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Easy E
10-07-2009, 18:14
These are some members for an Ecclisiarchy Warband "led" by a Confessor. Their are six members, but I don't intend for all of them to be in any one game at a time... including the Confessor. I haven't provided any equipment yet, I am primarily concerned about providing reasonable stats.


10-07-2009, 19:39
Initial thoughts are that you really haven't paid attention to how Speed is calculated. Only one of those characters has the right Spd value for their Initiative.

Less use of Nerves of Steel and Force of Will would also be a good choice.
I'd also tone down the higher mental stats. Anything over 60 probably needs that difference halved.

However, everything else seems modest.

Easy E
10-07-2009, 22:32
Thanks for the feedback.

About speed, do you round up or down?

Also, for scholar and inspirational type characters what mental characteristics/special abilities would you recommend?

I tried to go off of page 15 stuff. Sagacity had a wide range. 35 for a regular joe citizen, and 80 for a skilled Military commander type. Would a scholar be higher than a Military commander?

I'm still trying to get a feel for this stuff.

11-07-2009, 01:57
Speed is rounded to the nearest boundary. That means 10-29 is Speed 2, 30-49 is Spd 3, 50-69 is Spd 4, 70-89 is Spd 5, 90-109 is Spd 6, and if you've got more than that, you get shot by the GM.

Also, for scholar and inspirational type characters what mental characteristics/special abilities would you recommend?
Consider that Sagacity is not really knowledge, but reasoning ability. Knowing lots doesn't help unless you can apply that knowledge.

Bear in mind that Brother Vinto is a scholar of specific parts of Ecclesiarchal history, doctrine and texts.
This is going to help squat when he comes to a door lock that needs picking, or if he needs to know about the criminal structure of Bebu IV (pretty screwy, to be honest.)

Would a scholar be higher than a Military commander?
Remember, Military Commanders are scholars themselves, of the Tactica Imperium. Every one is supposed to carry at least one volume amongst their belongings at all times, and they're supposed to memorise a portion of it during their career.

Personally, I prefer to base Sg on reasoning ability, then have a special rule that applies bonuses to areas of specific expertise - or penalties to areas of absolutely no knowledge.

For an example, my Inquisitor, a very intelligent person with good reasoning skill, has an Sg of 83 - so a naturally smart chap, but not too exceptional for an Inquisitor.
However, he's got the "Gunsmith" skill, which gives him a bonus to checks involving firearm mechanics, because he was born a gunsmith's son, and was training to take on his father's profession (up until he was recruited by the Inquisition).

So, I'd give scholars a modest Sg, but with skill that gives them a big bonus in areas they've studied. I wouldn't expect their other mental stats to be extreme.
A military commander would get an Sg appropriate to their brainpower, then get a bonus to military operations. But it has to be said, a good commander IS a rational thinker.

As far as inspirational characters... given this is the Ecclesiarchy, I'm a little surprised to not see Word of the Emperor in there at all.

Wp of someone of strong faith would probably be above average, but not too high. (Alternatively, in some cases, it could be they've just been brainwashed and they're actually very weak willed.)
Sg - not too high. Like the scholars, their reasoning is probably modest, and their expertise narrow.
Nv - depends on the character. When they say "Bullets are nothing before our faith!" are they in the middle of the firefight just to prove it, or do they "let" someone else "prove" it? Too many of the first type (who while they could have Nerves of Steel would be better with just a high Nv) is dull. Force of Will might apply to some one of such extreme faith that Daemons wane before them. You might want to use what I call Strong Willed though (like FoW, but ignore Fearsome, downgrade Terrifying to Fearsome).
Ld - Good, but certainly not a clean 100! 80 would be good for an exceptional person. Leader skill called for.

11-07-2009, 07:05
Speed: Divide by 20; add 1; round up.

The stats look about right, but point to note in the background: if your Confessors was ordained some years after the 13th Black Crusade, that places his ministry firmly in the early century of the 42nd Millennium.

Not a problem, per se, but most of us set our backstories in the dying centuries of the 41st,


Easy E
13-07-2009, 19:37
Thank you everyone.

Easy E
15-07-2009, 23:57
I updated the first post with updated info. I changed around a few things and tried to add some Equipment. My knowledge of the game system is pretty cursory, so I'm pretty sure something is wrong. I'm not convinced I have the speed thing down yet either.

I also changed the Black Crusade reference to the 10th. I have no idea when that would put it, so I'm wondering if referencing the Gothic war would be better.

Thanks for the help.

16-07-2009, 01:17
Looks like an improvement, but like you suggest, you've still not got the speed bands down. Vinto, Petrovius & Mortierre should all be one speed higher than they're listed as.
Look at the bands I mentioned in my earlier post.

Also, what's the justification for the Sister Hospitalier having Nerves of Steel? It takes a very rash person to have no fear of bullets.
Bear in mind that even the epitome of action heroes will duck back every now and again when they come under fire.

16-07-2009, 09:58
I gave my Sister Hospitaller a variant on the Acts of Faith rule in the Sororitas article. Basically she gets D6 Faith points at the start of the game. A Faith point can be spent to perform an Act of Faith, and the character must make an unmodified Wp test - if successful she gains either the Nerves of Steel, Regeneration or Word of the Emperor ability.

That way, if she's tending a wounded comrade she has a chance of getting Nerves of Steel, which I assume was the intention behind giving her the ability here.

Easy E
16-07-2009, 19:11
That's right Khaled. Medics have to dodge out in front of enemy fire all the time. I figure a Sister Hospitaler would be trained to be steady in the face of danger so that she can tend tot he wounded as the bullets are flying.

Perhaps I will make it provisional, that it is only in effect when a fellow comrade is down?

16-07-2009, 21:07
Off the top of my head, the Gothic War (12th Black Crusade) was around 470.M41, so that should be about right.


16-07-2009, 22:05
Close, but it was a little earlier than that. The first outright battles were in 143.M41 (although some would say the war actually started some years earlier). Abaddon was defeated in 151.M41, but the war didn't really end until 160.M41.

EDIT: Going by the picture in the back of Codex:Chaos Space Marines, the 10th Black Crusade was in 10.001.M39.