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30-05-2009, 16:53
I'm about to play my first game of Warmaster next Wednesday, so I've got a question about pursuits. I'm going to color code this question for clarity. Lets say that a unit charges another unit with a supporting unit. Lets say the charging unit wins and pursues the first unit and the unit makes way for the second unit. Does the first unit pursue through the third unit or does this count as a blocked pursue and the charging unit stops where they are or falls back?

30-05-2009, 17:51
upon re-reading the section on making way, I figured out the answer, please ignore this thread.

31-05-2009, 15:54
So, have fun and enjoy your game,

Which armies will be engaged?

31-05-2009, 17:23
I'll be playing one of his armies, probably chaos as high elves are his main army, in warmaster and warhammer. I figured I might as well read all the rules before I get around to actually playing. From what I understand, it seems like an army consisting of nothing but the cheapest unit would probably do very well. something like 20 units in a 1000 point game, it would cost alot, however.

Something like this:

grey seer 130pts
3 clanrat units 120 pts
30 rat swarm units 750 pts

Total 1000 pts
33 units total

With this army, you'd outnumber the enemy 3 or 4 to one, and since everything hits everything else on a 4 out in the open, you'd eventually wear them down, long before they can defeat 17 of your own units.

But of course, I haven't actually played yet, so I could be wrong.

31-05-2009, 18:56
You will not get enough commands off to move the force.
You need more heroes and wizards.
I always up the wizards in a skaven army.
The death frenzy spell cast on a unit of rat swarm can really do a lot of damage when they hit.

31-05-2009, 19:29
True, hero or wizard or two would help, though I was thinking that it might work just to move sections of the army at a time, attacking in waves, or just sitting back and waiting for the enemy to get closer, and just accept a few charges at the beginning, and counter-charge with several units at once, using initiative.

31-05-2009, 23:08
I can not be of very much help becaue I have never played with/against skaven, but It seems to me that is too much (swarms of rats) of one type of troop.

Ok, evrey one plays on his way :) so enjoy, and when the game will be over, please feed us back

01-06-2009, 04:38
I don't ever plan on building an army like that, it would cost and arm and a leg... and my soul ;). Plus it would be pretty boring, very static. I still haven't decided which race I play, if any. I suppose it will depend on how much I like the game.

04-06-2009, 17:22
okay, I played my first game yesterday, I played the high elves, and he played the chaos. It seemed like I was going to win at a point, I had killed a unit of chaos hounds, and two units of marauders, and he hadn't killed anything yet, then his chaos knights and warriors reached my lines with double orders, and completely annihilated them. I lost a most of a chariot unit to the knight charge, I counter charged with a second chariot unit, and failed to kill even a single stand on the knights, on account of their banner of shielding.

I'll have to practice more.

05-06-2009, 19:25
In every game I've played against chaos, if I don't charge and kill the Chaos Knights as soon as I can, it's been a guaranteed loss.

One house rule we've instituted in order to tone them down to a normal point is limiting the number of pursuits and advances to one and one respectively (like in the Warmaster Ancients rules). It keeps the battle from getting silly with that one super-powered cavalry unit endlessly following up and wiping out your whole army in one go.

IMO this is also the problem with the Skaven rat swarm army, given the pursuit rules, you might not even get a chance to counter-charge as a heavy cavalry unit will just mow through a whole line of troops before they can do anything about it.