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02-01-2006, 13:18
Tł - Tabeltop Tournaments - The site completely dedicated to tabletop tournaments

Tł is a central place for tournament players and organisators. Till now the main problem of tabletop tournaments (with the exception of a small number) was, that they were done only in a certain circle of people. One knows another one who knows another one who organises a tournament and so on. Many tournaments are only known locally and the have a lack of players. On the organisators side there was a big load of work, when the registration was running and you have to handle countless numbers of emails or telephone calls. Tł puts an end to all this problems by offering on the one side an overview about all tournaments in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France and even beyond this borders. And on the other side a comfortable and mighty administration of registrations and so on for players and organisators. The best point is that the data is always up-to-date based on the database support. What's worse than a cumbersomely tournament registration where anybody looses the clear sight?

Now thanks to Matthias, who did a great job with Tł, the site is now avaible not only in german. The site is runing here in germany for now near 2 years and it has become to a center part of the german tournament scene.

Also the tournament software is now downloadable with english as first language.

The Site is now "open" for new countrys: if there is interesst to have a english site, please contakt us. Also other languages are posible.