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01-07-2009, 20:01

Hello chaps,

So another exciting month. Just one more months painting to go! The finish line is in sight.

Everyone should be between 1,800 - 2,200 points (depending on how many jokers you have used). Some of these armies should be looking very complete. Just one more moth to add any final touches to finish it off.

This is the thread on which you post your work for month ELEVEN. (The work you have done in the month of JUNE).
Please make only one post per army in the first week.

Your post should include:

1) The description and points of the unit AND YOUR TOTAL POINTS SO FAR.
2) Any additional information you care to share with us about your painting.
3) Up to four photographs of your months work and the army so far.


You can use up to four photographs (the maximum allowed in a post by warseer). To show us your months painting and the 'army' so far. The best size for showing your work is 640x480 (It can be smaller or you can use ‘thumbs’ which link to bigger pictures but they must not be bigger or it takes too long for the pages to load). The best thing to do is to resize them, wherever you are hosting your images, and then drag and drop the ‘img code’ directly into the text.


AFTER THE FIRST WEEK ... This thread will become the 'normal' ... comment and crit’ of others work, Work In Progress (WIP) pictures of your work as it develops, how you are getting on, seeking advice and encouragement for your ideas and your painting and generally chatting about the project, life and the cosmos.

However, please continue to only post your work for the first week. This is to give everyone a chance to post up their finished work before it gets lost amongst a sea of chat and WIP shots.

The MONTH 10 Thread will remain open through-out this week so folks have somewhere to continue to chat about the Tale.

I hope everyone has had a great months painting.
I look forward to seeing everyone’s work.

All the best


The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of August 2008 and finishing with their last post on the last day of July 2009.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.



02-07-2009, 09:17
Barack's Daemocratic War-party

Army: Warriors of Chaos (Tzeentch & Slaanesh)

Painted this month:

James Jones, Warband Security Advicer @ 200 pts
Chaos Sorcerer, level 2
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Hand weapon & chaos armour
- Book of Secrets
- Spell Familiar
- Disc of Tzeentch

Riders of Uncompromise @ 96 pts
5 Marauder Horsemen
- Mark of Slaanesh
- Flail
- Light armour
- Musician

Total so far: 2485 pts (285 pts ahead of schedule)






And the group shot:

Background: It has been a quiet month for my general, Barack the Bringer of Change, for once. He's only sent his army out twice, once to squash the Vampire Counts and once in a minor border skirmish with the Wood Elves where newcomer James Jones toasted a Treeman with Flickering Fire. The forces of Nurgle are obviously eager to find out what Barack is plotting, because they sent a fly familiar to spy on him, but the Sorcerer Lord reacted quickly and squished the daemonic insect, to much protests from the followers of Nurgle.

New man on the team, James Jones was hired when Barack mistook him for another James Jones with a different middle name. As it turned out, having a Warband Security Advicer with no eyes, ears, nose or mouth had its downsides, so Barack gifted him with a familiar, Bo the Wonder Dog (at least Barack claims that this is a dog and James is not actually capable of telling the difference) and also the book, Black Magic for Dummies to aid him in his spellcasting.

Modeling: Disc rider is a 3rd edition model available through the GW website, from the same series of models as my general. His familar is from the 6th edition Tzeentch Sorcerer. The Disc is made in the usual manner, but with more goblin bows used for tentacles this time. Horsemen are standard with a few bitz from the Marauder infantry sprue and the horn from the Chaos Warrior sprue.

Painting: I found a new way of painting human skin by accident (I took the wrong pot). Brown Sand as the base gives a much better tone than the Vallejo 'proper' skin colours. Otherwise nothing really new.

Basing: Surface of the Disc has thin slices of slate and several layers of white glue to be water, painted black and given several washes of ogryn flesh to make it look wet. Then I added clumps of static grass and clump foliage, drybrused brown.

Highs this month: Disc rider was quite quick to do, which was great, and he came out looking quite good too.

And lows: Painting Horsemen - all those fiddly little details.

Yet to do: Looking at other people's swamp bases, I see they add roots and things. I might want to do something like that.

Next month: Chaos Ogres (I'm currently converting a unit of these) and possibly some character models.

02-07-2009, 17:07
Sadly, it was just too nice weather and too many short skirts about to stay inside and paint. So:

Coming week, I'll be on holiday... After that, I'll attempt to get back to some painting. Still need to finish 24 models, so that's really going to be a pain...

On another note, about the tables...
I submitted a PM to Harry with the latest tables, so probably he'll post them in the first post. For now, see below and check your data... Sadly, quite a few did not respond last month, or even for two month's. All those with a dark-orange Joker or dark-red Out, did not give a sign of life. Just that you all know.
If something is wrong, get in touch. I'll fix anything as soon as I get back on the 13th.


02-07-2009, 17:15
Obviously you missed my entry. :eyebrows:

03-07-2009, 17:58
Hello chaps!

Work, a ton of overtime, the Quart festival, too many nights drinking and generally everything else life has to throw at you has made it impossible for me to finish this month.. So:

A joker from me this month:(

Ego Ninja
04-07-2009, 21:30
As ive reached the 2000 point mark I thought I would do something a little different this month and paint some terrain.

