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25-05-2009, 16:28
I come from a place where 40k is just starting. In fact it's been just 3 weeks since the people in the store decided to play 40k, and so I have made a board for the shop.

and here it is, a desert board (or I hope it looks like a desert board!!)




pics are a wee bit dark (camera and lighting sucks!)

anyway I would like to hear from you guyz, and what I could improve on to make this and future boards look better!

25-05-2009, 18:52
NICE paintjob!

Not much to improve on really, apart from perhaps the board size. Is it 4 by 4?
4 by 6 is better. But that can be done on a future board.

I did a similar board, but yours looks better. I am curious, how did you texture it?

25-05-2009, 18:55
Looks good

How have you protected it. I've found that sanded boards can wear quite quickly...

30-05-2009, 17:25
Thanks!! and sorry for the no reply, been busy with my army.
And I forgot to mention that I got the idea for the board here:

@daniel: the plyboard I bought is 8'x4', the other half will be divided into 2. The first half will be sanded like the first one, but the other will have a concrete texture. That way we can combine the 2 board for a 4x6 and the remaining concrete thing will be used to place our stuff on.

I used wood glue then sprinkled the sand on top. And I used enamel paints (it's kinda shiny) and it helped seal the sand in.

@ dog: I'm still thinking about how to protect it though, do you have any idea if there's a difference between the spray lacquer or the ones in pots?

Does anyone have any idea on creating concrete or asphalt texture? I looked on the net, but what I found was only good for making small areas like roads.

30-05-2009, 17:34
Enamel paints are probably harder wearing than acrylics...

Spray in varnish is generally the same in protection terms as the brush on stuff, but it's just easier to apply in a smoother manner. I'd sooner use the spray varnish, but use a good few coats.

I was just curious if you had any other plans :D

The colours do look ace...

05-06-2009, 15:41
Ok here's the other half of the board. Now I painted the other half concrete that way we can join the desert part to create a 6x4 board, and have room for our stuff.


the desert part hasn't been painted yet. If the guys at the shop like it then maybe we'll see the rest of the concrete board!!