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Lothar Hex
02-07-2009, 01:19
Does anyone have any specific rules for Dark Eldar? If not, what suggestions do people have to make them distinct from ordinary Eldar. What skills etc. would they have?

Also. does anyone have any rules or suggestions for Dark Eldar Splinter Weapons?


02-07-2009, 13:29
By and large, they should have the same stats and qualities as regular Eldar. I have a DE (renegade) Archon as a PC. His splinter weaponry counts as shuriken weaponry but is poisoned with Bloodfire.


Im not saying1
02-07-2009, 16:40
I have a file here by Marcoskoll that could help. Although it is on craftworld eldar thier special abilities and stats (which are detailed in this file) should be more or less exactly the same as Dark Eldar. Using the shruiken weapon rules for splinter weapons is a good idea as their capabilities are also pretty much the same. It even has rules for a shruiken pistol in the which you could use for a splinter pistol, however one thing i recomend is, as DE ranged weapons are always bedecked with many lethal blades you should come up with rules for using them in close combat (more than just regular bayonets I mean - you could even poison them!). Just off the top of my head, you could use them as regular weaponsa with bayonets but maybe use a reduced parry penalty and possibly an increased damage or penetration vs armour (as these blades are meant to have edges only a single molecule thick!), this could be in addition to being poisoned!

Here is the file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mqtyynjgjiz/EldarInq.pdf

02-07-2009, 18:23
If you have a look at the link below you can see Charax & Helst's rules for creating custom close-combat weapons - it should be easy enough to create some for Dark Eldar.

How you you plan to model your Dark Eldar? There was a very nice one on the Conclave the other week that might offer some inspiration.

02-07-2009, 22:18
I have a file here by MarcoSkoll that could help.
Not by me, I'm afraid. I'm just rehosting the old PDFs that GW no longer hosts themselves.

03-07-2009, 10:54
Also, you may like to look at the most recent issue of Dark Magenta, which includes the first part of an article on Eldar in the INQ game. It mostly focusses on Craftworld Eldar, but has plenty of details on their Dark Kin, too.


06-07-2009, 17:58
I actually made a Dark Eldar character for the Conclave's 2009 character competition. The rules I came up with for her were heavily influenced by the likes of the "eldarinq" pdf file from the sadly no-longer available specialist games website. I believe that there is a link to it earlier in this thread.

When it comes to writing rules for Dark Eldar weapons, you could always use the agoniser rules in the LRB, or you could just do what I did, and make something up that feels appropriate.


Hadriel Caine
06-07-2009, 18:00
Can I just say that you can't go far wrong looking at Ynek's entry. i loved it at the time and rereading it now I still do.

I've been wanting to do a Dark Eldar character for Inquisitor for some time now.


Lothar Hex
08-07-2009, 21:52
For the main body of the model i am using the SUMOTHAY GUERRERO model from Enigma with alot of alterations and a new head. i will get a picture and put it up when I am done. I am going with a less lithe looking Dark Eldar, something a bit more gritty looking. (less Gary Morley looking, more Brian Nelson-esque)

What do you guys suggest for rules for a Dark Eldar Monomolecular sword (unpoisoned). Lexicanum describes them as capable of slicing through Space Marine Armour and as the name suggests, they are molecule thin. I was thinking of just going with dire sword stats with a few more points of damage.

Out of curiosity, not that my character will be wearing standard Dark Eldar Armour, but what is the standard armour of DE? Is it Mesh?

One other question about DE, it says in their background section on lexicanum that Dark Eldar suffer from a thirst to drink souls. What exactly does this mean, or more correctly, how is this accomplished? Apparently it is done to reverse aging and compensate for the fact that Slannesh is apparently leeching DE's souls.

If my charcater is a solo DE Eldar pirate presumably he would still be suffering the effects of leeching or does this only happen in the webway closer to the warp? If he is, how does he actually go about "drinking one's sole". Would it be suitable if I just gave him the vampirism ability?

Sorry for the barage of questions. Suggestions would be most welcome.

08-07-2009, 22:16
What do you guys suggest for rules for a Dark Eldar Monomolecular sword (unpoisoned).A Diresword sounds rather too powerful for a monomolecular blade. Have a look at the link below - you should be able to put together a sword fairly easily using these rules;

08-07-2009, 22:53
As far as I recall, the Dark Eldar leech the souls out of their slaves through the use of extreme torture, debauchery and ritual. As the source material always refers to the souls as being "drunk", I think it's safe to assume that they condense the soul-matter down to some form of liquid or elixir that is then drunk by the Dark Eldar. They seem to have a particular fondness for drinking souls from a goblet, so I think we can assume that the soul takes a liquid form when it's about to be devoured.

Removing the soul from a being takes time and patience, and the careful hand of an expert tormentor. It's not something that one could do within the fast-paced environment of an Inquisitor game.