Behold the Temple of Skulls!


Ill take a pic alongside the army at some point and update this post.


05-07-2009, 22:05
Erm... Hello?

I have managed to finish my entry for this month, and it should be dry for pictures tomorrow.

How is everybody else doing?

05-07-2009, 23:58
I'm not part of this tale but I thought I'd share what I did.

Completed: 20 grave guard w/ full command and vampire

Pros: Did this all in a week

Lows: The wash on the vampire is from the end of the pot so it's twice as dark as I wanted


07-07-2009, 15:57
Dark Elves.

Unit: 15 Black Guard including command.

Points: 230

Army Total Points: 3644

Models: 124

Background: Malakieths Bodyguard have arrived, does this foreshadow his personal presenceis soon to be felt, or is there something the Dreadlords should be worried about.

Build/Conversion: Straight from blisters.

Painting: Nothing special, just lots of black armour, was going to make it glossy, but decided against it, will have to put some gloss varnish on the black pearl at the top of the standard tho.

Basing: Sand, GW Charadon Granite, Vallejo MC Stone Grey, flock/static grass.

Highs/Lows:Another lot finished at the very last minute.

Still to do: They're done.

Black Guard.

Army so far.
Part 1.

Part 2.

Next Month: The big guy himself, on his dragon, and maybe a movement tray for the shades.

07-07-2009, 16:44
@ Avian - yet another very nice disc & those marauders are excellent too. The army actually looks pretty big now & I'm looking forward to seeing it expand during next years TOFP (I am right in thinking you're continuing them aren't I?)

@ Ego Ninja - very nice to see some scenery in here & that's painted to a very high standard, looking forward to seeing your army lined up with it

@ BlueSabre - very nice stuff again. No need to do a movement tray though, shades are skirmishers!

I'm going to need until (at least) the 14th to get my stuff done but I am actually painting again & actually enjoying it so there is hope that'll I'll catch up

07-07-2009, 18:54
Vampire Counts

4,908 points



25 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) = 220 points

10 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield) to bolster the other units to 25 strong = 80 points

24 Grave Guard (including full command) = 318 points

5 Blood Knights (including full command) = 325 points

Vampire = 100 points

Konrad = 145 points

Necromancer = 55 points

Necromancer = 55 points

Count Mannfred (riding barded Nightmare) = 495 points

Total for this month = 1,793 points.... Phew!
Model Count = 69 this month!


Sort of a lord being turned and his loyal retainers have risen from the grave to serve him in all eternity.
Either that or he just leads a load of dead people...

Straight out of the box (or blister in this case).

I use the Wargames Foundry Paint System so my colours will be a little different to the GW names.

Using a mixture of bases from Back-2-Base-IX (dirt) and Foundations of War (battle debris). Undercoated black, drybrushed with all three drab colours, with the stones picked out with all three granite colours. Varnished (dullcote) and static grass added. Drilled, Pinned, Glued & Magnetised!
Have used cotton wool on the ethereal models to try for that "ghostly" effect.

Banner on the skellies & grave guard. Give some attention to the "statueness" of the wraiths & spirit host. "Bloody" the army up a bit - it looks too clean at the moment.

Skeletons easy to paint, as were the necromancers. Decided to use army painter on the characters as a shade, then revisit to highlight and repair any areas. I am very pleased with the results.

Hated the Blood Knights. Hated them. They are a pig to fit together and are unfinished (reins don't actually meet with their hands so they look dumb in my opinion. Have used green stuff to connect reins to hand. Later I found out that it is reasonably easy to convert the new plastic chaos knights and wished that I had done this.
There is no way that Mannfred will fit into the Blood Knights unit, so my original plan to use him as a Dread Knight has been shot down!


Vampire Lord (205 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (Ghoulkin) (125 points)

Count Mannfred (riding barded Nightmare) (495 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Vampire (100 points)

Konrad (145 points)

Necromancer (55 points)

Necromancer (55 points)

Necromancer (Corpse Cart) (130 points)

Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer) (100 points)

Wight King (95 points)

20 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (180 points)

20 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (180 points)

20 Ghouls (including Ghast) (168 points)

20 Ghouls (including Ghast) (168 points)

5 Dire Wolves (40 points)

5 Dire Wolves (40 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

20 Zombie Horde (including standard & musician) (92 points)

25 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield with full command) (220 points)

10 Skeleton Warriors (hand weapon, shield) to bolster the other units to 25 strong (80 points)

5 Black Knights (full command and barding) (180 points)

4 Fell Bats (80 points)

20 Grave Guard (including full command) (270 points)

24 Grave Guard (including full command) (318 points)

4 Spirit Host (260 points)

5 Blood Knights (including full command) (325 points)

5 Cairn Wraiths (including Banshee) (275 points)

1 Varghulf (175 points)

5,040 points...........and rising

Have a unit of zombies & 5 dire wolves to finish the entire army & all of my undead collection.

I do want to apologise for the sheer level of points this month - I have put a lot of time into finishing this army (didn't quite finish last years tale to my satisfaction - and regretted it ever since).

