of resin, there is lots of space for adding intricate detail. Don't let yourself be fooled by the sheer size of this piece; all the people are used to see fine detail on 28mm models, and yours needs to have detail as good or better than these models.

First thing you need to work on is getting sharp lines from your greenstuff. Try practicing "bands" made with greenstuff on some spare piece of tubing (as this is the shape you'll be working on for the most part), pens, etc. Try getting bands of equal width and perpendicular to each other, with sharp edges. The greenstuff can be trimmed and cut after it is set but you need to get more than 50% of the shape right in the first place. Use a scalpel (exacto knife) to trim these bands' edges for a sharper finish.

Then, practice making folds, sort of bands on bands, like they fold into one another. This will help you later when making eagles' wings, armour elements, etc.

Hope that helps!

26-05-2009, 07:42
Thats something to listen to, I think its probably some of the best suggested sculpting info Ive seen on a log. Usually people are rather brief with practice techniques, thanks for sharing that hortwerth.

26-05-2009, 21:57
Cheers for that hortwerth much apriciated its a big lerning curve I guess. I odnt think the fact that I havent realy had the time to set up my proper camra to take pictures has realy helped portray the sculpting to much. Tho all you have mentioned will definatly be practiced. As you have said its a large prodject and it does need to be to notch.

On to progress. The psychic hood on the marine has been started and some details are being added. Hopfuly I will have some pictures up come the weekend. I do apologiose for the lack of photos today. Its been a long day.

I do welcome any and all advice poeple have to give. I want this to realy show just what you can do if you apply yourself to a display piece.


26-05-2009, 23:24
Looking really nice Chris can't wait to c the finish psychic hood! Keep up the good work m8 nd carry on eating those Jaffa Cakes!!!!!!!!

26-05-2009, 23:36
holly god that will be impressive my friend it will be so cool to see this thing done *subscribed*

04-06-2009, 21:05
I apologise updates have died down I have been distracted by work and women. I know this is a poor excuse but Im getting hold of a decent camra tomorrow. No work has been done on the leg as of the last update as I havent had a chance to get any plasticard yet. How ever there are updates on the helmet, the psychic hood and the torso to lookforward to.


04-06-2009, 22:35
wow this is great


cant wait to see more, and best of luck with it