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26-12-2005, 09:09
Hi all

After having played an series of smaller battles against 500-1000 army,s, Im gone play big battles of 3000 points and more ( no proxi models, what you see is what you get :cool: ).

I wanna know some oppinions about my army list.
All and all I think this army list is pretty balanced.
Just one note, Zarag (General) and Gunther (army standard) will join the 18 skeletons unit.

O one more thing, I Gave my general a little bit more protection then normal, cuz when I roll for armour/ ward saves I always seem to fail them :D .

Lords -
Vampire Count Zarag von Carstein.
Lvl 2 Wizard, Great weapon, Aura of Dark Majesty, The Flayed Hauberk, Ring of the Night, Black Periapt. = 346

Vampire Count Antero von Carstein.
Lvl 2 Wizard, Great weapon, Winged Nightmare, The Carstein Ring. = 486

Hero’s –
Necromancer Luther
Lvl 2 wizard, 2x Dispel Scroll. = 150

Necromancer Albrecht
Lvl 2 Wizard, 2x Dispel Scroll. = 150

Necromancer, Wilhelm
Lvl 2 Wizard, Nightmare, Rod of Flaming Death. = 158

Wight Lord, Gunther “the Fallen”
Heavy armour, Army Battle Standard, Cursed book. = 133
Character total. = 1423

18 Skeletons, Light armour, Musician Captain. = 195

20 Skeletons, Light armour, banner. = 210

6 Ghouls. = 48

5 Dire Wolves. = 50

5 Dire Wolves. = 50

5 Dire wolves. = 50
Core total = 527
5 Black Knights, Barding, Banner. = 141

20 Grave Guard, Shields, Full com. = 290

5 Fell Bats. = 100

3 Spirit Hosts. = 195

Black Coach. = 200

Banshee. = 90

Banshee. = 90

Total = 2991
Power Dice = 12
Dispel Dice = 7


Thx in advance for any advice ;)

26-12-2005, 09:48
First off.. I don't think your count can have Flayed Hauberk. It still counts as armor and he is a wizard.

I would personally ditch the wightlord and go for the wolf thrall, great weapon, flayed hauberk combo.

Are you using the banner of barrows in any of your wight units? If not, you should.

26-12-2005, 19:33
As Gorenut said, you cannot have the Flayed Hauberk on the vampire count. Firstly, because its armor, which mages cannot wear. Secondly, because he has no option for mundane armor, so he cannot buy magical armor.

The Wight is a decent choice, but you could replace him with a Thrall if you wanted; both work well enough. I would swap the Cursed Book for the Flayed Hauberk in either case though, as you would do well to protect your BSB with more than a simple 5+ armor save.

For your third necro, I would swap the Rod for the Staff of Damnation. Casting Hellish Vigor on 3 or 4 units will definatly draw dispel dice, and will cause a lot more damage if you get it off than the Rod can do. I like to keep this item near my zombies to make them into competent fighters, or my Grave Gaurd if I happen to be using them. Having GG with halberds (S5, Killing Blow) under Hellish Vigor is just brutal.

Increase your knights to 6 and drop the banner. You generally need 6 knights to be able to do damage after they have been shot at, and the unit is still fairly weak and could give the enemy an extra 100 VPs with the standard. I Would swap it for a champion, as the extra attack will help more. And remember, units of knights such as this work best when supporting infantry, so you can claim their banner without any problems; you can only get +1CR from 1 standard in a combat, not 1 per standard.

A magic standard on the Grave Guard could really help you out. I prefer a simple War Banner, but many swear by the Banner of the Barrows. I tend to leave that in the crypt a lot though, as I use on Hellish Vigor instead.

And lastly, there is a forum specifically for army list review. In the future, please post such things there.

The Black Knight
27-12-2005, 08:19
Give your wight lord the sword of kings and the cursed shield,then mount him on a barded nightmare and watch him and the black knights smash through virtually anything

27-12-2005, 09:20
Thx guys for the info, Aldo I play VC alot ( This is the only army I still love after 1000 points :D ), I lack the XP for larger battles.
As for the Flayedhauberk, lol I Taught I could give it to Mages to( silly me).

O and sry Keller dint know there was an Army list sub forum :angel: .