We are now into the last month of painting for this year - lets make it a good one!


07-07-2009, 18:59
And here's the missing Vampire & Army Shot


Thanks for looking!


08-07-2009, 00:42
@ Avian: Very nice once again. Though I think I may have preferred the other James Jones :p. Can't wait to see the other 4 disc riding characters in the next TOFP.

@ Ego Ninja: Nice work. Though I've got to convince myself that someone went and carved all of those skulls out of rocks for the fun of it to like the actual model, they're just too big for my liking...

@ Malorian: Good job. Looking forward to seeing your stuff in the next TOFP

@ Bluesabre: Great work. The Black Guard are fantastic. Wish I could have painted 3600pts for my DE in the last TOFP ;)

@ SuavelyDunn: And there is the push for 5000pts I was hoping for :D. You painted nearly a full army in the time span it takes most of us to do 200pts :eek:. The purple on the Necromancer robes is just stunning, can't believe they turned out like that from just a dip...

I should have my last model all painted up either today or early tomorrow so expect pictures from me tomorrow. They wont be based but I've now got myself into a comfortable position to finish without rushing, so I can paint the 6 models for this month and base the lot (and maybe the shields for everything :p) in time to post next month.


08-07-2009, 07:23
@ SuavelyDunn: And there is the push for 5000pts I was hoping for :D. You painted nearly a full army in the time span it takes most of us to do 200pts :eek:. The purple on the Necromancer robes is just stunning, can't believe they turned out like that from just a dip...

Thanks! I don't think that my family has seen me much this month!

The purple on the Necromancer robes is Royal Purple shade (Foundry paints) and then dipped (I paint it on rather than dunking the miniature). I then went back with the Royal Purple shade, mid & highlight before a wash with GW Leviathan Purple to tie it all together.


08-07-2009, 13:49
Thanks guys :)

@ Johnmaul: Yes, I will be in the next tale with an extension of this army. I haven't quite settled on how to do it yet, though, since I have a high number of character models I'd like to paint (enough for 2000 pts on their own!) in addition to a battalion box with add-ons.

@ Ego Ninja: That is a very good looking piece of terrain, but how useful is it in the game. Could you take a few pics of it with units inside it?

@ Bluesabre: Nice Black Guard, but shouldn't you be painting something to decorate the banner?

@ SuavelyDunn: Now, that is just cheating. ;) Joking aside, that is a most impressive army you have after one year and it really shows the benefits of your painting method. Much applause. :)

08-07-2009, 16:16
How is everybody else doing?

Not so good.

I have to play my third Joker and the chances are slim that I'll manage to get my VC army done (job, new job, voluntary work, water damage and life in general...).
And after your job complaining about having to do 500 points in one months would look kinda ridiculous.

I hope I'll get at least something done this month, but to be on the safe side, the army as it currently stands, which can serve as a good-bye picture should I not manage to finish some core troops:

09-07-2009, 12:07
How is everybody else doing?
I have not yet given up. :p

Currently I am forced to concentrate on a 40K army. I have to field 1500 points on Wednesday for a game and I need to bring some minis to a playable standard. Nevertheless, the tale minis have already reached a good state and I am sure, that you will see them later this month. :)

Have fun,


Magos Explorator
09-07-2009, 17:31
SuavelyDunn: Great progress, you are a painting machine almost to rival even Harry!

Magos Explorator's High Elves of Nagarythe
~200 points painting, ~ 1800 points total (9 months, 2 jokers)

This month I've started painting what I've got left (Shadow Warriors and Spearmen), as well as getting to Teclis. My army's now got one too many characters but I should still be on track for 2,000 legal points by the end of next month.

So first is Teclis; he didn't turn out so well as I'd have hoped, as I found him a bit fiddly to get to some of the details on. Still I think he looks alright! Apologies that one of the photos is a little blurry.

http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/teclis_front.jpg http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/teclis_back.jpg

Next I've got the first 5 of my 12 Shadow Warriors; 4 of these are I believe from Mordheim while the Champion is from the current/previous range. The Mordheim sculpts are a little funny but I think they fit in ok.


The remaining 7 are from the same range as the champion, and I'm going to try to get a few more done over the next month.

Last up is the beginnings of my Spearmen regiment, made up of the 4th edition plastics. Nice, easy and fun to paint! Again I've got a bunch more still to come. The Champion was actually painted a while ago.


The colours and techniques used for these models are as I've done before.

I don't have an army shot but think it's starting to look quite impressive on my shelf! I doubt I'll finish all of my High Elves by next month but I should be able to make 2000 points then finish the remaining handful at my leisure.

09-07-2009, 18:24
@ SuavellyDunn - absolutely awesome stuff & I love those Necromancers. That is a lot of painting for one month & shames some of us here (me in particular!)

@ Magos Explorator - cool looking stuff, i think your Teclis has come out very well. I do like those Mordheim shadow warriors but I do think that the other style one in them makes the unit look a bit funny so could you replace him with another of the Mordheim ones?

