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29-05-2009, 13:52
I just started playing SBG and I wanted to make sure I got a couple of things right.

When there is a fight involving multiple models, I use the highest fight value of them all regardless who rolled what? Or do I roll separately for each group of fight skill?
if two models with F 4 and two models with F 6 attack a model with F 5.
Do I roll 4 dice, and win in case of a tie, or do I roll 2 dice that will lose in a tie and 2 dice that will win?

Also, in this regard, how does two handed weapon work? do I roll two handed weapons separately?


29-05-2009, 13:53
You use the highest of all the models involved in that fight.

From your examples, in the first example you roll 4 dice and take the highest. If your highest dice ties there, you compare your fight F6 vs their F5 and you'll win. You'll then get the full 4 attacks against their models.

Two handed weapons get a -1 to the dice roll and not your fight value, so you'll roll them separately but you still take the highest dice.

For example, if you have a great weapon orc and a shield orc fighting a gondor man. If the gondor man rolls a 5 and your great weapon orc rolls a 5 (making it a 4) and the shield orc rolls a 6, you'll win and both the great weapon orc and shield orc get to attack.

29-05-2009, 14:13
that is how I thought it worked, thanks.