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04-01-2006, 05:21
+++AdeptiCon 2006 Gladiator Prize Announced+++

AdeptiCon returns in 2006 to the Chicagoland Schaumburg Marriott on March 24-26!

In previous years, the Champion of the 40K Gladiator Tournament walked away with such prizes as a ForgeWorld Baneblade and a squadron of ForgeWorld Space Marine Drop Pods.

This year, the 40K Gladiator Tournament Champion will leave AdeptiCon as the proud owner of a new 40K army, with 1750 points of Elysian Drop Troops. Thatís over $1000 worth of ForgeWorld models! This tremendous prize will include:
1 Elysian Command HQ Squad
1 Valkyrie
1 Elysian Missile Squad
1 Elysian Meltagun Squad
2 Elysian Special Weapons Squads
2 Elysian Platoon Command Squads
4 Elysian Drop Troops Squads
2 Elysian Drop Sentinels
2 Vultures
2 Elysian Weapons Packs
Follow the link below to see the full rules and details for the 40K Gladiator tournament:


Stay tuned for further announcements about the prizes for our other tournaments and events.

To see our full list the full list of events and seminars go to http://www.adepticon.org. Registration for AdeptiCon 2006 is now open! You can register online via PayPal. Follow the registration link on http://www.adepticon.org for all of the important details.

12-01-2006, 02:34
AdeptiCon 2006 Ė Jan. News: 40K and Fantasy Iron Man Prizes Announced!

+++AdeptiCon 2006 January Update+++
AdeptiCon returns in 2006 to the Chicagoland Schaumburg Marriott on March 24-26! Gamers and hobbyists from all over the United States and the world are already making plans to attend the finest and largest fan-run Games Workshop convention in the nation. Why? See for yourself!

Our tournament lineup has expanded to three 40K and three Fantasy tournaments. These arenít your average Rogue Traders or Grand Tournaments Ė each event features original, challenging AdeptiCon missions, uniquely themed tables & terrain, and massive, sponsor-donated prize support.

Check out our Tournaments at the link below (Acrobat Reader required):

Those souls hardy enough to participate in all three 40K or Fantasy events will earn points towards the coveted Iron Man award. Not for the easily fatigued or the weak of heart, the Iron Man is a true test of fortitude. Pre-registration for the Iron Man competition is required, so donít miss out on your chance to claim the Iron Man title!

Bragging rights are nice, but ForgeWorld models make for a more tangible reward. So, the player earning the most Iron Man points from the 40K Gladiator, Team Tournament, and Championships becomes the proud owner of a ForgeWorld Tyranid Hierophant! The player picking up the most Iron Man points from the Fantasy Escalation, Championships, and Team Tournament takes home a ForgeWorld Fire Dragon!

View pictures of these magnificent models at the ForgeWorld website:

These prizes are only two out of dozens that will be awarded at AdeptiCon 2006. And remember, you must pre-register for the Iron Man. Sign up through our online registration at http://www.adepticon.org.

Weíve also expanded our lineup of hobby seminars. Taught by some of the most skilled and well-known painters, sculptors, and converters in the hobby, AdeptiConís hobby seminars provide a priceless opportunity to learn the skills that have won our instructors award after award.

Take a look at our schedule of hobby seminars at the link below (Acrobat Reader required):

Want to know more about our hobby seminars and their instructors? Then download our Seminar Spotlights and find out what our instructors have to say about their own seminars as well as a little bit about the instructors themselves (Acrobat Reader required):

Chris Borer - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06CBorer.pdf
Doug Bisset - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06DBisset.pdf
Dave Pauwels - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06DPauwels.pdf
Jen Haley - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06JHaley.pdf
Joe Orteza - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06JOrteza.pdf
Mike Butcher - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06MButcher.pdf
Nathan Comanse - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06NComanse.pdf
Rich Nelson - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06RNelson.pdf
Sue Wachowski - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06SWachowski.pdf
Terry Peterson - http://www.adepticon.org/files/06TPeterson.pdf

Every attendee receives with their weekend badge our limited edition AdeptiCon miniature. Once again, AdeptiCon will hold a silent auction featuring the limited edition miniature, painted by Golden Demon-winning painters. See our first Masterclass entry, submitted by the sculptor, Jen Haley.


Find out the full details of our tournaments, hobby seminars, and other events (such as the 40K Codicier/Fantasy Loremaster Challenge and the Rogue Demon painting competition - both free with your AdeptiCon Weekend Badge) at our website, http://www.adepticon.org.


Our convention block of rooms has sold out, but the Schaumburg Marriott still has rooms available at the special AdeptiCon rate. Discounted flights are still available through United Airlines, the official airline for AdeptiCon 2006. So donít delay!

Registration for AdeptiCon 2006 is now open! You can register online via PayPal. Follow the registration link at http://www.adepticon.org for all of the important details.

13-01-2006, 18:07
Requests for first-round match-ups (grudges) can be thoughtfully submitted to yours truly for consideration.

27-01-2006, 16:50
AdeptiCon 2006 Pre-registration Raffle Announced!

Just in case you need another reason to attend AdeptiCon 2006 (besides our great tournaments, hobby seminars, and other events), we've got a special reward for those who pre-register by March 1st, 2006. Attendees who pre-register online will be automatically entered into a raffle to win a soon-to-be-released Tau boxed army.

To qualify, simply purchase an AdeptiCon weekend badge by the deadline (11:59 PM on March 1st) through our website at http://www.adepticon.org. One winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, March 25th, and the prize will be presented during Saturday night's award ceremony, after the 40K Team Tourney and the Fantasy Championships. If you can't attend the awards ceremony on Saturday night, the prize can be picked up any time on Sunday.

Check back for upcoming announcements, such as our Special Guest(s), Sponsor and Seminar Spotlights, Masterclass Auction entries, and the free events open to everyone who purchases a weekend badge!

Remember, that those planning to enter the Iron Man competition for either 40K or Fantasy MUST pre-register. So don't delay! To pre-register online, go to the AdeptiCon 2006 website at http://www.adepticon.org and click on the Registration (Live!) link to register online. (PayPal is required).