My stuff is coming although not particularly quickly. My Cold Ones are about half done & I've almost finished 5 crossbowmen which still leaves me 16 models plus my 40k stuff to get done!

Magos Explorator
10-07-2009, 16:33
@Jonah: Thanks. I have got 8 of the new Shadow Warriors and 4 of the Mordheim, so I think they should look ok when all together. I just happened to paint all the Mordheim ones first. ;-)

11-07-2009, 08:38
Thanks guys :)
@ SuavelyDunn: Now, that is just cheating. ;) Joking aside, that is a most impressive army you have after one year and it really shows the benefits of your painting method. Much applause. :)

Cheers! After gaming for 20+ years I had never managed to get a painted army. Now I have for two reasons; Army Painter & TOFP. Still undecided on what to paint for next year - at the moment it's either Wood Elves or Dwarfs, or maybe 40k Orks....

SuavelyDunn: Great progress, you are a painting machine almost to rival even Harry!

Praise indeed! Don't ever want to do that many points in a month again. Ever.

@ SuavellyDunn - absolutely awesome stuff & I love those Necromancers. That is a lot of painting for one month & shames some of us here (me in particular!)

Thank you - I never liked the old necromancers and thought that "evil wizards" would be best covered by humans & so bought the Empire box set. There are some nice models produced by other companies, and I have a couple, but I wanted the army to be majority GW minis. No shame intended - it almost killed me!

11-07-2009, 09:07
@Avian - Yay more Disc riders! Great job on the face - to give a hint of definition on a flat surface is a good achievement. Much prefer the new Marauder horsemen and another great paintjob on these. Army looks excellent. Love the background story, Bo the Wonder Dog lol!

@Ego Ninja - Good job on the temple.

@Malorian - Welcome! Like the banner & congrats on 21 models in a week!. Will you be with the TOFP next year?

@Bluesabre - Another great unit - I don’t envy you with shading all that black armour. Army looks brilliant.

@EmperorNorton - Sorry to hear that real life got in the way of the important things ;) Army looks great and there’s always next year to finish the army...

@Magos Explorator - Don’t worry about the army being legal, it helps but not essential. Besides, it’s nice to paint a character sometimes amidst all the troops. How have you done the metal on Teclis staff & helmet?

11-07-2009, 10:08
Army : Brettonian rules Chaos army

This months painting: Fay enchantress = 545 points

Background theme : Kaldours Knights, a character from the liber chaotica, an all cavalry army of traitors from the Empire Tilea and Brettonia who have sought favour in the realm of chaos. Painted as templars as a homage my commander in chief and also to try and tie all the different styles together

Build/ Conversion : just the bog standard gw mounted sorcerer and a toad familiar I found which I think is rack ham sorry forgot to take a picture

Still to do : just need to do the base but I’m hoping to finish in style next month and hopefully you guys will enjoy my take on Pegasus knights

Highs and Lows : tackling some freehand, didn’t quite work initially was too busy but kind of happy with what I attempted and hope to improve with practice. Quite chuffed with having a fully painted army and sticking with the tale oh and nearly typing fat enchanteress which made my daughter chuckle at my lack of typing skills

Army so far: Fay Enchantress =545points
5 grail knights =190 points
10 knights of the realm = 192 points
Paladin bsb = 74 points
5 knights errant =100 points
Paladin = 76 points
10 questing knights =280 points
Lord =140 points
6 knights of the realm =144 points
10 mounted yeomen =150 points
12 bowmen =72 points
8 grail guardians =304 points

Total 2267 points

Yep I know I’m a character heavy but with next months points plus command upgrades, magical items and virtues I could nudge 3k

this months


and the other side


11-07-2009, 11:21
afternoon gents comments so far and hope to see you all in the last month taking part has been more enjoyable than i thought it would and would like to thank you for getting me this far

Avian; great work on James especially the armour, the marauder horsemen are very neat and crisply painted and the army looks awesome

Ego ninja; temple of skulls looks great

Malorian; the weapons have come out very well and nice work on the banner

Blue sabre; excellent black guard they’ve been finished really well you have an awesome army

Suavely dunn; the armour has been done really well as have the necromancers , and each time I look at your characters I notice something else to admire

Emperor Norton; shame to leave your fantastic army on the sidelines can you not carry over into the next tale with the “boys” ?

Magos exploratory; I think teclis has come out really well dunno why but I really like the way the staff has been done the spearmen are awesome and the shields are great

on a side note as its getting harder to remain focused now the signups for the next tale are up and the lure of the shiny things is hard to ignore if Harry does get a separate section for the tale how about a gallery of the completed armies from each year hall of fame styley ?

11-07-2009, 11:27
@ EmperorNorton: Well you've gotten a full army done already, which is more then most of us so you can't be doing too bad :p. I shall be following your log to see them finished if you don't get anymore done in the TOFP.

@ Magos Explorator: Great work. Does the model on the right in the last picture have a monkey cape though? Looks odd, especially on an elf.

