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14-06-2009, 04:24
Tell me what you think about my Chaos Knight. Criticisme will be highley appreciated.






14-06-2009, 15:50
A pretty good paint job for a beginner. The skulls in particular look good.

To improve, the main thing you need to do is slow down and layer on your highlights more neatly, and thin down your paints somewhat.

A little bit more advanced technique would be to darkline some of the more textured areas to help distinguish them from their background, shield emblem in particular. You do this by either leaving a thin line of black undercoat showing in the creases or by painting on a very watery black in the recesses to create shadows.

A textured base would help a lot- nothing fancy, but sand primered, painted brown and highlighted lighter brown would look good. A little static grass and you've got what 'eavy metal guys do.

It might just be the lighting but the horse looks very green- not a good contrast color to the red armor in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing! Keep at it and don't get discouraged.