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Cpt. Drill
27-12-2005, 22:53
Using the soon to be New Blood Bowl rules... (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/PBBL_110.pdf)

So the team will soon have a name and gimmick but its stands at...

5x Ogres 700,000
11x Snotlings 220,000
1x re-roll 70,000
1x fanfactor 10,000

So what do you think?

28-12-2005, 04:28
Check this out. I have an ogre team there. http://fumbbl.com/
I find it better to start with higher ff as that cannot be bought or added to later and with a low ff, you get little to no cash from winnings which makes it hard to build your team.

Cpt. Drill
28-12-2005, 22:44
Thanks for that! I may drop a snotling or two to get some high fanfactor!

I was never able to get Fumbbl working on my comp when i tried it a few months ago :(

29-12-2005, 16:42
Another set of BB rules? Dear God, when do they stop rewriting the rules…? And now the Ogres have Snotlings? Where on earth did they come from…?

Ahmm, anyway… Drop an Ogre and some Snotlings. Up your FF and get another RR.
FF is absolutely vital in order to generate income for the team. I usually aim for a FF of three – five with a new team. And as for the RRs, you can never have too many of them. Since they’re hideously expensive to buy once the team is going, I never start a team with less than two…

Cpt. Drill
29-12-2005, 17:34
I used to be the same with re-rolls... but I think this team can easily survive on one re-roll... ogres are pretty bad ass and I wouldnt want to loose any... the plan will be too drop 2 snotlings and get 4 fanfactor!

5x Ogres 700,000
9x Snotlings 180,000
1x re-roll 70,000
5x fanfactor 50,000

29-12-2005, 17:52
Hmm, you might be right. I suppose that Ogres don’t rely as much on skills as on brute strength…

But still, those RRs are nice to have when things get hairy – and they often do! Well, at least they do for me – but then again, my luck with the dice is nearly non-existent…

I’m curious as to how you manage to pull it off. I’ve been thinking about starting an Ogre team myself for a while (those figures are some of the best ever made for BB IMHO), so let me know how it goes…

Cpt. Drill
29-12-2005, 18:05
Well we are playing a Tourny tommorow so hopefully all will go well...

...I will inform you on what goes down!

29-12-2005, 18:10
The ogre team is apparently very weak, a skilled opponent will just cripple the snots immediately. And you'll need loads of re-rolls if you want to win games with them.

29-12-2005, 18:23
Well, they are considered to be a tier 3 team…

This is one of the things that I find VERY strange with the current BB rules. Apparently, some teams are not supposed to be able to win games – or, at the most, win only a few. :wtf:

Well, the original BB rules (from back when you could still buy the box) was not entirely balanced either. But all team had a fighting chance. In fact, some of the most terrifying teams I’ve ever met were Haflings…
But those days are long gone. The Little and Big Guys are not supposed to win anymore… :(

That’s why I’m so curious as to how Cpt. Drill is going to pull it off…

Cpt. Drill
30-12-2005, 19:57
Well I won one of my games and lost the other...

I beat Dwarfs without too much difficulty although I did loose 2 snotlings to death and an ogre had to sit out the next game... the score was 2 - 1

Then no TD's were scored in the second game until turn three of the second half when we both scored pretty quickly then there was a terrible fight near my touchdown area but I lost the last two turns of the game through failing bad rolls at the start of the turns... :(

I think ogres are difficult to win.. but you really have to pick your fights becasue one ogre can easily be taken down.. also snotlings need to be really agressive with there titchey and dodge skills they are good for providing tackle zones and discounting supports... and if you can get 4 togther then they can 2dice block humans...

I enjoyed the ogre team alot... and we will keep going to see if the can survive tha long haul!

01-01-2006, 19:19
Well, enjoying the game is the most important thing. As long as you’re having fun, winning is a secondary thing. Right…?

Congrats on your performance. It sounds like you were actually close to going 2 – 0. Not bad for a tier 3 team – not bad at all.

Any chance to see a pic or two of your team?

Cpt. Drill
01-01-2006, 20:09
Okays I will try and find a usb lead... then post some piccys!

Probobly in a week.. as I havent finished the ogres....