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25-05-2009, 01:45
Since WOTR came out, I've been wanting to make a Harad-themed Fallen Realms. I like the looks of all the Haradrim models, and yes, even the Mahud. So I was thinking about making an army with only:

Haradrim Warriors
Haradrim Raiders
Serpent Guards
Serpent Raiders
Watchers of Karna
Marud Warriors
Marud Raiders
Half Trolls
War Mumak of Harad

I've been looking through and testing out some Haradrim units in the Fallen Realms army list. Sadly, I'm rather disappointed in them, both in practice and on paper.

Generally, they have low defense, no real special abilities, and yet the basic troops they cost as much as, say, Warriors of Minas Tirith. I won't be complaining much if they dish out a lot of hurt, but poison (at least in my experience) doesn't help all that much.

Half Trolls are quite good and do a lot of damage. I found them to be the best (point to ability wise) on the pure Harad list so far, but they're costly both in actual money and point cost.

And don't even talk about Mahud warriors....bad on paper, and I doubt they'll do better in practice.

Watchers seem promising (if a bit costly), but I haven't tried using them in an actual game yet.

Only unit that I have absolutely no idea how it works in a real battle is the Mumak. Seems a bit random, but properly placed may be good. Again, no solid idea.

So anyone here have any suggestions to make a good Harad-themed Fallen Realms list? I have a mind to go archer-heavy, but I think it'll be outshot by Elves anyway.

Or should I just give up and do a Misty Mountains list instead? :)

25-05-2009, 14:14
played against the mumak and yes, whilst it is random, its also almost impossible to kill and annihilates tons of infantry, cavalry etc etc

p.s. fallen realms armys dont do so well with pure harad

25-05-2009, 15:01
Give all Haradrim Warrior and Raider formation a bow, that is the only way to make them useful. I would deploy their formations in sizes of four companies with a captain. This gives you an army with allot of missile weapons. These formations can also be used in close combat when necessary. The captain ensures that they can move and shoot as well as move on the double.
Serpent Riders (I wouldn't bother with the Serpent Guard) are your attack troops together with half trolls and the Mumak. That should be enough combat prowess that you need.
Both Mahud infantry and cavalry are a waste of points if you compare them with Haradrim in any event. Blowpipes are a joke rules wise and neither troop type can move and fire more than half range and they aren't even poisonous.

I really don't understand why Harad cavalry aren't 'Skilled Riders'. I figured that they should be.

26-05-2009, 07:55
Thanks for the responses guys! :D

@ Bloodraven - Yeah I know they don't do well pure Harad. Better infantry with Easterlings, and they have pikes. Better offensive cavalry with Morgul Knights, and better archer cavalry and flank protection with with Khandish raiders and chariots. Better range offensive with Corsair Arbalesters. Pretty much a very strong army with the best of everything combined. However, theme is close to zero. I guess I'm always a sucker with trying something different.

@ Jorgen - I'll have to try what you said. I might struggle a bit, but worth a try. I have been thinking about using the Mumak(s) to screen and cut off a portion of his army while the rest concentrate on the exposed elements. Sounds good to me in theory, but give me a few months and I'll try it in practice. Ofcourse, it might fail miserably as the Mumaks go on a stampede and run into each other XD