@ nagged: :eek: The robes on the Fey Enchantress looks amazing. I don't think your pictures have been doing your paint jobs justice so far. I mean everything looked good, but that is just wow. Just wow. I wish we could get some better pictures of your models now :p. And I'm casting my vote to seeing Warriors of Chaos rather then Undead from you in the next TOFP.


11-07-2009, 17:04
Comment time again, not gonna be a very long post I think atm.

Avian: More of that lovely yellow,good use of the older models. Marauders look good too, though personally I find 2h flails a bit odd for cavalry.
Look forward to the Ogres.
Ego Ninja: Nice work on the temple and well done on finishing 2000 points.
Bluesabre: Mememememememeeeeeee! ;)
SuavelyDunn: That is a monsterous effort! Well done on doing so much in such little time. Your whole force is quite an imposing army too look at now. I agree, many folks would be overjoyed just having your months work for an army.
Magos Explorator: Nicely done, the spearman champ is an older White Lion champ/standard bearer isn't it? Reminds me I have that Teclis figure to paint at some stage as well.
Nagged: Cool looking enchantress. Like the freehand, well done.

Some replies now.

@Jonahmaul: Thanks, movement tray will be for display purposes, I'm running out of shelf space again.
@Doi: Thanks, not done yet. And the points shall keep rolling on into the next Tale.
@Avian: Thanks, I left the banner blank on purpose, I figured they're the "Black Guard" they dont need any fancy designs, the sight of their black banner should be enough to bring fear to their enemies.
@SuavelyDunn: Thanks, I kept the armour pretty simple with just one highlight on the raised edges.
@nagged: Thank you.

Well, will just have too see what the rest of the month brings us.

12-07-2009, 11:59
@ Jimjim
Don't be kidding. As far as I know, you already surpassed 2400 points worth of painting, so you will granted 12x 'painted' on the list.

Nephilim of Sin
12-07-2009, 23:30
Um...remember me? Mind if I still partake and pull a 'mini-Harry' (especially since I technically would be at about the current points if I had listened to Braad and Doi and included upgrades....)?

Da White Orcs; The Skulltaka Clan of the Once and Future Git

Points: 530

Army Total Points: 1797 (or 2047 with upgrades!)

Models: 128

Unit: *Black Orc Warboss Grimfang Blackteef
*30 Orc Boyz with HW/SD
*Orc Battle Standard Bearer (will go in with Big Uns)

Black Orc Warboss Grimfang Blackteef on 'Da Meatgrinda':


Battle Standard Bearer:

'White' Orc Boyz w/ HW/SD:



And the horrible Army Shot:
Background: Black Orc Warboss Grimfang Blackteef has agreed to lend his impressive Black Orc Horde to the growing Waaagh!!! of the Warboss of the Skull Taka clan (and perhaps the true Once and Future Git). Yearning for a fight himself, he has agreed to lead a small combined force; unknown to him, however, the 'Once and Future Git' is actually sending his boyz to watch and see if Grimfang can actually 'cut it'; a unnamed Shaman also agreed to watch the force to oversee how the White Orcs Warboss's plan works out....

Build/Conversion: Lots!

Since I have so many chariots for this army, I decided to make one for a Warboss; yet, the chariots themselves seem too weedy. Thus, the 'Meatgrinda' was born! Lots of Black Orc axes lent their plasticy lives to the creation, giving the chariot some very 'scythey' scythes. The Warboss himself was already made when I got him in an E-bay deal, and I liked the conversion so much I decided to make him a 'proppa' Warboss.

The Boyz are like the SpOrcs; each have customized shields, with no repeats for the shield bosses. Some of the weapons are converted as well.

The Standard Bearer is made with previous edition Ork Boyz bitz, the Warboss kit's flag, some Ogre Bitz, and some Black Orc Bitz, and made 'proppa spikey' like the Big Uns will be. He will eventually have a shield, only because he won't be the armies BSB in the longer scheme of things (still have over 8,000 more O&G to paint, after all!).

Painting: Same as before, although, and it might not show up on the pics, I tried to be adventurous and decided on Black for the chariot, with edge highlights of Shadow Grey and then Fortress Grey, then a couple of Badab Black Washes.

Had trouble with the Banner, as it wasn't textured, so my recipe stolen for the 'Chocolate' Brown look wouldn't work. In the end, I just decided on some glazes of Black to try and give it the illusion of shadows, but I am not sure that it worked. Might retouch it some when the next set of Big Uns are ready.

Basing: Same as before, but with more Static Grass this time.

Highs/Lows:(Hopefully) Being able to stay in the Tale! I almost have a full army painted now! (and technically do with upgrades and such!).

Still to do: Small details here and there need to be picked out, as always. Although that will be a lot easier to do (mentally) now that they are almost all done.

Next Month: Sadly, since I still haven't gotten a new job, it looks like the Once and Future Git won't make it this outing. So, a unit of Big Uns will fill in the rest of the points.

I will be back to comment later, and apologize that I have not been around to comment the past few months. Things, as always, have been hectic, but just know that I have been paying attention, and have seen some beautiful work, even if I have not commented on it yet!

