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24-05-2009, 21:49
Howdy ya all. Well I have posted several dwarven lists as many have seen and helped (I am leading a nice 5-0-0 since my latest one with tweeks) so nwo I come to you hoping this is in the right area. I am in a Campaign at my local GW which has been restarted but on a larger scale. We have roughly a 90 tile map using Mighty Empires. So we will start in a particular area, I personally in the Lonely Mountain, and we will go in phases. So here is the rules.

-We get two forces, one is our home guard which protects our territory sadly it is stuck in only our claimed grounds meanign we can't have them wander into enemy territory or unclaimed tiles. The second is our invasion force. Simple they go and take territory.
-We get 5 moves per phase (we go in thursdays and saturdays so we get 10 moves a week).
-We each get objectives. Mine is reclaim Moria and as I am good also destroy Mordor.

So here is my problem. I have my 1500 point Dwarven Home Guard list but I need to make a 1250 point force for Invasions. Now i am stuck to these 2 groups. Mirkwood and the Men of Dale. Now Mirkwood is basically Wood Elves *sighs but Men of Dale are undefined by the people in my campaign. So is Gondor or Rohan more effective for say an assault force.

27-05-2009, 17:51
I would say gondor is more flexible, you still have cavalry/ubercavalry(knight of DA and their unstoppable charge on 4+!) which are common formations, a good selection of infantry common companies as well as access to siege(bolt throwers etc.). Knight of MT have lances, RoR have bows/throwing weapons and are expert riders. If you really want that you can ally. I think gondor has a better selection of epic heroes as well.

27-05-2009, 23:10
Thanks. I was thinking Gondor cause I was tempted to do a pure Dol Amroth group which would could have been some local crusade force from down South if there is such thing in LotR. After all we are sort of rewriting this cause its to see how history could have changed.

28-05-2009, 02:10
rohan is more fluffy:
1. the original rohans lived near the grey mountains until led south by Eorl.
2. in the fourth age, Gimli started a dwarven colony in Aglarond (glittering caves) just west of Helm's deep.
3. the people of Rhovanion/Esgaroth are unlikely to be as sophisticated/armored like Gondor and is probably more like Rohan.

game balance wise:
1. dwarves are hard slow infantry.
2. rohan are fast light cavalry.

28-05-2009, 10:48
Thanks mate I was figuring as much. I use Rangers of Gondor as my Men of Dale for the fact they look nice plus I would expect them to be some what adept hunters of sorts. Well I will write up a Rohan List soon enough and post it up see what people think. Ty for your help.