View Full Version : WotR 2000pt Isengard List

24-05-2009, 18:26

Thrydan Wolfsbane-50

Sharku's Hunters with six companies and shields-255

Mauhur's Mauraders with three companies and drummer-205

Vrashku's Talons with two companies-165

Uruk-hai Phalanx with five companies,captain,standard bearer-260

Uruk-hai Warband with five companies,captain,standard bearer-260

Uruk-hai Scout Warband with three companies and bows-105

Isengard Orc Warband with two companies and shields-40

Dunlending Huscarls with six companies,chieftain,standard bearer-235

Wildmen of Dunland with three companies-45

Uruk-hai Berserker Warband-110

Isengard Troll-100


What do you think of it? I have just enough models to field it :)

03-06-2009, 15:12
Isengard orc warband with two bases?
A bit small, the "mob" rule is great, and you should always try to have big units of orcs. I'd say at least 2 more stands, possibly four (for a total of six).
Orcs are dirt cheap, your enemy will understimate their effectiveness and they will always help you immensely.If you dont go for 6 bases but, say, just four then give them a captain, you cant have enough might.
You could find the points by dropping the troll and/or reducing the phalanx by one base (four is good enough for those nasties).
Love the maxed out dunlanding, glad to see you have chosen also the "proper" dunlending from the book (the armoured ones) as well as a large mod of the (cheap) movie homeless looking wildmen.
Nice to see many isengard forces now include a Thrydan, he is very cost effective and, with r3, also relatively durable. His only downside: little in the way of might points. Still definitely a must, the more so if you face Rohan.
How do you intend to use him? And together with what contingent?
Berserkers...well you really cant have enough of them, a shame they are one stand only companies, so if you wanna field several you need to burn up uncommon troop slots. Oh well.
Overall i like it, solid and with punch.
I'd try and find a way to squeeze in some warg riders too, but its really a matter of personal taste, if you wanna stick to your theme of semi elite, hard infantry then dont bother.
One last comment/question: i have not yet seen an effective (isengard) list with wormtongue, i have only seen him put to good use by mordor and angmar armies as an ally. What do u think?