13-07-2009, 01:00
Um, who are you again? :p

Oh yes, the one who kept going on about my lion rider unit. It is getting done this month I swear it :angel:

Joking aside, thats a very nice Orc army there. The Meatgrinder is fantastic, even if the axe at the front makes me think it gets used to plow the fields ;)


Nephilim of Sin
13-07-2009, 02:26
Black Orcs have to pay for that snazzy armor somehow...;) Farm...um...Warboss Blackteef makes sure his men are well armed and armored!

Can't wait to see those lions! I was amazed when I saw the preview for them, what, a year ago? At this point, they might be finished when Harry finally finishes all those Wolf Riders :p.

13-07-2009, 03:09
Well I did say it was only a preview :p.

I only had two lions at the time and I've been slowly getting the other four over the course of the TOFP as they dont come cheap when you are buying a High Elf Chariot just for the lions. One chariot has gotten used though, and I've found a use for the other one so it hasn't worked out too bad in the end. I'm just thankful I didn't decide to mount goblins on Bloodcrushers :D. I have a mate who wants eight of them in a unit. I think my entire army would be cheaper then that :p


Magos Explorator
13-07-2009, 16:15
@ Magos Explorator: Great work. Does the model on the right in the last picture have a monkey cape though? Looks odd, especially on an elf.

It's a bear, although the angle and skin tone I used at that time don't help. ;)

Magos Explorator: Nicely done, the spearman champ is an older White Lion champ/standard bearer isn't it? Reminds me I have that Teclis figure to paint at some stage as well.

That's correct, the Marauder early 1990s range. :)

nagged: The Sorceror looks great, although the pictures are a little blurry! I'd like to see some sharper ones perhaps next month.

13-07-2009, 16:52
Looks like someone is back in business!
Since we tend to go with upgrades anyway, I note you down for 2047 points, and a single joker.

Good to see you back, Nephilim!

14-07-2009, 09:34
Well I've painted everything I need to to be up to date (though with two jokers) as of yesterday. But I'm currently waiting for even an hour of daylight that isn't horribly overcast outside for pictures. If I don't get it tomorrow I'll just resort to pictures taken in poor light :(.

Then half a month to paint my final unit :D


14-07-2009, 11:54
@EmperorNorton - Sorry to hear that real life got in the way of the important things ;) Army looks great and there’s always next year to finish the army...

I'm still trying to get this done, or maybe I should say Dunn.
The last two weeks I've spent my hobby time assembling 60 skellingtons (and maybe it would have been smarter to spend that time painting the already assembled zombies), which I plan on dipping.
I don't know whether to glue on the shields before basecoating or after, though. Any tips?

14-07-2009, 14:10
Nephilim that chariot looks absolutely crazy!!! :D

14-07-2009, 15:29
@ Braad:
Hehe :) Well looks like Im gonna post my entire army soon.. Got too much work so can't get my Night Gobbos done in this tale. :( Just need to get them painted to September, as Im participating in a tourney.. Know Im going to be smashed to a pulp, but between 6 and 9 fanatics, 20 Hoppers, and a Bigboss on Cave squig will surely make things interesting!

14-07-2009, 20:01
I'm still trying to get this done, or maybe I should say Dunn.
The last two weeks I've spent my hobby time assembling 60 skellingtons (and maybe it would have been smarter to spend that time painting the already assembled zombies), which I plan on dipping.
I don't know whether to glue on the shields before basecoating or after, though. Any tips?

Personally, I painted the shields and skellies separately and the glued the shields on just before varnishing.
As a cheat, I used the army painter skeleton bone spray then picked out armour, gold and any bits of leather before painting on the dip. One of the reasons I have 75 skeletons in my army! You can just use white undercoat which will give a more sun bleached finish.

Hope that helps!


14-07-2009, 20:29
I have a can of skeleton bone spray, but I think I'll go for a white undercoat anyway.
And I planned on painting the shields seperately, so I'll stick to that plan. Thanks!

17-07-2009, 21:21
Did everyone around here die or something? We need entries!

I got to say, right I don't think I'll actually manage to finish my last bit in time. Still need to assemble 19 gobbo's, and paint 30 + 4 spider riders... And I just don't have the time :(

18-07-2009, 08:42

No I'm still around, just painting the wrong army at the moment...

but on the plus side i now have 15 beastmen painted up! Still on track to finish my archers and carrion for this month but then comes a dilemma...more ushabti or more tomb guard for month 12?!

18-07-2009, 11:22
Did everyone around here die or something? We need entries!

I got to say, right I don't think I'll actually manage to finish my last bit in time. Still need to assemble 19 gobbo's, and paint 30 + 4 spider riders... And I just don't have the time :(

I'm not dead!

I'm just presently lacking a camera that can connect with the computer that works....

But that should be remedied by the end of the week.

On the plus side, I've finished painting the lions for my lion riders :D. Now nine goblins and I'm done. Except for basing like 800pts of the army... but I didn't say that

And I thought you'd already painted the 2000pts Braad (the table says otherwise it seems), so I think I can let you off the hook :p


Nephilim of Sin
19-07-2009, 02:12
I promised I would have some comments!

