View Full Version : Project Log: Team orange box

30-05-2009, 23:10
Hello, i am starting 2 project logs today, the other can be found at [EDIT] i have had both projects in mind for along time and have only recently got round to starting both and putting a log up might motivate me to get stuff done! :D

this long is for a project called team:orange box
for those of you not familiar with the games on the orange box, its half life 2, portal and team fortress 2. the idea falls under the method of ech member of the team taking one of the games and making standard W40K army out of it

"so basicly, its a tale of three gamers type thing?"
well, yes really. 2 of the armies are gone [portal to me and half life 2 to Edward Tanish] but our last player is a bit confused about the army he picked, team fortress so suggestions would be welcome.

lists are currently being written and the project is under way! see you on Tuesday and Saturday for regular logs and [hopefully] pictures!