Avian: Must say, looking at that second picture, you have done a fantastic job with the metals. They are crisp, clean, and appropriately shiny. Love the Disc Horde you have now, and the entire army looks wonderful!

Ego Ninja: Great job staying in the game! The Temple of Skulls is looking really good. I wasn't too sold on the mold lines with the Skulls at first, but since they are all in the same place, it looks 'appropriate' for stone work. We need to see it alongside your army now!

Malorian: Glad to see you that you'll be part of the next tale. I do like the color scheme you have going there, but I think the bases are my favorite part of the unit. They don't detract, nor do they look out of place. Really helps to define the models.

Bluesabre: The Blackguard are looking great, and appropriately dark! That is quite the army you have grown there, and it has been a treat seeing them expand! The only thing is, will there not be a rune or something for the standard? It looks good as is, but I think a lil' something might help embellish it.

SuavelyDunn: Almost 5000 pts.!?! You are indeed, a 'crazy nutter', or at least I think that is the right phrase. Everything is looking fantastic, but I have to agree with others that the Necros are were this month's entry stands out. They look awesome. Even if that army shot is insane :D.

EmporerNorton: Hope you get the chance to churn out some more Undead, but I do see how 500 points in their core could be a chore...and then some. Still, the army looks great as it stands, and I do hope to one day see it finished!

Magos Explorator: Don't know what you don't like about your Teclis, I think it looks great! The color scheme just works so well, not to mention that the painting is well done. I am not as sold on the Shadow Warriors, but perhaps an army shot would help with that. Also, the 4th ed. Spearmen are looking really good, which can be very hard to do with those mono-pose models, but you have definitely pulled it off so far.

nagged: Can't really see too much from the pics, but from what I can make out the 'Fay Enchantress' is looking pretty wicked. The horns seem to be nicely colored, working well with the scheme for the horse and clothe. Of course, we need better pics!

19-07-2009, 16:52
@ nagged - slightly blurry pictures but looking pretty good all the same

@ Nephilim of Sin - welcome back into the Tale & congratulations on some awesome stuff, that Warboss in particular is cool as hell

@ Braad - I'm still hanging on it but haven't been getting much painting done (just a little bit every night, no more than an hour) because of working so much & other commitments. I'm hoping to get my stuff posted asap although I'm going to be well behind then with my stuff for the final month & the first month of the next Tale (especially as I can't afford the glade riders for my dark rider conversions until the 28th when I get paid)

20-07-2009, 05:49
Sorry, not had time to look at everyone's entries yet, will have a thorough look through when I have some pictures to contribute!

Righty ho, things not going well for me at the moment. I'm still aiming to have the army done by the first week of august. I'd hoped to have it done sooner, but have had to do things like graduate for the second time, decorate the walls (so painting of sorts, just not the good kind) and I'm off on holiday next week. This wouldn't normally be a problem but I've gone for a really elaborate unit conversion wise to finish the tale off. It will bring me up to the required points limit as well! I'll edit this to have a WIP pic later on!

In other words, consider me to be 'hanging in' at the moment!

21-07-2009, 09:00
Unfortunately I've had a neck injury so I can't paint anymore (at least for a couple of months). As a result I have to drop out of the tale... I'm hoping to be back for the next tale though to finish my dwarfs...

21-07-2009, 16:45
Unfortunately I've had a neck injury so I can't paint anymore (at least for a couple of months). As a result I have to drop out of the tale... I'm hoping to be back for the next tale though to finish my dwarfs...

Sorry to hear that, I hope you have a speedy recovery

@Everyone still in: Fantastic work this month from all of you, hopefully next year I can complete the tale!

21-07-2009, 18:09
I'll edit this to have a WIP pic later on!

It's better to post your pics at the end, as many people don't tend to look back in threads...

Unfortunately I've had a neck injury so I can't paint anymore (at least for a couple of months). As a result I have to drop out of the tale... I'm hoping to be back for the next tale though to finish my dwarfs...

Health first, paint second. I hope you get better soon!

21-07-2009, 21:23
I'm thinking it's more & more unlikely that I'm going to finish with 2000 points, I still haven't finished half my stuff for this months entry yet & have very limited painting time still over the next few weeks so I think I'm just going to be posting in the final thread with what I've got finished by then which should be 1800 points.

@ Doi - don't worry, those heads you sent me will still get put to good use as I still intend to make the 2 extra units of Dark Riders, they'll jsut be made at a more leisurely pace with the time that I have spare during next years Tales having only entered with a more manageable single army!

22-07-2009, 00:19
Well it's not like I can ask for them back because it is going to take you a little longer to do them :p. As long as I eventually see pictures I'll be happy ;)


22-07-2009, 14:01
Why are there not more pictures here? Thought players were supposed to put 4 pics of updates here every month!

22-07-2009, 16:33
It's been a looooong year and some are running out of steam and falling at the final hurdle. It happens every year. This 200 points every month lark is not as easy as it looks! :D

I have done two of my three armies. I will get some pics up later on.

22-07-2009, 19:44
As Harry says, the last hurdle is always the hardest. That and the excitement generated for the next tale of painters!

I have almost finished the zombie unit and am part way through the last dire wolf unit for this year. Should be finished after this weekend.

I now have a load of dwarfs peering at me from the painting shelf...

22-07-2009, 20:37
i read through this stuff and i can't wait for the new challenge to come about..
everything looks good.. love seeing armies completed on the table.. and it's actually amazing the difference when you start fielding the full 2000 pts. it's hard to put anything unpainted down on the table from that point on.
i had started a dark elf army for my wife and she ended up not playing, but i had about 25 figures done and a buddy of mine told me to have 2500 pts painted for January 1st.. so as long as i kept a 800 pts. per month avg. i could do it.. finished the last base late night jan 1st..

point is.. hang in there it's almost done!!! and i'll be joining you in august!!!

22-07-2009, 22:16
When I look through the past year it has been pretty crazy for me as I had to move back home after splitting up with the missus, went in for major surgery & spent ages writing my PhD proposal to get back into uni & starting off with 3 armies made the Tale's very hard for me so I'm pretty happy with what I've managed so far & what I hope to submit. A much more manageable one army next year (over in the 'rival' Tale) but maybe two the year after depending how things go!

23-07-2009, 03:26
I finished the first TOFP painting 200pts every month, this time around however I've had two major sets of exams in the year and the half months of painting they caused have added up :p. Rest assured I'll be posting a full 2000pts by the end though :D

Nine goblins, 18 cavalry bases, a giant base and I'm finished!

Just need to fix the damn camera/computer :p


23-07-2009, 08:14
Things are a bit hectic for me at the moment- painting is the last thing on my mind- but I'l try for a big final push and finish a vamp lord, corpsecart and skellie unit. No promises though!

23-07-2009, 21:28
I still haven't been able to touch a brush in the last two months :(
Though I did assemble a couple of goblins, I'll be needing to push hard to get everything finished before the end of next month...

Talking about last hurdles... I need ropes and hooks to get past mine.

31-07-2009, 17:10
People really need to get posting here, soon! The final thread is only hours away!

And I can say, I'm calling it quits for now. The last hurdle was too high. Too busy with my new job, vacation and stuff like that. And I simply can't paint 20 gobbo's and 4 spider riders in the time we got left.
Nothing lost though, I did the best I could, and this was probably the most productive year I ever had :)

Onto the next tale...

PS. Ofcourse I'll post a picture at the end, to show where I ended up.

31-07-2009, 18:04
Regrettably I couldn't finish my skellingtons this month, but I hope to still finish them in August.
Although getting out of this Tale with 3500 points of painted stuff wouldn't be too shabby, 4000 points would be better.

31-07-2009, 19:09
I will paint on my models this evening, but it is unlikely that they will get finished. Too much to do, to unmotivated to give them a high priority. I will finish them, but I need to get a third joker for now (and no, the list in the first post is incorrect, I only had two jokers until now...).

Have fun,


01-08-2009, 00:46
well bother, i guess I'll have to double post for month 12. This whole tale thing is harder than it looks!

Nephilim of Sin
01-08-2009, 01:44
I'm still slugging away trying to get my Big Uns done for month 12, but man, it is so distracting with all the new shinyness the new tale is bringing. Not to mention I sliced my thumb up pretty bad while making my horsemen...

Yep, I'll blame it on that! Maybe I will be able to make the day seven mark this time around, and actually post on time!

01-08-2009, 06:31
I will go and start the new thread. But I have to say I am not holding out much hope. :D

It is a shame that some of us seem to have run out of steam somewhat.
Also starting the new Tale of painters has not helped at all. I know all my hobby time has gone into building new armies for the next tale rather than painting stuff to finish this one off with a bang. Last year there was a month gap and that worked better.

Still as I said on the last thread. There are only winners here.
We all got a lot more stuff painted than we would have if we had not got into this.

01-08-2009, 09:09
I'll be posting 2000pts by (hopefully) next weekend. I'm going to make this last hurdle even if I have to use a ladder :p

4 + 5 half gobbos and 7 bases to go


01-08-2009, 10:29
I'm also working hard(if not silently, lol) on getting the last unit done for my army. I won't have a camera until Tuesday though! Hopefully by then I will have an entire army done fully by then, so expect full army shots,etc.

As for next year, with my new teaching job I'm going to have slim to no time to paint, and the only other fantasy army I have is a Night Goblin horde. So I think I might stick to painting single models to the best of my ability over the next 12 months!

01-08-2009, 11:09
I will complete my 2000 points, but this form of painting motivation does not work too well for me. I think, I will skip the next tale and paint more models (not necessarily of the same army) in my own time. :p

Have fun,


Magos Explorator
03-08-2009, 21:32
Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but my total for the Month 12 thread isn't quite right--I'm at 1800 points and 9 months, not 1600 and 8. I'm holding off posting my final update (for 2000 points) and army shots as I've got 3 more models I want to finish off... here's hoping I manage it! :)

It's been great fun, and it's really good to look back and see all I've painted; I'm contemplating joining as one of 'the boys' for the 09-10 Tale, but I might focus on 40k stuff instead.